Mapillai meet with girl before engagement

Tamil Wedding - Rituals, Traditions, Procedures, Dresses etc

mapillai meet with girl before engagement

Although he thanked all of us before winding up the show, none of Marriage is an auspicious occasion wherein everybody should be happy. part in Enga Veetu Mapillai on Colors Tamil, it took his fans by surprise. On social media, you meet so many new people every day. Until I get married to that person and settle down, I will not know if it will work or not. But I am trying my best to choose the right girl by understanding each of them well. At the Enge Veetu Mapillai finale, actor Arya, who was supposed to select a winner to time with these three girls on a personal level before making the final decision. on finals I will say I'm already married #ColorsTvTamil . Deepika on meeting Ranveer: He was dating someone else, flirting with me.

The lagnapatrikai is examines and signed by the heads of the two families.

mapillai meet with girl before engagement

Following this gifts are exchanged between the two families. Wedding Attire Traditionally, the Tamil groom wears a two piece garment known as Veshti and Angavastram. Both of these are preferably made of puttu or silk. Veshti refers to the lower part of the garment which the groom wears either like a dhoti or simply by draping it as a lungi.

mapillai meet with girl before engagement

He may wear a simple white shirt or Salvai over it and the angavastram is draped around his neck. He also wears a special headwear known as Thalaip on his head which is sort of like a turban. Nowadays grooms are also partial to Sherwani, Kurtas and other Indo-western outfits like Vests and Jackets. Tamil groom may wear jewelry like gold chains and real or clip on earrings made of gold or diamond. The Tamil Bride presents a stunning picture of bridal beauty and elegance.

Draped in beautiful and traditional Kajeevaram Silk sarees in bright hues paired with gorgeous-looking jewelry, a Tamil Bride is one of the most celebrated icons of the Indian culture. In case of Brahmin brides, the Kanjeevaram sarees are generally 9-yards long while in case of non-Brahmins it is 6-yards.

mapillai meet with girl before engagement

The saree is worn in the traditional Madisar style. She wears a separate saree for during the wedding, after the wedding and for the marriage registration ceremony or reception.

mapillai meet with girl before engagement

The sarees are of bright colors with contrasting borders that have gold threads woven into lush designs. She wears her hair in an elaborate plait and bun combination around which flowers are draped in white and orange colors.

The Tamil bride wears a lot of jewelry, especially gold ones that are primarily family heirlooms passed through generations. The ornaments they wear around their waist known as Oddiyanam,are made of solid gold with temple designs and is used to keep the saree borders and garlands in place.

On her hair, along with the traditional tamilmangtika made of gold, stones and pearls, the Tamil bride also wears special ornaments known as Nethi on both sides of the central hair parting. She generally wears a number of necklaces in multiple layers around her neck, gold bangles, and diamond nosepins.

A paste of turmeric, sandalwood and kumkum is prepared by the Sumangalis or married women. They then proceed to get ready for the wedding ceremony. Gauri Puja — This is a ritual that is performed by the bride only. An idol of the Goddess Gauri, who represents purity, austerity and virtue, is placed on a plate containing rice and kumkum.

At Enge Veetu Mapillai final, Arya says he wants time but Twitter isn’t amused

After the bride has been dressed up, she offers her prayers and performs a short puja to the Gauri idol wishing for a happily married life ahead. The father of the bride then intercepts him outside the wedding hall and makes him see the virtues of the domestic life as opposed to hermit one. The father of the bride then promises the groom to give his daughter to him in marriage.

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The groom accepts this proposal and returns to the wedding venue to get married. The umbrella is to be kept with the groom throughout the wedding to remind him of the decision and his duties thereby. Pada Puja — After the groom arrives at the wedding mandap, the parents of the bride washes his feet with holy water, sandalwood, milk, and kumkum. His feet are then wiped dry with flower petals.

MaalaiMaatral — The bride is then brought into the wedding mandap and the couple exchange flower garlands as a first step of the wedding. Oonjal — Oonjal refers to a swing. During this ceremony, the couple is made to sit on a swing which is rocked gently. The women of the family surround the swing and sing Oonjal Pattu songs. The elders of the family come one by one and feed the couple milk and banana and bless them.

Women from both the families carry colored rice balls around the couple seated in the swing in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions three times before throwing the balls in four cardinal directions to ward off evil energy. Older women also go around the couple holding an earthen lamp and pot filled with water three times in clockwise direction.

mapillai meet with girl before engagement

The gentle rocking motion of the swing represents the turbulent situation that life may present to them. Kanyadanam — The bride and groom is then asked to step off the swing. Through this ritual the groom is viewed as representative of Lord Vishnu. The groom is then seated on the floor at his designated spot. The father of the bride sits facing the groom.

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The mother of the bride pours holy water over the coconut. The bride then goes to change into the saree gifted to her by her in-laws. When she returns to the mandapam, a grass ring is placed on her head, over which the yoke of a plough is placed and a belt made of reed grass is placed around her waist. Water is poured over the yoke. According to the Sunnah seeing each other in person is another way of prospecting for the sides who wants to get married.

This way the man sees the beauty of her face and body, however while doing that he can only look at her face, her neck and her hands. Her face depicts her beauty, her hands depict elegance and her height depicts if she is tall or short.

There is a direct approval in this matter which is given personally by Prophet Mohammad sallahu alayhi wa sallam himself. According to the story narrated by Ebu Humaid Prophet Mohammad sallahu alayhi wa sallam has told: It is permissible only with the purpose of marrying her.

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The rule does not change even if the woman he is looking at does not know his intentions. However there are some limitations during these times of looking at and meeting with each other. First of them is related with the place of the meeting, the following hadith is shows us the way to do it accordingly: If he does that the third among them will be the devil himself.

Within this meeting it is possible for the sides to talk, to have a conversation and to ask for their demands and requests from each other. For this the more they talk the more it reveals the thoughts and the intellectual levels of the sides either through their shyness and stuttering or through the tone of their voices. After some time through this meeting and conversation both sides will have opinions and impressions of each other which will them to decide.