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meet douglas mawson institute

Sir Douglas Mawson OBE FRS FAA (5 May – 14 October ) was an Australian He attended Fort Street Model School and the University of Sydney, where he graduated in Only a few ounces were used of the stock of ordinary food, to which was added a portion of dog's meat, never large, for each animal. Douglas Mawson Institute of Technology (TAFE SA). 33 likes. TECHNICAL AND FURTHER EDUCATIONVocational Education & Training. Douglas Mawson Institute of Technology. Back to search results. Country. Australia. State. South Australia. City. Adelaide.

Alone, Mawson was determined to return with the data and specimens they had collected. He struggled for 30 days, eventually reaching the base only to miss the ship retrieving the men by hours. Instead of returning on the Aurora, six men who had volunteered to search for the party overwintered again with Mawson.

The expedition advanced scientific knowledge of Antarctica in the fields of geology, cartography, meteorology, geomagnetism, biology and marine science.

Biological species on land and sea, never before encountered by man, were described for the first time. The 22 volumes of scientific reports produced included meteorological data from all three bases, and geomagnetic field records collected over 18 months at Commonwealth Bay. Philanthropist Macpherson Robertson donated 10 pounds to the expedition, a huge sum in In appreciation, Mawson named MacRobertson Land after the entrepreneurial owner of the Melbourne confectionery company.

Crucial work was successfully completed on voyages along much of the Antarctic coastline, and sub-Antarctic Iles Crozet, Iles Kerguelen, and Heard Island. Scientific advances were made in oceanography and biology, with results published in thirteen volumes.

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Awards and honours On his return to Australia inMawson achieved public acclaim for his achievements, and received a knighthood.

Both men suffered dizziness ; nausea ; abdominal pain ; irrationality ; mucosal fissuring; skin, hair, and nail loss; and the yellowing of eyes and skin.

meet douglas mawson institute

Later Mawson noticed a dramatic change in his travelling companion. Mertz seemed to lose the will to move and wished only to remain in his sleeping bag.

meet douglas mawson institute

He began to deteriorate rapidly with diarrhoea and madness. On one occasion Mertz refused to believe he was suffering from frostbite and bit off the tip of his own little finger. This was soon followed by violent raging—Mawson had to sit on his companion's chest and hold down his arms to prevent him from damaging their tent. Mertz suffered further seizures before falling into a coma and dying on 8 January It was also not known that such levels of vitamin A could cause liver damage to humans.

However, Mertz may have suffered more because he found the tough muscle tissue difficult to eat and therefore ate more of the liver than Mawson.

Mawson continued the final miles alone.

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During his return trip to the Main Base he fell through the lid of a crevasse, and was saved only by his sledge wedging itself into the ice above him. He managed to climb out using the harness attaching him to the sled. It was recalled by wireless communicationonly to have bad weather thwart the rescue effort. Mawson and six men who had remained behind to look for him wintered a second year until December In Mawson's book Home of the Blizzard, he describes his experiences.

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His party, and those at the Western Base, had explored large areas of the Antarctic coast, describing its geologybiology and meteorologyand more closely defining the location of the South Magnetic Pole.

Home of the Blizzard[ edit ] In his book The Home of the Blizzard, Mawson talked of "Herculean gusts" on 24 May which he learned afterwards "approached two hundred miles per hour". They had two daughters, Patricia and Jessica. Also inhe was knighted, and was preoccupied with news of the Scott disaster until the outbreak of World War I.

Mawson served in the war as a major in the British Ministry of Munitions.

meet douglas mawson institute

Returning to the University of Adelaide inhe was promoted to the professorship of geology and mineralogy inand made a major contribution to Australian geology. He organised and led the joint British Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition in —31, which resulted in the formation of the Australian Antarctic Territory in He also spent much of his time researching the geology of the northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

Upon his retirement from teaching in he was made an emeritus professor of the University of Adelaide. He died at his Brighton home on 14 October from a cerebral haemorrhage. At the time of his death he had still not completed editorial work on all the papers resulting from his expedition, and this was completed by his eldest daughter, Patricia, only in Legacy[ edit ] His image appeared on several postage stamps of the Australian Antarctic Territory: The Mawson Collection of Antarctic exploration artefacts is on permanent display at the South Australian Museumincluding a screening of a recreated version of his journey that was shown on ABC Television on 12 May The suburb was gazetted in and is named after him.

The theme for street names in this area is Antarctic exploration.