Making weight for powerlifting meet food

How To Make Weight For Powerlifting In 3 Simple Steps | Steven Kemp

making weight for powerlifting meet food

5 weeks ago I competed in a Powerlifting meet and weighed in at lbs of making weight is the mental aspect of being around food, and not. Let's talk about how to cut weight for powerlifting! and figure out how to actually cut water weight for a meet – both for 2-hour weigh-ins and hour weigh-ins. . Starting about days out, I recommend making one of your meals liquid. A lot of us that have competed may have tried making weight in a bunch of different ways, myself included. Im going to outline a few mistakes.

How to Cut Weight Without Ruining Your Meet

The goal of the water cut is to keep you body in the hyperhydrated state so it believes it is going to be getting more water. Thirdly and most importantly in my opinionis starting to restrict calories too late. If you are hoping to lose more than 5lb to make weight, all must not be strictly from a water cut. You are going to have to start cutting weight by restricting the calories you eat. Well depending on how much you weight you have to loseyou probably don't want to lose more than 1. Reason oneyour body is not used to training at that set calories per day.

How to NOT Die After Two Hour Weigh Ins - What I Eat and Drink during a USAPL Meet

Reason two, your leverages may change and how your setup is with all three lifts equipment fit included. Give yourself enough time to lower your caloric intake during the cut and make sure your workouts are not ruined because of it. So how long do I suggest the process should take? Diet or strictly water weight? When you drink more water, you pee more out.

When you suddenly stop drinking, you carry on peeing it out until the system catches on. In theory, you are left with less water and thus, less weight on the day. Theories are all well and good, but despite the popularity of water loading, there is actually only one decent study on this. The study by Reale et al currently unpublished tested whether loading water before restricting it led to greater overall fluid losses There was a water loading group who had ml per kg of body weight per day and a group that had 40ml per kg They did this for 4 days before restricting water intake After the restriction, the water loading group lost 0.

Drink a lot of water for several days, then restrict. For this reason, it goes to the top of our big 3 list of weight making strategies. Despite what the legions of ketards might tell you, there is no benefit to fat loss compared to any other diet.

How to Cut Weight Without Ruining Your Meet / Elite FTS

One advantage though is in depleting the carbohydrate stored in your muscles and liver, and the tag-along water that comes with it. There is in the region of g to g of carbohydrate stored in your muscles depending on their size. The thing to remember about powerlifting is that even though being loaded with carbs make you feel like a badass, it might not actually contribute to making you lift more on the day. In a study by Mitchell et alstrength trainees were depleted of glycogen in their quads by performing cycle ergometry followed by a high or very low carb diet for 48 hours.

They then did various lower body strength tests showing no difference in performance between the high or low carb groups. My take-home message where this is concerned is that low glycogen levels will not affect your performance in a powerlifting meet negatively. Below is an example of what Adam might eat on one day with about 2, Calories to spare.

making weight for powerlifting meet food

Ever heard of people losing several pounds after having colonic irrigation? A healthy diet with lots of vegetables will carry with it a lot of fibre and bulk, which hangs around in the gut for some time. My calorie intake was per day, which can honestly be done fairly easy if you want to eat sugary processed food, but staying strong and lean is no easy task.

My protein sources consisted of a lot of red meat, ground bison, and whole eggs. I would also have 2 very big protein shakes a day with 3 scoops of protein powder.

My fats came from cooking oils such as coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, and red palm oil. These oils are not only great for you and loaded with nutrients, but they are also safe to cook in higher heats with.

Want To Cut Weight For Competitions? This Is How I Do It -

My other fats came from coconut milk that I would add to my shakes, olive oil for salads, and lots of nut butters. I will add this caveat: My carb sources were typically body building foods as I wanted to gain as much muscle as possible while minimizing fat gain.

making weight for powerlifting meet food

As any of you have tried, this is very tough to do. My go to carbs were oatmeal, Ezekiel bread, sweet potatos, brown rice, white rice, and I would use Karboload during my training from www. I have cut weight plenty of times before this, but I always allowed myself 8 weeks to have enough time to bring the weight down slowly, so I recommend you do the same.

My first step was to lower my carb intake, so I cut it down to roughly grams a day while keeping grams of the Karboload through my training followed by carbs in my post workout meal.

making weight for powerlifting meet food

The rest of the day was all protein, lots of vegetables, and good fats. On my off days of training, I would have no carb sources at all. One thing I will say about cutting weight is that you need to eat a lot of vegetables. The hardest part of making weight is the mental aspect of being around food, and not being able to eat it.

The vegetables will keep you fuller longer, and provide you with plenty of micronutrients your body will need as you will no doubt be training harder than ever leading up to the competition. During the first week of dropping my carbs, I weighed in at lbs so 8lbs in one week. I do know that when I have a lot of carbs my body holds onto a lot of water weight, so this is mainly what I lost. The start of the second week I lowered my carb intake during training to 75 grams of karboload and would generally have a sweet potato, or rice following my training.

I kept my protein, and fats about the same through the week. I would even take spoons of coconut oil twice a day just to keep my fats high. At this point my training was also getting very heavy, as well as increasing volume so I needed to make sure I could stay recovered while lowering my calories.

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Recovery should always be a priority when a competition is approaching fast. Sleep is such a crucial part of your training, and drastically lowering carbs while not sleeping enough is a recipe for disaster and an injury.