Meet archangel michael

How to Work With Archangel Michael: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

meet archangel michael

Meet Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is the Angel of Protection and Courage and often works as a mentor for those involved in “light. How to Work With Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is one of the main Archangels and is said to be closest to God our Creator, and is the Prince of the. Learn who The Archangels are and how to meet them here! Archangel Michael has recently shared with me that there are not tens or even hundreds of.

I felt the devil interrupting and I kept trying harder to pray. Finally I managed to finish praying the rosary.

meet archangel michael

Afterwards, I laid down, still contemplating on what had happened. I wanted to go back to our room but pride and rage kept me, and I did not know what to do next.

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So I prayed again, this time more meditatively. I asked GOD to show me what to do to be appeased because I was so troubled and feeling terribly strange!

Short Meditation to Meet Archangel Michael

Then I remembered St. Michael the Archangel, knowing that he is the leader of the angel forces of heaven against the powers of hell, I called on him and talked to him like I was talking to a friend.

meet archangel michael

And while tears were falling on my cheeks, I begged him desperately to help me. After a few minutes of meditative talking, I saw a silhouette of someone standing there in the dark. I got up hurriedly to catch a glimpse of what I was seeing!

I was so stunned, but I wasn't scared! I looked and stared and to my amazement, there it was, a silhouette of a warrior with wings and a sword! Without doubt, I knew it was St. My heart was pounding hard but I felt enlightenment!

meet archangel michael

And then, in my mind, I heard St Michael talking, telling me to go back to my room quietly, to lay down next to my husband and go to sleep in peace. After a minute or so, I did what St. When I was already in bed, I felt so comforted and appeased.

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David was sleeping soundly, and in my mind I thought, "This man loves me and cares for me so much," and then I was asleep. When I got up in the morning, there he was! My husband with his open arms waiting for me, ready to kiss and hug me tight!

After that I realized it was really St. Michael who appeared to me!

Personal Encounter with St. Michael The Archangel - Angel Stories

Then I smiled and in my heart I said, "Thank you, St. Michael, thank you very much! There are far more Archangels than most people realize. Archangel Michael has recently shared with me that there are not tens or even hundreds of Archangels… But rather Thousands. So while you can find many articles online saying there are 7 Archangels, 0r 12 Archangels… Know that the reality, is there are far more Archangels serving behind the scenes.

The most commonly known Archangels are those referenced in religious texts, and those whose missions most regularly interface with humanity. Here are the names of some of the Archangelic Light Beings I've personally met and worked with: Archangels Names Archangel Gabriel Gabriel is the Archangel of communication, new beginnings, and strength.

When called upon Gabriel will bring you inspiring divine messages to assist you in finding your highest calling. Click Here to Learn More! Archangel Metatron Archangel Metatron is a Divine record keeper and a powerful spiritual teacher.

Metatron can help you release what no longer serves you, so that you can tap into your inner connection with pure light. Archangel Michael Archangel Michael is a powerful Archangel of protection. Michael oversees guardian angels, and he will help you to release lower energies of fear or worry, so that you can open to experience the incredible love and light of the Angelic Ream, and live a fun, fulfilling and passionate life. Archangel Michael is one of the easiest Archangels to hear, and also one of the most known.

Archangel Raphael Archangel Raphael is the main archangel who oversees healing for living beings on Earth. He is a well know and incredibly powerful angelic being, who is ready, willing and waiting to connect with you directly if you so desire. Through the powerful divine guidance from Archangel Raphael, you can learn to activate and use your bodies innate ability to heal itself.

Ariel closely works with animals, and the realms of nature and helps those whose missions are aligned with helping animals and the environment. Archangel Haniel Archangel Haniel is an Archangel of energy, vitality, and passion for life.

meet archangel michael

When called upon, Archangel Haniel will cleanse and transmit all worry and lower vibrations back into love with her blue orb of healing light. Archangel Haniel can also help you to awaken your psychic and spiritual abilities like energy healing, clairvoyance, intuition and inner strength. Archangel Orion Orion is like the galactic Archangel… He is an incredibly powerful, cosmic, and love filled guide from the Celestial Realms.

Archangel Jophiel Jophiel is a wonderful ally to call upon when you need help seeing the beauty within and around you. She will help you to shift your perspective from focusing on what is wrong and bad, into seeing the positives, beauty and magic that is all around you. Archangel Muriel Archangel Muriel is a powerful and yet gentle Archangel of peace and harmony who oversees emotions, and intuition, with unconditional love and compassion.