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meet beer brno map

Stopkova Plzenska Pivnice: A place to meet - See traveller reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Brno, Czech Republic, at TripAdvisor. I recommend moravian sparrow or "svičkova" and a glass of dark beer. Value. Service. Food . Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Cookie consent | Site Map. Apr 12, Come to the meeting point - Get your map - RUN around the city center visiting pubs (6 of them) - Accomplish tasks and drink your beer. Jul 12, College life in Brno is not just about studying. Here you can meet perfume vendors and musicians collecting coins in a hat. In summer people queue for beer, but this doesn't put them off coming here. Unique map shows must-see sights alongside interesting places and highlights the innovative spirit.

Then stars seem shinier, to say it in Czenglish. We love the spirit of conversation and observing others at the neighbouring table. But many of the places also offer some food for your mind: So why go anywhere else? Well, maybe to visit another one because you can find some in almost every other building, and new ones are still growing!

An ordinary Czech fan cheers only when his team wins, but fans of Kometa cheer no matter what is happening on the ice rink and they still dream about the 11 league titles they won a long, long time ago.

Historical and beautyful brewery - Starobrno Brewery

Although the official colours of the city are red and white, you may very well meet a blue and white storm in the streets from time to time. And where the hell are they going? Proof may be for example the frequent occurrence of ticket inspectors on public transport when students come to Brno mid September and January and when their three-month-tickets are ending pre Christmas, March and June ; so be careful in those times.

It is a long story. Find places that you know you will have fun at, meet new people, interact with them and make new friends. Famous Bars If I go out to the bar, I like to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

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Throughout your visit, you play some games: If you would like to go with a bigger party, you would have to go earlier in the evening. These are just a few of my experiences. Fortunately, there are groups of people in Brno who get together to help expats meet new people and connect with one another.

Facebook Groups There is a list of Facebook groups you can join that are English friendly and are geared towards helping expats just as yourself with socializing and networking with others. These Facebook groups hold different events, meetup nights, trips, and even some courses.

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One of the Facebook groups is Living in Brno. This is an English-speaking community focused on helping one another with questions, providing information for upcoming events, living, and finding a job. Living in Brno always has new events, such as yoga classes in English or flea markets.

meet beer brno map

There are also get-togethers for karaoke nights and comedy shows. They even plan trips to places like Amsterdam, Venice, or hiking trips around Brno. They meet once a week.

meet beer brno map

They offer yoga classes, help with the Czech language, organize meetups at restaurants and bars for socializing and meeting new people. Jan explained to me that the group started in when a group of students from Uni wanted to get together and practice their English.

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Over time, the group has developed into what it is known as today. Jan has been a part of the group and helping organize events for five years.

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It is a great place to meet friends and for people to do their own thing. One of his first suggestions he had was Utopia, which is a shisha lounge and tea house. It is this big facility that has various lounge sections to relax, smoke shisha, and drink tea. The Standing Bar is known for not having any seating areas, just tall tables for you to stand, enjoy your drinks, and socialize with others. When the weather is nice, the Standing Bar becomes a very popular location to hangout at, standing outside, enjoying your beer and the company of your friends.

A place to meet - Stopkova Plzenska Pivnice

Some other suggestions and popular locations are The Immigrant, which has an American chef, a friendly atmosphere, a wide variety of international beers, and has burgers and sandwiches. There is also the East Village, and St. This page is not as interactive, but it still provides similar events and is another place for you to find and meet other foreigners in Brno.

meet beer brno map