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Properties You see Eclesius. I'm looking for a new assistant!Err, what was it again that I wanted?Do come in! Mind the step of the magical door, though.I'm so. Loose Ends Quest - Ankrahmun - Level required: 8, Level recommended: Meet Ahmet north of the depot, he is the equipment shopkeeper: Talking to him, you Following the map, starting from Thais' depot, you will find Eclesius ' home. Jul 1, To start the quest just talk Eclesius, he will ask you if you can assist him on a few . He says that a kiss from a princess must do the trick, but since Tibia has run out Our subjects need to meet each other, and that rather fast.

She helps keep down the number of bats and is also very warm and cuddly when she sits on my lap. They have been quiet for a while now. Were you able to kill a few of the pests?

Thus the soothing silence. I can even focus a little right now. Well… this is a rather complicated matter. I… er… have a slight problem in my cellar. Some sort of a… vermin problem, yes. I recently conducted a small ritual to help my former assistant regain his human form, but… err… I must have made a small mistake.

Could have happened to anyone, really. Erm… in short, there might be a goblin in my cellar. Okay, I admit it. And… while it was still confused from switching worlds, I managed to lock it up in a cage and ran back up the stairs.

I think we should keep the door lock oiled in any case. I can create a very effective magical oil containing a hex if you bring me the proper ingredients. Also, I have a magical key somewhere in my house. Let me think, what else. I think you should get a wooden hammer and use it on all the wooden barriers just in case a nail is loose.

And, hmm, maybe some music would also help calm the demon. He gets quite angry at times, you know. Play a lyre in front of his cage. So, you got all that, right?

Get the recipe for the magical oil and bring the ingredients to me, find my key and lock the door, use a wooden hammer on the cage barriers and play a lyre. Entregando os ingredientes Eclesius: Have you found the recipe and brought me the necessary ingredients? Magical oil for the cage door. Did you prevent the apocalypse, my brave assistant? Door oiled and locked, wood fixed, prisoner calmed.

Very good, we can all live happily, at least for one more day. A Hat for the Sane Eclesius: Oh, welcome back, my most valued assistant! I have got some tasks for you, and maybe also a real mission or two! Uh… what was your name again? Well, now that you mention it, there is in fact something you could do for me apart from your usual tasks. Also there are some suspicious stains on it.

It is out of the question for me to wear it in that state!! So I guess I need a new hat. And, uh, not too heavy. I heard they have a large warehouse for clothing in Venore. Maybe you can find someone there who could help you with the hat. Will you take on this mission? Just surprise me with whatever you have planned. Falando com Irmana Jogador: To create a dark hat, I need one piece of minotaur leather and two bat wings.

Do you have those materials with you by coincidence? A little stitch here and a little stitch there… perfect! With the best wishes to your master. A hat, you say? How did you know I wanted one? Can I see it? You are my number one favourite assistant! Walking on Clouds Jogador: Just this morning I noticed a truly horrible smell.

Embarrassingly, it comes from… my own feet. I could really use a new pair. Impregnated with an anti-smelly-feet-hex. Could you get me a pair of sandals? Do you have some time spare for this mission? Where to get sandals from? You could consider hunting elves. Or… just find a shoemaker somewhere. Entregando as sandals Jogador: Did you bring me a pair? Wait, let me put my name on them! Remember, the anti-smelly-feet-hex I told you about?

The first thing we need to do is disinfect them in boiling water to get rid of all those germs. I suggest you use the large cauldron in my lab since the water there also contains some magical essences.

Just use them on the cauldron and then come back. You put sandals into my cauldron? I forgot that I was actually preparing dinner. I guess they are clean now. Now, for the second step of the process. I suggest you use them on the fresh corpse of a skunk. Where can you find skunks, you say? I think some have made their home in the jungle near Port Hope. Oh dear… you really should shower more often, you smell like dead skunk!

