Meet greet birmingham airport

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meet greet birmingham airport

With this Birmingham Meet and Greet Super Saver Parking you are met at the terminal and your car is parked in a secure location close to the airport. Pre-book . Award winning APH offer a Birmingham Airport Meet and Greet Valet Parking service - an unbeatable way of cutting your travel time whilst securing your car!. Address: Valet Parking, Ambassador Way, Birmingham Airport, Birmingham B26 located in the Valet Parking Car Park, where a member of staff will meet you.

Meet & Greet Parking at Birmingham Airport

It allows you to drive straight to your departure terminal, meet our friendly insured staff, who will then safely whisk your car to our secure Birmingham Parking for you. When you land, your car will be waiting at arrivals so you can jump straight in and drive home…Simple.

How it works — 3 easy steps. Drive straight to your departure terminal or on-airport hotel. Then, simply stroll into departures with only your luggage and yourself to worry about.

Meet and Greet Birmingham Airport – Birmingham Valet Parking

Call us when you have collected your luggage 2. D, are trained, fully insured and we pride ourselves on our punctuality and customer service. See Why Park at Birmingham for more info You can leave your car for as little as one day — we believe in treating our customers fairly and have a long list of satisfied clients who use our Meet and Greet every time they fly.

Ace Parking is approved by Trading Standards Frequently asked questions: You drive directly to your terminal.

A guide to parking at Birmingham Airport

No transfers are required. Staff wearing Ace meet and greet staff uniform, will conduct a brief check of your car, collect your booking confirmation and take the keys, leaving you free to continue into the check in area of the terminal building. Your vehicle will be driven to a secure compound and stored until your return.

meet greet birmingham airport

On entering baggage re-claim and when you have collected ALL your luggage please call which will enable ACE Airport Parking to return your car to you when you arrive at the return pick up point. Off Airport Parking are secured and monitored. No mobile Homes, lorries, caravans or trailers are permitted. All our drivers are insured fully comprehensive to drive your vehicle.

As most companies in the motor trade, we use road risk policy insurance cover. When you arrive at the Airport, follow signs for Drop and Go. Take the right hand entry barrier, take a ticket and head towards the numbered bays on the right hand side. We meet you in bays For more information or to book your Birmingham meet and greet car parking, call now and one of our team will be happy to help. We wish you a pleasant trip and hope you will use us again.

This is the most convenient way to travel in your own equipped car, and be picked up by it too. Lugging kids and luggage on public transport or on transfers can start your getaway negatively by causing unneeded stress.

Meet and Greet Parking at Birmingham Airport |

Stuck in traffic on the way? How good would it be to come out of the terminal and be met by your own, pre-warmed vehicle ready to get home? If you simply arrive at Birmingham and park without booking, in the Birmingham Airport Parking spaces on site, it could end up costing more than your break away! However, not ALL Birmingham parking is expensive, and after working out all the additional costs for public transport, airport transfers or taxis; pre-booking your parking with Ace Parking could actually be the cheapest, and by far the easiest option.

meet greet birmingham airport

All prices and suggestions are from Birmingham city centre, please be sure to add on your additional costs of travel if you live outside of this area.

Getting to Birmingham Airport by Train Birmingham Airport has its own Air-Rail monorail system, which gets passengers from the airport to Birmingham International Station in just a few minutes. You can even read independent reviews from verified users. Returning to Birmingham Airport is just as easy.

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To start with, we give members advance notice of sales and enhanced discounts and online-only deals. But the big news is, anyone who joins — by adding their email address at the bottom of this page — will be entitled to at least 10 per cent off their airport parking.

meet greet birmingham airport

The sign-up box is at the bottom of this very page… see you when you get back! When to book your Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking Want to save even more cash on your Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking? Demand for space combined with other seasonal variables result in a fluctuation of prices throughout the year and analysis can reveal the best time to book for the cheapest Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking.

Birmingham Airport Meet & Greet Parking

Reserving meet and greet parking six months ahead of departure day from Birmingham Airport could slash a staggering 37 per cent off the price you could be paying compared with it until a week before flying. Use the following analysis of prices to work out the best time to purchase your meet and greet at Birmingham Airport.

Simply looking for the cheapest meet and greet parking is not a smart move — and could end up costing far more than it saves.