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manual astro van swap meet

Going to look at this TRUE 4WD Astro Van. Automatic Transmission, Steering, Brakes, Factory A/C, Hi/lo Transfer Case, Solid Front Axle Conversion on Leaf Springs "Supposedly" completed out West when van was new, Manual Lock Out Hubs . Will an AWD Astro meet your needs or an AWD Express. My prior van Astro 5 speed got between 27 to 32 mpg, this auto van I am not sure whether an auto to manual conversion can be done. If you want the ultimate vehicle to customize for your DIY van conversion, the Sprinter . he did with an Astro - and for some great tips on building a van in general. .. We've met people on the road who hate going more than a couple of days.

I am also building mine to handle nearly the highest power possible. You are free to choose any of several methods that will be explained shortly.

Astro Van conversion in three days

The Camaro T5 uses the Chevy or Muncie type mounting bolt pattern. Maybe a bellhousing from a newer V8 full size truck can be found. I do not know. There's a lot of V8 Muncie bellhousings from older Chevys but they use mechanical clutch. You could modify any of these bellhousings by fabricating and welding a bracket for the hydraulic clutch slave cylinder. Therefore having an Astro bellhousing makes life easier. To build the strongest high performance trans you must build a WC trans.

These are plentiful due to their popularity in V8 Ford Mustangs from the mid 80s to and from to in V8 Camaros.

However there is a way to get a modest power handling upgrade using all NWC parts so here we go. In the three methods I outline there are instructions common to all three and there is some repetition. Method three shows the higher gains possible. As mentioned a little earlier, find a non-Camaro V8 GM bell that uses hydraulic clutch, if possible. Or use an old Muncie bellhousing or the Lakewood LAK and fabricate a bracket for the slave cylinder mounting.

Then buy a V8 Camaro T5 trans. Get a WC for a future gearset upgrade as funds become available. A NWC will be perfect if a one time upgrade is as far as you want to take your project for now and in the future. That is all you have to do if the trans is in good shape. You aren't really tearing into the trans in this method.

There is one problem. The speedo drive gear on the Camaro trans won't line up with the hole in the Astro tail. A link at the end of this article addresses that issue. Second way to beef up the trans is to buy a NWC Camaro trans in good condition for it's internal parts. Since you will be tearing the transmission down anyway, it is best to get a rebuild kit with new synchros and small parts. Take the gears from the Camaro trans with the new parts and use them to rebuild the Astro trans.

During the rebuild you will use the Astro mainshaft.

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The nice part of this method is that there is no speedo issue or bellhousing issue. But you do have to completely tear down and rebuild the trans. In the third method I'm going to combine the choices of gears and mainshafts for several different obtainable power levels depending on your choices. The third method is to buy a "super alloy" 2.

Use any Ford case but one. Another source for Ford type cases is from the '93 - '95 V6 Camaros. From here there's two choices.

manual astro van swap meet

One is keep your Astro as stock oem as possible which means you have to use a WC Ford style maincase so your trans will mount to the Astro's bellhousing. Or two, use a Chevy bell see "preparation" and first "build methods" and a WC Camaro maincase.

From here there's another decision to make. The S only had the WC T5 in That's it but that shaft may have also been used in ''96 4 cyl and small 6 cyl under 3 liter Ss, I'm not sure. The pre '93 Ss are NWC. • Auto to 5 speed conversions for a dummy

The advantage of the S WC mainshaft is the speedo gear location on the shaft lines up with the hole on the Astro tailhousing. The Camaro shaft needs the speedo gear mod but otherwise works fine. For a stronger trans get a G-Force gearset and use it with a factory mainshaft. Secondly, Wow that is quite a list of questions.

manual astro van swap meet

Prolly be best to start slowly. I am not sure whether an auto to manual conversion can be done. Hopefully, others smarter than myself will chime in.

Auto to 5 speed conversions for a dummy Wed Nov 10, 6: I've been looking into the same thing. You can quit reading here or read further for my speculations. I don't know the answer yet. There's rumor that someone has done the conversion but I haven't found it yet. They do it on the 1st gen vans. Some say it could be done with some drilling but aren't sure of how things will end up in the firewall- if anything will be in the way. Of course, there are always those who say you can do anything with unlimited time and money.

There are definitely 5 speed 4WD NP Hydraulic clutch, pedal hangers, etc.


Some say don't 'shift' trannies, that 4L60 is better. I'm hoping to find and affordable way to do it and to re do the tranny with 1st gear being a crawler gear so I can keep my AWD and still have low gear. Don't know if that's a good idea, so far, it's just a wish.

We are not the only ones trying to figure this out. Some say it's been done. Be sure to post if you find the pot of 5-speed conversion gold. You might want to read some of "doyoulikeitthere's" threads. He has the same mpg goals as you but has a shorty van. He's well along with his conversions.

And he's done it cheaply.

Change AWD 2002 Astro van to manuel trans

Auto to 5 speed conversions for a dummy Wed Nov 10, 8: Last edited by doyoulikeithere on Wed Nov 10, 8: Always great to have another rider along Theres a few questions eh?

Well, I bet you would have a hard time having all the parts in hand for someone to do the work for you. Better bring lots of money along, Lol. I cant speak much to how your computer would be effected by changing to 5 speed from auto. Depends a lot on the year of your van and the donor trans is my guess. And I only know about gen 1 vans, pre