Ly6 camaro swap meet

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ly6 camaro swap meet

This '95 SX we found on Craigslist has a liter LY6 V8 swapped into it and is mated to a Tremec T manual transmission. This thing is. While many iron L engines had cathedral port heads, the LY6 The shorter LS3 and other Aftermarket Intakes are used in most engine swap applications. Upgrading to larger Fuel Injectors is often needed to meet the. [Editor's Note: This LY6 engine upgrade guide is part of a series of LS engine it allows your vehicle to be in the meat of the powerband longer. There are a few other parts needed for a LY6 cam swap such as an LS2.

The peak power output was hp at 5, rpm, while peak torque was up to lb-ft of torque at 4, rpm. So far, we had achieved two elements, but only if they came with no loss would we achieve the trifecta. A peek at the power curves revealed that the TrackMax cam had indeed improved the power output through the entire rev range, with gains coming as low as 3, rpm.

Everyone likes big power and big torque, but you know you have selected the right came when you hit the trifecta! Run with Hooker headers and a 92mm cable-driven throttle body, the LS3-headed 6. Torque production exceeded lb-ft for a 1,rpm spread; no wonder they used this motor on HD truck applications!

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After installation of the TFS TrackMax cam, the power output increased to hp at 5, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 4, rpm. Note that both peak power and torque increased, and that the cam swap improved power through the entire rev range.

Though the cam swap can be applied to any stock 6. The VVT cam and mechanism was removed prior to our test. In place of the VVT cam, we installed a factory 6. The specs matched the VVT cam, with the exception of the adjustability.

Removal of the VVT cam also required installation of a new front cover. Ours came courtesy of Gandrud Chevrolet. The LY6 6. With peak flow numbers of cfm, the heads could easily support any power level offered by the cam swap.

ly6 swap advice

These were more than adequate for the. Though it offered no performance advantage, the factory LY6 truck intake was replaced a low-profile LS3 intake. After locking the tensioner in place with an allen tool, and spinning the cam, I put wood dowel rods to hold the lifters up, and swapped the cam. This engine has k miles, so I pulled the heads to check everything out. Didn't have to do this, just wanted to. Everything looked real nice, so I put in Comp Cams springs.

Time for LS9 head gaskets also. Scrape the crud out of the block. Not a perfect job, but I think it will be ok. This motor has k miles on it.

Swap Insanity: LS turns ’73 Camaro From Grocery Getter to Hot Rod

Back together with new cam gear, LS9 cam. I reused the chain and tensioner because they seemed ok.

ly6 camaro swap meet

I can here it now. The LS9 cam is not great. More on that later. On goes the LS3 timing cover. You have to remove the wiring harness from the old cover and reuse it, because you need a 5-pin plug.

This is self explanatory when you see the parts. Save money and buy only the LS3 cover. The cam sensor and wiring harness are reused. And on goes the LS3 intake. And, I moved the heater hoses by making copper tubes, and attaching them to the bottom of the windshield wiper tray.

ly6 camaro swap meet

Others have swapped the LS3 cam with this cam, and claim no loss in torque, but increased horsepower at the top end. My thought was to decrease some of the torque initially, and get the truck moving without wheel spin, then the power would grow quickly at 2, rpm on.

ly6 camaro swap meet