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meet kevin harvick inc

Kevin Harvick driver of the No. 4 Ford for Stewart-Haas Racing in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Kevin Harvick is always picking on his business manager, even on his birthday. First time I met @Mother_Function was ! Yes he's Mr. Look no farther than Kevin Harvick who, with his wife, Delana, has we can offer a meet-and-greet at a NASCAR race, or a meet-and-greet at.

Tony Stewart drove the No. Harvick drove at Talladega, Daytona, and Kansas in the No. Stewart tried to sweep both Nationwide races held at Daytona, but was caught up in a late wreck. Kevin Harvick purchased the team and it made its debut in the 19th race of the season at Chicagoland Speedway with Clint Bowyer behind the wheel. He started 40th and finished in the 42nd position due to rear end problems. He drove again at Darlington Raceway and finished 15th.

Tony Raines ended the season at the Ford with a 35th-place finish after being involved in a crash.

meet kevin harvick inc

Raines collected nine top-ten finishes and finished 20th in the points despite only running 23 races. Stewart's lone win in 10 races came at Daytona and had only three top-five finishes.

In Canadian driver Ron Fellows befriended Harvick and asked for a ride. Harvick agreed to put Fellows in some Busch Series races in the No.

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Fellows performed well on the road courses and had some nice performances on some oval tracks. The last time he raced for Kevin Harvick Inc.

The again started strong as Stewart again drove the No. A variety of drivers competed in the No. The team finished tenth in the standings at the season.

Harvick, Gale, and Hornaday split the 33 full-time inscoring fifteen finishes of eighth or better between them. This would be the first time he scored a victory in his own equipment after trying for 5 years since the inception of his race team during Forthe No.


Former Red Bull driver Scott Speed intended to drive at the May Iowa race, but his commitment to Dragon Racing for the Indianapolis prevented him from competing. Truck Series driver David Mayhew would make his series debut at the fall Iowa race. The 33 team would finish fourth in owners points, but would go winless. As a co-promotion in the event, team owner Kevin Harvick drove the No. The team returned in renumbered as the No.

Burney Lamar attempted the car's first race at Nashville Superspeedway but failed to qualify for the event. Clean Auto-Dry Wash car. Forthe team signed Dollar General as a sponsor and switched to the No.

He opened the season with a runner-up finish at Daytona, and had two additional top-tens and led the Rookie of the Year standings until summer. During the race weekend at Kansas inHarvick announced he had removed Lamar from the No. Labonte, Harvick, and Kertus Davis were scheduled share the 77 for the season.

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Labonte brought the number 77 to its first victory at Talladega on April 28, Davis was later released, with Ron Hornaday Jr. It ran again in for two races with Harvick and another two with Lamar.

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Harvick had the best finish of fifth. Tony Stewart attempted the race at Richmond, but, surprisingly, failed to qualify for the race, despite winning the past two Richmond truck races, mainly from NASCAR's new all-exempt tour policy.

For the seasonJack Sprague was signed on to pilot the No. However, Sprague was unable to find victory lane and was released on October 8. Harvick, Gale, and Ryan Newman shared this truck for the remainder of the season. We didn't figure all this that out, though, until we got involved with Donald. That's when we started to see broader opportunities, and how a collection of individuals could benefit from the power of a group.

Does it help that you've been on the other side of this for a long time? One thing we did really well as a Truck team and an Xfinity team was sell sponsorships, entertain our sponsors, and make them happy with the return on their investment. That's the same approach we take with everyone we have now, both on the client side and the sponsor side.

We're really good at making it work for everyone. Plus, from the athlete or entertainer standpoint our goal is to empower them to do what they do and not have to worry about what we do. Once they gain that trust in us, it all just flows. It may take some time to get things flowing and functioning really smoothly, but once they have confidence in what we do they can be laser-focused on what time they train Say you're trying to close a deal. What is your biggest strength?

meet kevin harvick inc

My strength is listening to what's on the table, understanding the opportunity, assessing the value, and figuring out what all parties really want. We don't have to do things a certain way because that's how we've always done it; when we know what people want we can almost always find different ways to provide value.

We're also really competitive. We don't ever want to lose a deal. It's all comes down to return on investment That's also our strength as a company: You and your wife Delana have been married for 15 years, and she plays a major role in your businesses. How has your family and business life changed over the years? It's actually easier now than it was years ago because we have a much better idea of how to balance our time.

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We've surrounded ourselves with people we really trust. When we bring someone else in, we make sure they plug right in. I'm much happier at work on the weekends than I was years ago, too. My main job flows better with what we do at KHI Management. The early years helped put all these pieces together: Early on you had a huge opportunity but also a huge challenge. My career is totally backwards.

Instead of slowing growing up in the sport, I came in and took over for Dale and instantly had all these people, sponsorships, money, appearances And you had the on-track pressure of stepping into a legend's car. There were some not so good moments in those first four or five years from a business standpoint, from a personal standpoint, in how I handled things We started the race team and that didn't go so well at the beginning but it was doing very well when we sold it.

Those early struggles made us into what we are today. The biggest thing I learned is to give people enough rope to let them do what they do well, but at the same time to keep a good pulse on what's going on. That's the biggest difference between then and now: Together you and your wife are a business, and that creates an interesting dynamic: If you see an opportunity and say, "Hey, maybe we should get involved For the most part everything gets planned around our son Keelan and car pools, dropping him off, picking him up In the morning you take care of yourself physically, in the afternoon it's business -- the key is constant communication.

One thing I can't stand is when people -- not our team, but other people -- don't respond. Everybody can email, everybody can text Making everything revolve around your family life sounds good, but I'm sure there are challenges. Miesha is a great example of that. She called, and honestly we were not looking to take on anyone or anything new. But it was too good an opportunity to pass up and we decided we would make it happen.

So you get it organized, you work through the initial period, you suffer some personal consequences over the short term After we added Rose, and with everyone else growing, we realized we had to add a person. It took six or eight months to find the person we all felt would fit in. That's another big difference from how we operated early on. We'll jump into things but we're not going to over-staff or over-promise. We see how something new works, we see how it fits into what we already do If you look back to where we were when we sold the race teams, even with all we're doing now and all the clients we've added, we're only two people heavier.

meet kevin harvick inc

We work better when it feels like we have too few people than when we have too many.