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meet deductible in spanish

According to Wikipedia, the English article is linked to the Spanish one. First, even before you've met your deductible, you'll be paying prices negotiated by your plan, not providers' list prices, which can be many. containing "high deductible plan" – Spanish-English dictionary and search Plans that meet these requirements are also called "high deductible health.

Any excess amount is deductible in the following four tax periods. Certain taxes, such as local property tax. Amounts payable to third parties for the provision of personal services.

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Depreciation of the real estate, providing that it is in line with its effective deterioration and complies with the requirements established in Spanish PIT Law.

Deductions from moveable capital income In determining net income from dividends, interest or other incomes established by Spanish PIT Law as income from capital different to real estate, only the following expenses may be deducted from the gross income: Expenses incurred for the administration and deposit of negotiable securities.

For this purpose, sums that are paid as consideration for a discretionary and individual management of investment portfolios, where the investments are made on behalf of the owners in accordance with their instructions, are not deductible. For income generated from the provision of technical assistance and the lease or sub-lease of moveable properties, businesses or mines, the expenses which are needed to obtain such income and, if applicable, the amount of deterioration undergone by the items or rights from which the income is generated, are deducted from gross income.

This reduction may be availed of for the following types of moveable capital income: Income generated from intellectual property when the taxpayer is not the author, and from industrial property which is not used to carry out the taxpayer's business activities.

meet deductible in spanish

Income generated from providing technical assistance unless the provision of technical assistance is an economic activity of the taxpayer. Income generated from the lease of property, business, or mines which is not an economic activity of the taxpayer. Income generated from the transfer of a right to trade on image rights, or the consent or authorisation to use them, unless such transfer is carried out as part of the taxpayer's economic activities.

Reductions to net taxable income Alimony and child support payments Alimony paid to an ex-spouse in accordance with a court decision is deductible from the taxpayer's PIT taxable income. Child support is not deductible from taxable income, although the progressive tax scales can be applied separately for this amount if the taxpayer is not entitled to the allowance for relatives in a descending line.

Contributions to pension plans The following amounts are deductible from general taxable income: Taxpayer's annual contributions to qualifying pension plans up to a maximum of EUR 8, per year. This includes contributions to a pension plan on behalf of the employee made by the employer.

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Personal and family allowances Inthe following allowances apply: A personal allowance, which, in general, amounts to EUR 5, A minimum family allowance of: EUR 1, per year for each relative in an ascending line over 65 years of age who forms part of the taxpayer's household and is dependent on the taxpayer and whose annual income does not exceed EUR 8, The allowance is raised to EUR 2, when the relative is over 75 years of age.

EUR 2, for the first relative in a descending line who forms part of the taxpayer's household and whose annual income is not over EUR 8, In addition, the allowance is increased by EUR 2, when the relative is under three years of age.

When two or more taxpayers are entitled to apply these allowances, they are equally divided between the taxpayers. However, when taxpayers have different degrees of kinship, the allowance is applied by the taxpayer with the nearest kinship unless their annual income, excluding exempt income, does not exceed EUR 8, in which case the allowance is applied by the taxpayer with the next degree of kinship. When the income of the relatives in ascending or descending order with respect to which this allowance may be applied by the taxpayer is over EUR 1, and such persons file their own returns, the taxpayer may not apply the allowance.

The personal and family circumstances on which the minimum thresholds stated above will be based will be the circumstances on the date on which the tax becomes due and payable 31 December, in general.

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In the cases of legal marital separation, the allowance for relatives in a descending line is applied by the parent to whom the guardianship and custody of the children is assigned at the date of accrual generally, 31 December as this is the person with whom the children live.

When guardianship and custody is shared, the allowance will be prorated between the parents, regardless of the parent with whom the children are living at the date of accrual. Losses Capital losses arising from transfers of assets are included in savings income and can only be offset against capital gains included in savings income of the tax period. Capital losses that do not arise from transfers of assets are included in general income and can only be offset against capital gains included in general income of the tax period.

If, following this compensation, there is still a negative balance, the amount of the balance should be offset over the following four years. Last Reviewed - 31 July Corporate. A A What's the difference between a deductible and an out-of-pocket limit? You need to know to make a smart plan choice Published: December 06, She was unhappy with her choices.

But there is a difference, a big one, and you need to understand it in order to make an intelligent choice of insurance plan. At that point, your plan will start paying some share of the expenses. The only way to figure out how a particular plan handles deductibles is to look at the coverage details. And of course all plans cover preventive services like pap smears, immunizations, and colonoscopies with no deductible or out-of-pocket costs at all.

If I hardly use any health care in a year and my deductible is thousands of dollars, why have insurance at all? Second, the real value of health insurance is the protection it gives you against catastrophic medical expenses. Care for an unexpected accident or serious illness can hit six figures before you know it.

meet their specific deductible

From that perspective, a deductible of a few thousand dollars looks like a bargain. It is the most you will ever have to pay out of your pocket for health care during the year, not including premiums, but definitely including the deductible AND the copays and coinsurance you will continue to pay after you hit the deductible.

If you hit your OOP for the year, your insurance will pick up percent of costs thereafter. In the pre-health-reform days, insurers sometimes played games with OOP limits. Your copays or prescription drug cost-sharing might not have counted towards the OOP, which could stick you with hundreds or thousands of dollars of extra expenses if you had a bad year.

The new health law put a stop to that.

meet deductible in spanish

Very few people with ordinary medical expenses will ever hit that number, but it provides serious protection against catastrophic expenses.

A Bronze plan will pick up 60 percent of costs for the average member, Silver 70 percent, Gold 80 percent, and Platinum 90 percent.