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Meet Our Available Au Pairs. Featured below is a small selection of the au pair candidates we have available for placement. Please Contact Us or Apply Now to . This includes a list of au pairs in your area, access to an app where you can meet au pairs placed through other BAPAA agencies and entry into our private. Meet Au Pairs shared's video. May 30, ·. 39,, Views. · May 22, ·. Teacher reveals odd tactic to prevent bullying.

For your own safety online, make sure that the group is private, though.

5 Ways for Au Pairs to Find Other Au Pairs

Making new friends in your host country, face to face Attending a language course is definitely the best way for au pairs to establish new relationships. What are your hobbies? Singing, dancing or a certain type of sporting activity?

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  • Make friends abroad during the Au Pair stay

Find out if there are any clubs or fitness centres around your host family's home. When dropping off your host kids at the school or nursery, you may meet persons with similar interests to yours, including other au pairs. Ask your host family if they know another families around who are also currently hosting an au pair.

Ways of socialising in your host country

Do not forget to ask them about typical leisure activities in their country. You may wish to learn more about any of them. Universities normally offer many leisure and sporting activities.

meet aupairs

You will find quite a diverse and international crowd there. Even if it is not a requirement, it's still a good idea! Read more A lot of them might also be new to the country and would like to make friends too. Go out for a coffee or for dinner with your classmates and start building new friendships.

meet aupairs

This language exchange allows two people to talk to each other in the language they are learning. This way both of you can improve your language skills. Finding a Tandem Partner is easy through different social media websites such as Meet Up. Social media Social media makes it possible for you to make friends online through different pages and groups.

There are many different Au Pair groups for each country or even citieswhere you can find people going through the same experience and willing to make friends. We also recommend looking for groups of people who share your interests and live in your area. Clubs If you have a hobby or practice sports, you can join a club to meet people.

5 Ways for Au Pairs to Find Other Au Pairs

You will also meet many locals who can help you discover your new home in a different way. You can normally find clubs at the local university, in a college, cultural institute or ask your host parents for advice. Traveling Discovering new cities and towns is also a great way to get in touch with new people.