Oh, now I remember! Now that we have impregnated the sandals with a really bad smell, we should counter that with a really good smell. Just wondering what that might be. Can you think of anything that smells really delicious? Great minds think alike! Not to be confused with the dew kisser flowers near my house! Use the sandals on a white flower so they can soak up the fragrance. Ahh yes, the anti-smell-hex, I remember!

It seems to have worked! Can I have my sandals now, please? Thank you, my dear assistant. At least, as far as our olifactory senses are concerned. I mean of course, as regards the smell. I plan on becoming a God! I want to create a whole new Tibian race! A race that will be both strong and lean, skilled and robust. And they will all serve me. So far my plan. I was thinking that the traits of elves and dwarfs combined would make a really superior being.

Just imagine the possibilities! Dwarfs and elves hate each other. So we have to work our magic! Well, you will have to work my magic on my behalf. My idea is to turn you into a dating agent. Convince them to take part in a dating program and to hand you a personal item we can use for their partner search. Talk them into taking part in the dating program! And bring something personal back from them!

Conversando com Amarie Amarie: Please leave me alone with my books. Are you really interested? Milkbugs are a very interesting species, actually.

They really care for each other and help each other to raise their young. Sigh… so caring, yes. What do I dream of? I think… no one has asked me that for a long time. My favourite book… is an erm… poetry book. Would you like me to… re… recite some poetry? Flaunting a light that is not hers … Amarie: Lost in reverie to dance with the fervid sun … Amarie: Yet knowing that this day will never dawn … Amarie: For with the dawn she fades … Amarie: And only when darkness engulfs her … Amarie: Will her light shine the brightest.

Did you like the poem? Oh, do you really mean it? My dreams are a little confusing. Do you need anything from me for the registration? A personal item, you say? Well… the most personal thing I have is this book of mine… with my favourite poem in it.

Thank you… Conversando com Grodrik Jogador: Got a mug of beer for me? I like you better and better. Now, did you want to say something? I just feel so lonely sometimes. You are going too far, stranger. My wishes are quite personal. Ah, what do you know about loneliness. I only have my beer.

Such as drinking beer. A tall, strong woman with a blonde beard, adventurous and able to brew beer. Let me know when you find a girl for me. Yes, I remember my plan very well! I take it you have found a lonely dwarf and a lonely elf for our dating game? Very, very good, let me take them and put them here, yes. What do you think, based on their personalities, could the dwarf and elf in question get on with each other?

That should make things a lot easier for us. Go into my library. I think… somewhere around there you should be able to find a parchment with some sample questions on it. That should give us a base to start from. Fazendo as perguntas para Amarie Amarie: You want to ask me some questions?

You should always strive for harmony in a relationship to avoid arguments and fights. What physical attribute should your ideal partner have? Tell me something you love. As you can see… I love books. Tell me something you dislike. Patience promotes tolerance which prevents arguments and thus ensures harmony.

I love all colours! But I think… my favourite colour for today is green. Green like the trees, like balance and relaxation. I try to stay in control of my fears. But if you ask me like that… it really makes me shiver when I hear the name of Ferumbras.

I see, they want me to answer a questionaire? Sure, I can understand why. Just go right ahead with your questions! The most important thing in a relationship is to always have a good supply of beer. Solves almost all problems! What do you mean, date location? I never had a date, so how should I know? I guess here would do. Right here in this tavern. The only thing I love more than a pint of beer is two pints of beer! Rust is a curse for any smith. I get angry when someone lies to me.

So put down honesty. Red like fire, and red like my favourite kind of steel. Dwarfs have no fear!! Well… for some reason, jesters give me the creeps. Falando com Eclesius Jogador: Wait, wait, I know you. I also know what you wanted from me. It was about the… love potion, you say?

Loose Ends Quest

So… did you find anything which the dwarf and the elf have in common? Well, then what is it they both have in common? That is something we can easily build on. Let me think for a small moment and then we can continue the mission. What's your favourite colour? I love the colour of home-brewed, fresh, foamy beer Not to be mistaken for pee though. What's your greatest fear?

