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meet me room interxion london

Oct 23, Cross Connects connect your equipment to customer-space patch panels that are wired to the data centre's Meet Me Room (MMR), where. Interxion's colocation data center, LON 1, and its 34 service providers are detailed on Cloudscene, the world's largest cloud directory. London. Our engineers install and manage the connections which run through a centralised and secure Meet-Me Room. These enable our customers to do business with.

Load monitoring and individual power socket control ensure your equipment is fed the appropriate amount of power as agreed within the contract.

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They provide cost-effective, reliable business connectivity for a range of applications, including connecting to carriers and Internet exchanges, private peering, cloud services and connecting to private WANs. These carrier handover points are where internet exchanges come together to exchange traffic, or peer, without having to make separate physical connections to each individual network provider.

Instead of having each aisle of racks facing the same direction, the aisles are aligned so that the front of the servers in one row faces the front of the row of servers across from it. This ensures that the cooling operations are both energy-efficient and predictable. This image shows a raised floor, exposed ceiling data hall with pods of cabinets, contained aisle arrangements, high level IT cabling and power circuits, and pipework at the lower level.

meet me room interxion london

Chillers Located on the roof of the data centre, the role of the chillers is, as their name suggests, to ensure that the right amount of cooling get to the right spaces in the data centre. Now imagine the heat produced from thousands of servers in a large data centre. Cooling is a core offering of data centre providers and the chillers that transport heat away from the equipment are vital components.

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Chillers are made up of several components, this image shows the air cooled evaporators and the chilled water pipework. So there we have it — each of these components is absolutely critical to the effective running of IT equipment.

The Company houses approximately individual carriers and Internet service providers, and over 20 European Internet exchanges.

meet me room interxion london

The Company's colocation services enable its clients to deploy information technology IT infrastructure in its data centers. The Company provides its customers with various services through a range of redundant subsystems, including power, fiber and cooling.

meet me room interxion london

Its colocation services include space, power, connectivity, cross connect and managed services. The Company's data centers house its customers' IT infrastructure in a connected facility.

Cross Connects

The service provides space and power to its clients to deploy their own IT infrastructure. The Company's data centers also offer its clients power availability. It provides power backup in case of outage. It provides a range of output voltages and currents.

It provides connectivity services that enable its customers to connect their IT infrastructure.