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mat mulipola levi meet me app

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That GPS must be good because that's to the miracle of television pictures I can confirm that that's exactly where they are. Samoan national anthem review Four stars.

More operatic than you might imagine. Those boys are in touch with their feminine side. South Africa national anthem review. The spread on condescending statements about Samoa from the ITV commentary team is We've had about four already and we haven't even kicked off. Here comes the siva tau - the new black in the fashion parade that is Rugby World Cup pre-match dances.

It's a good one. Short, sharp, threatening, all the things you want from a pre-match dance.

Nyheder -

I do think all the teams should be made to dance before the game. Nigel Owens blows his whistle and Samoa, in blue, kick off playing from right to left. South Africa are all in white. South Africa nearly make a perfect start as Habana spectacularly leaps to get on the end of and up-and-under. They roll through the phases before Morne Steyn tries a drop goal which drifts just wide of the left-hand post. I admired his professionalism. A good response from the Samoans as Census Johnston barges through about eight men.

He's then penalised and South Africa have a penalty. It's in their own half but they elect to kick for goal nonetheless. It's a beast of a kick from Steyn but it crashes off the crossbar and we remain scoreless.

Matfield is dominating the line-out already taking two crisp catches to allow the South African pack to roll their way up the pitch. They worked the ball to Habana on the left wing - he fumbled slightly but gathered at the second attempt and made it across the line with a diving leap.

It's sent to the video ref but the replay shows his legs were about eight-feet in the air as the ball was touched down. Great response from Samoa as they roll through the phases with some clean, crisp handling and reach the South Africa line. Once again they are penalised, however, and the Springboks have a penalty. Mahonri Schwalger is not happy with Nigel Owens's decision and the penalty is moved forward 10 yards for dissent.

Poor handling from Jannie Du Plessis gives Samoa the put-in just when South Africa looked like they were going to carve through the Samoan defence.

Rugby World Cup 2011: South Africa 13-5 Samoa – as it happened

There's a bit of a kerfuffle which is described as being "a bit fruity" by the ITV commentators which is not exactly how I would call it. A bit terrifying might do it justice as Schalk Burger and Mahonri Schwalger square up. In the end, after consultation with his touch judge, Nigel Owens has a word with Jannie Du Plessis for slapping Schwalger.

Replays show that it was really Schwalger who threw the first slap. Is this what it's come to? It's like we're in a Sarah Jessica Parker film.

Morne Steyn kicks deep into the Samoa 22 but fails to finds touch. Paul Williams returns with interest and finds a good touch. Again Matfield leaps and shows his dominance in the line-out - a real area of strength for the Springboks - and Samoa are penalised giving Frans Steyn a difficult kick at goal.

He has the sizeable benefit of a strong breeze and even with that it only just creeps over the crossbar. That's how far out he was.

Samoa are losing their cool now. They're pack is being dominated and frustration is coming out. Kane Thompson comes round the side of a maul and then throws a punch, Nigel Owens awards the penalty but decides against a yellow card - preferring to give captain Mahonri Schwalger a warning. South Africa are pulling away now. They were cheap points to give away. Samoa are really struggling to make an impact now. Every time they attempt to move forward they end up being penalised - this time they're punished for wheeling the scrum.

It's 65 metres from goal but Frans Steyn is going to go for goal. Even with the wins the kick doesn't carry but Samoa have to try and work their way up the pitch again. If you like long, laborious attempts to get a scrum set this part of the game is for you. I don't know why they bother - South Africa are going to win it anyway. They've won every single one of their put-ins in this tournament so far.

mat mulipola levi meet me app

They launch another swift attack getting it wide to Habana but he's held up by Maurie Faasavalu and then Fourie Du Preez knocks-on to give the Samoans some breathing space. A good break upfield from Samoa with Seilala Mapusua heavily involved, particularly with a great pick-up of a bouncing ball. Alesana Tuilagi makes some ground too before Samoa are turned over, somewhat predictably, and South Africa clear their lines.

Tuilagi picks up tries a little chip and run in his own 22 and is slightly fortunate to get away with it. Samoa don't need to concede any more stupid points before half-time. Samoa's best chance of the half comes with the last action. Fotuali'i breaks down the right before passing inside to Mapusua who runs out of options, tries an ambitious reverse pass inside and a promising attack comes to a flat end. South Africa Samoa.

mat mulipola levi meet me app

Good half for South Africa. Good half for Wales. Half-time adverts courtesy of the Brazilian rugby team. Half-time emails courtesy of Gary Naylor and Robin Lynch A good thing, methinks.

