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Scott Urschel - Paying it forward and sharing his skills.

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Gaining a statement of aerobatic competency in the MD airframe after learning the craft from aviation legend, friend, and pioneer of helicopter aerobatics Rich Lee. In another industry first, Urschel was the first of only for pilots ever certified to fly pylon racing, the same type commonly seen in the Red Bull Air Racing circuit and the Reno Air Races.

Ultimately the once in a lifetime event honors went to Hauptman, with Urschel in the N coming in second followed by Dillon and Jones at the Phoenix The idea for the race was originally thought of by Dillon and Urschel who had a constant friendly rivalry.

meet matte hughes mini helicopter

That rivalry led to the challenge being thrown down by Dillon, leading to a long road of approvals, eventually triumphant with the support of engineering tasks completed by MD to prove the event safe and intervention by Rich Lee to assist in vouching for the safety of the event, leading to the FAA giving once only approval for the event to take place. His flying resume is expectedly substantial. Having flown for many operations over the last 20 years, aerial videography, long-line, flight test for Aerometals, DonaldsonBell Helicopter and H5 productions as well as the chief pilot for Vertical Aviation and also served as the chief pilot for Dillion Aero, who manufacture and sell mini guns among other things for the helicopter industry.

Rarely going more than a day or two without flying either a plane or helicopter, Urschel has amassed almost 9, hours in a helicopter and almost 2, hours in fixed wing aircraft that vary from a Ford Tri-Motor, more than a dozen civilian aircraft and warbirds like the P51D Mustang and North American T6A Texan. When not flying aircraft, Urschel spends his time in the business sector of helicopter aviation. Starting out in business inUrschel opened manufacturing business Urschel Manufacturing, which made aftermarket Jetski and Harley Davidson parts under brand UMI Racing, later moving into making reloading equipment for Dillon Precision for mini guns.

Urschel purchased an MDD in under the new business of Pylon Aviation, which was later sold to allow for the purchase of more CNC machines for the manufacturing business. Pylon no longer operates helicopters for hire, instead now focusing on the sale of helicopters worldwide.

Scott Urschel – October Pilot Profile

Pylo is the launch customer for the new Bell Urschel is also the co-founder of Startstick. A portable APU solution for helicopters that can fit in the baggage compartment, available for helicopters from and R44 all the way up to an EC, Caden Urschel, 13, has taken to aviation like his father Scott, gaining experience in multiple airframes before even being old enough to solo, pictured here at the controls of an AS De la Cierva's direct control was first developed on the Cierva C.

V and saw production on the Cierva C. In March this type of autogyro became the first rotorcraft to take off and land on the deck of a ship, when a C.

Also, they were susceptible to ground resonance. The Imperial Japanese Army developed the Kayaba Ka-1 Autogyro for reconnaissance, artillery-spotting, and anti-submarine uses.

The craft was initially developed for use as an observation platform and for artillery spotting duties. The Army liked the craft's short take-off span, and especially its low maintenance requirements. Production began inwith the machines assigned to artillery units for spotting the fall of shells. These carried two crewmen: Later, the Japanese Army commissioned two small aircraft carriers intended for coastal antisubmarine ASW duties.

The spotter's position on the Ka-1 was modified to carry one small depth charge. Ka-1 ASW autogyros operated from shore bases as well as the two small carriers. They appear to have been responsible for at least one submarine sinking. In Russia, the Kamov A7—3A autogyro was the first armed autogyro to see combat action. During the Winter War of —40 an A-7 passed its combat christening in Finland, where it was used to coordinate artillery fire. Later in after the German invasion, Kamov A-7's performed artillery spotting in a battle near Elnei, but its low speed and a lack of fighter escort made the A-7 an easy target for the Germans.

They then switched to night operations and in A-7 autogyros worked supporting military groups, performing harassment bombings and supplying guerrillas with cargo. At work, he was tasked with the analysis of the British military " Rotachute " gyro glider designed by expatriate Austrian Raoul Hafner. This led him to adapt the design for his own purposes and eventually market the Bensen B-7 in Ken Wallis developed a miniature autogyro craft, the Wallis autogyroin England in the s, and autogyros built similar to Wallis' design appeared for a number of years.

meet matte hughes mini helicopter

Ken Wallis' designs have been used in various scenarios, including military training, police reconnaissance, and in a search for the Loch Ness Monsteras well as an appearance in the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice.

Three different autogyro designs have been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration for commercial production: All have been commercial failures, for various reasons. Bensen Gyrocopter[ edit ] The basic Bensen Gyrocopter design is a simple frame of square aluminium or galvanized steel tubing, reinforced with triangles of lighter tubing. It is arranged so that the stress falls on the tubes, or special fittings, not the bolts.

A front-to-back keel mounts a steerable nosewheel, seat, engine, and a vertical stabilizer.

Outlying mainwheels are mounted on an axle. Some versions may mount seaplane-style floats for water operations.

meet matte hughes mini helicopter

Bensen Aircraft B8MG Gyrocopter Bensen-type autogyros use a pusher configuration for simplicity and to increase visibility for the pilot. Power can be supplied by a variety of engines.

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McCulloch drone engines, Rotax marine engines, Subaru automobile engines, and other designs have been used in Bensen-type designs. The rotor system of all Bensen-type autogyros is of a two-blade teetering design. There are some disadvantages associated with this rotor design, but the simplicity of the rotor design lends itself to ease of assembly and maintenance and is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Gyroplane rotor blades are made from other materials such as aluminium and GRP -based composite. Most new autogyros are now safe from PPO. The aircraft completed 67 missions and accumulated 75 hours of maintenance-free flight time during its day operational contract. Inthe first autogyro was handed over to the Kurdish Minister of Interiors, Mr.

The project for the interior ministry was to train pilots to control and monitor the approach and takeoff paths of the airports in ErbilSulaymaniyahand Dohuk to prevent terrorist encroachments. The gyroplane pilots also form the backbone of the pilot crew of the Kurdish police, who are trained to pilot on Eurocopter EC B helicopters. However, the CAA's assertion that autogyros have a poor safety record means that a permit to fly will be granted only to existing types of autogyro. The restrictions are summarised as follows: These restrictions do not apply to autogyros with type approval under CAA CAP Section T, which are subject to the operating limits specified in the type approval.

United States certification[ edit ] A certificated autogyro must meet mandated stability and control criteria; in the United States these are set forth in Federal Aviation Regulations Part Amateur-built or kit-built aircraft are operated under a Special Airworthiness Certificate in the Experimental category. On 16 Novemberat 89 years of age, Wallis increased the speed record to The autogyro is one of the last remaining types of aircraft which has not yet been used to circumnavigate the globe.

Expedition Global Eagle was the first attempt in history to circumnavigate the globe using an autogyro. He made a transcontinental flight in his self-built Little Wing Autogyro "Woodstock" from Kitty Hawk, North Carolinato San DiegoCaliforniain October and set three world records for speed over a recognized course.