Dwarfs have no fear!!

Any news from the You want to ask me some questions? I'll be honest as long as they aren't too personal. You should always strive for harmony in a relationship to avoid arguments and fights. A lush, green meadow in the middle of a forest A handsome face would be a definite plus. As you can see I don't like fire very much I've lost too many things due to fires. I think I'd choose patience as an answer to this one. Patience promotes tolerance which prevents arguments and thus ensures harmony. I love all colours!

It's so hard to choose one! It's a bright and warm and happy colour. I try to stay in control of my fears. But if you ask me like that Wait, wait, I know you. I also know what you wanted from me. It was about the Well, then what is it they both have in common? That is something we can easily build on. Let me think for a small moment and then we can continue the mission. You'll probably be flabbergasted to hear that I've already prepared the basic love potion while you were gone.

You thought you would have to gather ingredients now, right? Sometimes I just love surprises! I'll give you two doses. Try to get each of our little, erm, love birds to drink it.

And then run away very fast before the potion takes effect! Trust me, you don't want to be the first person they see, plus you'll ruin the experiment. Just come back to me once we're done and I'll take care of the rest. Be prepared to do some convincing, but don't use force. And remember to RUN once they've drunk it! What do you have for me today? Let's have a drink first. Got a beer for me? It makes me feel My heart is filled with gladness and hope.

Have you got anything interesting for me? Oh, you brought us some bug milk? That's so nice of you! Let's drink it right away, shall we? The most beautiful of all I'll make sure you get an extra bonus for that.

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Now hmm, hmm, let me think for a moment before we go on with the mission. Oh, welcome back, my most valued assistant! I have got some tasks for you, and maybe also a real mission or two! I have just noticed a very small flaw in my plan.

Our subjects need to meet each other, and that rather fast. But a dwarf would never visit Ab'Dendriel, nor would an elf go to Kazordoon. So we need to get them here! I just happen to have a small crack in the space-time continuum under my house. Once you are ready, we will both go there and summon forth our subjects. Space-time continuum, here we come! Ah, there you are.

I hope your journey was safe and you hasn't cost you any body parts. Now, muahaha, the best part of my plan! I have decided I don't want to leave our subjects' fate to coincidence. The left and the right lever summon our dwarf and elf. The lever in the middle will create the first specimen of the - tadaaa - Dwelves! Now, first pull the left lever, then the right lever, and once both subjects are there, the one in the middle. Don't mess this up!

And we'll get out of here too. Ready to go up? The dwarf and the elf will hopefully not remember what happened. And neither will I - hopefully - in a day or too. Sometimes I'm glad that my memory is like a sieve! Well anyhow, you deserve a reward for all that talking and convincing you did, so here you go.

I thought that your legs could use a little break after having done all that travelling. So let's do something for your brain instead. See how much I care for my assistants? An almost altruistic task which will even make you a little smarter - maybe. I'm sure you've seen all those books lying around in my library. Your job is to tell me the colour of each book, one after another. I'll ask you for the colours. If you need hints, you can also ask me and I'll give you a random hint.

Don't blame me if I repeat myself! There are six different hints in total. Once you are ready and have a vague idea of the answers, ask me about your mission. The book in the middle of the room is about counter spells. There are the following colours: So, what colour is the 'Great Encyclopedia of the Magiverse'? And what colour is 'Necromancing at its Most Romantic'? And what colour is the 'Collection of Counterspells against Counterspells'? And what colour is 'Interesting Trivia about Grass Growth'?

And what colour is 'Mathemagics for Dummies and Forgetful People'? That concludes my questioning. I guess now you'd like to know whether you succeeded in the mission? You answered all the questions correctly- bravo - as far as I can remember my books.

Well, since I actually did something for your intelligence, the reward is symbolic. But it's the thought that counts! Although I always try to see the positive side of not being able to remember things very well, there is a dark side to it as well. It might be comfortable to forget about accidents and sad incidents, but I also forget about the happy events.

I can't even remember whether I got a present for my birthday and if I did, what it was. I have the most brilliant ideas - at least, I think I do - but the next day I have forgotten them completely. Last night, while I was sitting in Frodo's tavern, I think I had one of the best ideas ever. I had it all in my head - the formula for a potion which would stimulate my memory and keep it active! But - I can't remember it anymore. The only thing I vaguely remember is that I told it to someone.

But I can't remember who that was either! That's the crux of the whole matter. I wish you could help me with this. Maybe you can find out who I talked to last night in Frodo's tavern, and maybe that person will remember the formula for the potion. Could you please try to figure that out for me? You wouldn't believe how thankful I am. I might seem confused or egocentric sometimes, but really, I appreciate your help a lot.

I hope you're successful! Welcome to Frodo's Hut. You heard about the news? Oh, that old guy! He's a good customer, that's for sure. Yes, he was here last evening as well. Who he talked to? I'm not sure, there were a few people around. No girls or women though. Maybe just ask around for Eclesius. Niestety Frodo nie kojarzy nikogo konkretnego. Oh, please come in, Gracz. If you need magical equipment such as runes or wands, just ask me for a trade. Yes, ehem, I do sell potions. A new formula for a potion?

I'm not a magician, you know. Yes, we might have chatted a bit last night, but not about Just the usual chit-chat. Who are you anyway to think you have the right to pose me these questions?? Well, how about - I don't care? Unlessa you're sent by someone important, let me do my business and leave me in peace. So who sent you?! So he remembers after all, does he? Well, I don't care! Go away, topic closed! You look as if you have found something out. Who did I talk to?? I should've guessed it! We were buddies in the old days, you know There must be a way to remind him that there are more important things in life.

He was never a really good sorcerer and his spells went wrong most of the time, so he decided to become a trader for magical equipment instead. But I wonder whether he still has that first wand I think if you could find it, he might remember what we shared I hope you find it!

I know it might be hard to get into his house, but I believe it's for the greater good. And for my good, of course. Gracz, how many times should I tell you to I thought it was long gone I remember well how I got it But my efforts were in vain I've never become as good as Eclesius, Muriel or Trimegis I thought that with the formula of Eclesius, I might be able to brew a new kind of potion and finally have a breakthrough Here, take the paper with the formula and give it back to Eclesius.

Tell him that I'm sorry and that I hope we'll still have a drink now and then. I'm not a bad person Were you successful and have you convinced Xodet to hand over the formula? Really, I mean it. I will start to brew the potion immediately. This one is a little too important to be done by my assistant, I'm sure you understand. What have I done! My head is spinning! Gracz, I just drank a sip of my potion I'm just not sure whether that is a good or a bad thing.

Right now, my memory is very clear and I remember everything No, not you, my previous assistant. Maybe you've seen the little frog in the cellar. Oh no, the cellar! I left him in the company of the demon! My poor poor assistant! We have to save him! I also remember there's something commonly used to turn frogs back into humans We need a princess to kiss him, or something like that. The problem is you're far from being a princess. Oh, that's not an insult.

Princesses are usually lazy, whiny and demand to be saved all the time while hiding in the last place you would think of looking for them. I guess Tibia is currently out of princesses though after the sad fate of Princess Lumelia Queen Eloise was a princess once. I wonder if she still has some of her outfits from when she was a princess. You know what we are going to do? Err, I mean, what you are going to do? You are going to sneak into the castle of Carlin and see if you can find some of those clothes.

Maybe a fake princess will do the trick. Fine, then off with you and good luck. Me and my poor assistant will be waiting. I greet thee, my loyal subject. Oh, I'm sure we have some old rags to donate for the needy. You can ask General Bunny Bonecrusher for them. What do you want here, sneaking around like a thief at night?

Are you looking for something? Well then spit it out! What are you sniffing around here for?