Meet mary jane episodes

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meet mary jane episodes

Save on each episode with a TV Season Pass. BEING MARY JANE is BET's first one-hour drama brought to us by the creator of "Girlfriends" and "The Game. TV Series Page In Season 2 of "Being Mary Jane," Kara (Lisa Vidal) puts Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) in Audience Reviews for Being Mary Jane: Season 2. Being Mary Jane. likes · talking about this. As Mary Jane juggles life, work and commitments to family, how far is she willing to go to.

meet mary jane episodes

Before there was Ghost, there was Andre and boy was he something!!! Not the one that got hosed away hehehe like Andre. That damn selfish Sheldon? My word, and that lead to this — how can we forget the quickest recovery on earth! The one that was so bad it left her with zero scars on her face?? Miracles I tell you.

Being Mary Jane Season 4, Episode 8 Recap: Getting Risky

And Lisa committing suicideDavid having a baby with someone else… David really hurt me… Every season I waited for him to come back but clearly he moved on. I will never forget this scene at the end of season 2, after discovering MJ had stolen his sperm coz she so desperately wanted a baby: A post shared by LeloB mslelob on Mar 31, at Then MJ experimented with white men and stopped at the part where she told dude she actually likes Black Men… I remember cringing at that scene.

There have been many moments in the show where I felt MJ was extra and unnecessarily rude but hey, I still love her.

Frustration manifests in many ways, I guess.

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I wanted to watch MJ and her relationship issues. At some point even her family drama was featuring more than her life, the whole season 3 felt disjointed for me. Season 4 though, really more than made up for a lot of things! I got to see the real MJ again.

Being Mary Jane | SABC1

MJ is not impressed when her family and their personal life are the butt of a harmless joke, especially in front of his perfect ex-wife. MJ confronts him after the set and the conversation takes an unexpected turn. Zoe cheated on him and MJ is convinced that they both still care for one another. But you know what? And just like that, with MJ's fragile ego back in tact whew!

Being Mary Jane

Mary Jane figures it out, but not before Justin catches wind. And so, despite being on suspension, the two break the rules and continue working on the story in secret.

Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 8

A wrongly-convicted man comes forward and his side of the story checks out. Justin, like the rest of us, has no time for this defeatist chatter.

meet mary jane episodes

A job or a seat at the table? View photos Justin and Mary Jane come through for one another this week. More As predicted, he brings Ronda and Kara into the office.

meet mary jane episodes

For a second time, Justin rallies behind his team member. If she goes, he goes. It works and the story is an all around success.

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Later, while on a professional high from a successful day at work MJ, Lee, and Zoe meet for a final dinner before Zoe flies back across the pond.