Plus I imagine football refs would see any extra media exposure as a gateway to shows like Strictly Come Dancing. I have no basis for this - just a hunch.

There's been a lot of wild talk of permutations and bonus points over the last few days, with Welsh, Irish and English fans getting in an awful funk about not reaching the quarters. I think all these teams will qualify with room to spare. They love a bit of anxiety do the Irish. Can Samoa take advantage of the wind and fight their way back? I think we all know the answer to that. Let me do my job" Nigel Owens to Mahonri Schwalger in the first half.

I wonder what gems like this we're missing from football referees? Bryan Habana is in the wars in the opening minutes of the half.

First he gets some treatment after a collision with a Samoan. Then, moments later, he crashes into the advertising hoarding. Acknowledgment of inherent dangers You acknowledge that the activities in which you may participate whilst competing or practising have inherent dangers which may cause injury to yourself or others ranging from minor injuries to more serious injuries including death if carried out without due care, with inadequate training or preparation, or without proper supervision.

Rules You will abide by the rules and regulations as set down by the sports body organising the event in which you have entered The Sport. Information collected will be forwarded to the individual codes and published in hardcopy and online.

Cash and Eftpos Available! Good sport is about a positive attitude from competitors, coaches, managers and supporters. Dispute forms have been emailed to all schools and code coordinators will also have copies of the form to be completed. If the protest is upheld the fee will be refunded.

Venue Controllers reserve the right to sanction unsportsmanlike conduct from coaches, parents and supporters during the course of the tournament. Rules of the national governing body of the sport shall be applied in the first instance.

NZCT Aims Games 2015

We make no exceptions for travelling teams, students that are competing in more than one code etc. The method used to sort is by the number of gold medals the athletes from a school have earned. In the event of a tie in the number of gold medals, the number of silver medals is taken into consideration, and then the number of bronze medals.

If two schools have an equal number of gold, silver, and bronze medals, they are ordered in the table alphabetically by their school name. The school placed at the top of the medal table will win the FindUs cup.

You can make changes up until: In the event of light or intermittent rain before and during matches, play will continue as normal. However in the event of heavy continuous rain the Code Coordinators reserve the right to postpone, delay or abandon any fixture.

In the event of lightning, play will be immediately stopped at all venues for the duration of that storm. All participating teams must supply the event organisers with a reliable contact mobile phone number for a member of the team management. The safety of the competitors is of the upmost concern to the organisers. This information is to assist us in case of any eventuality and is treated in a confidential manner.

The St John marquee is there all week. Or call 07 for all local clinic locations or visit www. To further support the event Bay radiology will waive any ACC co-payment charges that would normally be incurred with imaging of sporting injuries. This is available at all of their branches for the duration of the event, to all children competing at the AIMS GAMES as well as those adults whose injury is associated with the event.

The unit has a litre tank, the water is easily refilled via a garden hose connection and is double filtered to ensure purity. Every tank full of water that is used will typically save plastic bottles from going into the waste stream The Hydrohub has a photovoltaic solar power system, which is used to power the pump.

Playing sport this week is going to make you sweat — a lot! So make sure you drink water before, during and after your games. Look out for the water truck, fountains and taps at the sports grounds to refill your water bottle and stay well hydrated these Games. The Sun Protection Alert gives the time period each day when you need to use sun protection.

It provides daily information about each area of the country. This year the bands are special ultraviolet radiation UV sensitive bands. This means that all events at all the locations are smokefree. Please help to make this a whanaufriendly event by not smoking around our children and young people, and by making others aware of the smokefree status. For more information on being smokefree go to www.

Team sport Boys and Girls Anchor Tournament Teams and the top 3 placed teams in the championship division will be presented with their medals at the conclusion of the finals.

The organisers take no responsibility for loss or damage to valuables or clothing. Refreshments will be provided. Take the challenge and receive an Anchor Fast Start at the end! We aim to do this by avoiding the generation of waste in the first place, reusing materials wherever possible, recycling, composting and disposing to landfill as a last resort.

This is how you can help: