Meet dave plot summary

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meet dave plot summary

And it's not long before Dave meets him, courtesy of Josh's mother, Gina—after she plows into Dave in . 2's brief takeover, Dave blasts a hole in a jail cell wall. Tiny aliens arrive on Earth inside a spaceship shaped like an ordinary man. Read the movie synopsis of Meet Dave to learn about the film details and plot. FilmJabber is your source for film and movies.

meet dave plot summary

The police track Dave down using the impression of his face found in the dirt at the crash site and they arrest him. After spending so much time on Earth, most of the crew begin to exhibit new "feelings", adopting Earth's culture, mannerisms and general laid-back attitude.

meet dave plot summary

Number 2 decides that the Captain and the rest of the crew's changing behavior is unacceptable and takes command of the "ship", imprisoning the Captain. Under Number 2's command, Dave breaks out of the police station and another attempt is made to arrest him.

meet dave plot summary

Number 3, who has become infatuated with the Captain, becomes jealous of Gina. She first cooperates in the command change but later agrees with the Captain's view on humans. Both are caught by Number 2 and they are expelled from the spaceship. In the meantime, Number 17 Kevin Harta young, fun-loving alien, jumps out of the "ship" while drunk from the alcohol Dave has imbibed.

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The Captain apologizes to Number 3 for ignoring her. He admits that he too loves her and wants to be with her. Back at the police station, Dooley discovers Number 17 in his coffee and interrogates him to find out where Dave is going. Number 2 takes Dave to the harbor, where he tries to throw the metal orb into the ocean, but is stopped by the Captain and Number 3, both of whom managed to gain reentry back onto the ship.

They convince the rest of the crew that the real Captain is in charge again. Reinstated, he orders Number 2 to be stuck in the ship's "butt" forever. The metal orb meanwhile slips out of Dave's hand and rolls into the ocean.

He gets the probe back from the bully. As Josh and Gina spend time with Dave, they become friends. The Captain starts to have sympathy for humans so he changes his mind about draining all the oceans. Commander Number 3 played by Gabrielle Union gets jealous, when the Captain seems to have affection for Gina.

Meet Dave Movie Review Summary

The second-in-command, Number 2 played by Ed Helms does not want to stop their plans. He starts a mutiny. They throw the Captain in the brig. Number 2 then sends the probe into the ocean, to start the water extraction process. Commander Number 3 goes along with the mutiny because of her jealousy, but afterwards changes her mind.

When she tries to help the Captain they throw her and him off the ship, but they return and get control of the ship again. Dave drinks a Mojito, which makes everyone on board the ship get tipsy.

Number 17 played by Kevin Hart runs off with female crew member because he is drunk. Once outside of the Dave spaceship, the policeman Dooley catches Number Dooley figures out where Dave is and arrests him.

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Dave batteries are running low. When the police try to catch him, Josh helps Dave by using a police taser to recharge him. Josh tells him that is was taken from him by a bully.

meet dave plot summary

Directed to him by Josh, Dave takes the metal ball back from the bully. The Captain spends time with Josh and Gina, and realizes that humans are more advanced than they thought, having feelings and love. He decides to cancel the plan of draining the oceans, because of the damage to the Earth.

meet dave plot summary

Number 2 the second in command on the spaceship disagrees, takes over command, and imprisons the captain Number 1. She first cooperates in the change of command, but later agrees with Number 1.

Number 1 and Number 3 are both expelled from the spaceship, but manage to reenter it and convince the crew that the captain should become in charge again.

Meet Dave - Movie Synopsis & Plot

In the meantime one crew member, Number 17 Kevin Hart drunk from the alcoholic drink Dave has taken, takes a pretty female crew member and jumps out.

Meanwhile, The Number 1 apologizes to Number 3 for ignoring her. He admits that he does love her and wants to be with her.