Meet darth vader at hollywood studios

VIDEO: Meet Chewbacca and Darth Vader at Star Wars Launch Bay in Disney's Hollywood Studios

meet darth vader at hollywood studios

Like many of Disney's Hollywood Studios meet-and-greets this one is a little disappointed because you used to be able to meet Darth Vader. The third option is to meet another star of The Force Awakens, the cheery, you want to spend $ on an authentically detailed Darth Vader costume (perfect. In February Darth Vader will cease his regular meet and greet at Star Wars Kylo Ren will be appearing at both Hollywood Studios and.

Star Wars Launch Bay

Abrams, and Rogue One director Gareth Edwards. If you have zero interest in Star Wars this film will likely bore you but then why would you go to this attraction in the first place?

meet darth vader at hollywood studios

For anyone in the middle, the intro movie does a masterful job of getting you pumped for the onrushing tsunami of Star Wars products that will be flooding our way for the foreseeable future. The large central portion of the Star Wars Launch Bay building is dominated by three elaborate meet and greets. Visitors can chose between three queues: Chewbacca can move his mouth and growl in response to your questions, while Kylo Ren has a full vocabulary of sinister phrases to taunt you with.

BB-8 beeps and rolls around and is generally delightful.

meet darth vader at hollywood studios

The queues are also carefully managed to prevent guests from seeing the encounter ahead of them, so your face-to-face really feels like an intimate experience. It located near the exhibit exit, and is open daily from 11 a.

meet darth vader at hollywood studios

Beyond the meet and greets, the Launch Bay includes a small mock-up of the Mos Eisely cantina, where you may mingle with Jawas or other aliens. It should also be noted that no character here will sign an autograph.

VIDEO: Meet Chewbacca and Darth Vader at Star Wars Launch Bay in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

All these characters will sign an autograph as well. Animation Courtyard Photo c Disney Screenshot If you have really young children this will probably be top of your character meet-and-greet list.

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Make sure to check with Disney information for who is appearing at what time. The lines are split to meet them, and the lines can sometimes get a little long. The cast members keep these lines moving pretty quickly, and all of the characters will sign autographs. How much fun is that?

He does sign autographs.

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As of April 2, they will go on vacation for awhile with the new construction starting. There are never more than 4 or 5 families waiting to see them, and they really take their time with the guests.

Neither of these characters sign autographs either. He will be in the Echo Lake District. This new location will actually have rotating characters, but I have a feeling Olaf will be popular. He will probably be there for a long time. At the time of this article there was no arrival date announced.