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meet an stage 48 akb48

The concept of Team 8 is "Idols who go meet you". 1 Graduated; 2 Stages; 3 Team 8 Songs on AKB48 Albums & Singles; 4 Chart; 5 External. An Attempt to Meet AKB My Experience, Mistakes, Tips, & Tricks! . Useful vocabulary for AKB48 handshake events: dayline.infoet/forum/index. php. This is a subreddit dedicated to AKB48 and the 48/46 Sister Groups.

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Plus, I wanted to take the chance anyway. Identify which event your ticket can be used for! Once you are able to identify which event you can use the ticket for, you can prepare for the event! By prepare, I mean check out rules on the AKB48 site. How it works Although I didn't get to shake hands with Mayu, I did stay a bit to figure out how things work, and here they are!

Security Check When you get to the event, there will be a security check. In my experience though, my wait time for security was 15 minutes or less.

An Attempt to Meet AKB48: My Experience, Mistakes, Tips, & Tricks!

Arrive early to the venue, especially if it is a large scale handshake event. According to the AKB48 site, if you bring a drink in, you must taste-test it in front of security. If you have an umbrella, you must open your umbrella in front of security, etc.

meet an stage 48 akb48

The Security Check at the entrance of the venue space. Maps and Lanes Once you get into the venue, be sure to check out the maps, time tables, and the lane that corresponds to your favorite member!

In other words, what you need to find out: The amount of time you have is roughly 3 second, then they will escort you out of the lane and the next person will come in for their turn.

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However, the more tickets you have, the more time you have! People waiting in line at the lines of their favorite members. Miscellaneous notes The staff were actually really friendly! I thought it was going to be really uptight and strict because AKB48 is super famous and all that, but everyone was really friendly and nice. Even when I asked the staff about my ticket being valid, I kinda expected them to kick me out and call security on me.

Produce48 Top 20 Goes to Japan and meet Akb48 and Ngt48 members [ENG SUB] [Fan Meet in Japan]

That was a pleasant surprise. Considering that handshake events normally go on for the whole day, the place is equipped with charging stations so you can charge your phone! There are also a few food and drink stands here and there.

meet an stage 48 akb48

There's a whole bunch of promotion going on. It later became known that Eguchi was not a real person, but a composite of AKB48 members' facial features created to promote Glico 's Ice no Mi. It was directed by Yoshimasa Hiraikewith group producer Akimoto aiding with planning and supervision.

meet an stage 48 akb48

Team 4 was dissolved, with its members transferred to the other three teams. No Flower Without Rain: Its music video had 3, extras, [] the most for any AKB and sister group-related video. It reached number one on the weekly Oricon Albums Chartsellingcopies. This included a captain and co-captain of each team, promotion of AKB48 trainees to regular membership with assignment to the four teams and the transfer of members between AKB48 and its sister groups.

Mariko Tsukamoto, a year-old housewife and mother of two. The winner was Mayu Watanabe withvotes, and Rino Sashihara was runner-up withvotes.

meet an stage 48 akb48

The top eighty candidates were ranked in five groups of sixteen. The suspect was arrested for attempted murder[note 5] and the three were treated at a hospital for fractures and cuts. Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe! On March 26, member Rina Kawaei announced her graduation from the group in order to continue her acting career on her own, [] stating that the previous incident and long period of rest brought her to reflect on her future without depending on the group.

meet an stage 48 akb48

The event was broadcast live from Fukuoka Dome on Fuji TVwhich reported an average viewer rating of The 42nd single was released on December 9, This album marks the 10th anniversary of Japanese group, founded in The group's 42nd single " Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby " soldcopies on its first day of release. This brought their combined single sales to over 36, single albums sold, making them the artist with the highest number of single album sales in Japan, surpassing rock group B'z.

The single was centred by Sakura Miyawaki being her first time to have a solo centre on an AKB48 track.