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meet muhammad ali

'I wasn't a bit nervous meeting Ali; it was an absolute thrill We got in the car and I said, “Thank you for letting us drive you, Muhammad. The Greatest: when The Beatles met Muhammad Ali. SHARE THIS. On February 18th, , two of the greatest cultural icons of the 20th. Those present are: (front row) Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Lew Alcindor; Before the meeting in Cleveland, boxing promoter Bob Arum and others.

meet muhammad ali

I said 'Excuse me, Elvis that's a beautiful robe you gave Ali. I'd love one like that because, as you know I'm also a champion'. But Elvis turns around and says 'you're no champion' just like that.

meet muhammad ali

I told Elvis to get stuffed and I walked out. Elvis' bodyguard, Red Westcomes over and says 'hey man whatya doin' Hey Joe, you don't ask for gifts! Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali On January 8,a baby was born in Tupelo, Mississippi into a family struggling through endless poverty, just 'white trash' in the minds of the white middle-class, a kid with no future.

Elvis Presley went on to become the most important figure in entertainment history and, in the process, completely destroyed the established barriers of race. On January 17,a baby was born in Louisville, Kentucky into a family struggling through endless poverty, just another 'black kid' in the minds of the white middle-class, a kid with no future. Muhammad Ali went on to become the most important figure in boxing history and, in the process, completely destroyed the established barriers of race.

A quality these two iconic figures shared was instinctive intelligence, much of the seemingly apocalyptic disruption they caused to the white status quo that then existed came not by design but as a result of their personalities and upbringings. They didn't, at least initially, seem to know what they were doing, they were being themselves.

I think mutual respect is the best description of the nature of Ali and Elvis' relationship. He then went on stage, and after a few songs, Elvis told the audience 'Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to our show.

The day Muhammad Ali met the Beatles

In case you're interested Muhammad Ali won the fight in the 12th round'. The audience cheered for Ali. Muhammad Ali wearing the robe and Elvis Presley had given him. A White man named Ching Chong. So, not too many Muhammad Ali, all of a sudden they start saying, "He's the world's most known man. Muhammad Ali is common when I traveled. Muhammad is the most common name in the world.

There are more people on Earth, every third a person is a Muslim in the world. You mean in America we have a Muhammad Ali fighting? So, my father's name was Cassius Clay. His father's name was Cassius and myself's name, and my great-grandaddy, who was a slave, worked for the original Cassius Clay from Kentucky.

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So, we know I'm not no slave now. It's funny, that's how an old name, how one name for a good amount of people, it all started in Kentucky. Alex Haley knows that we was made slaves. He knows that this happened, they took our names, but after making that movie, I was surprised to see he still kept the name Alex Haley, so. Here come Miltonberger, German. Here come Jones, don't know what color he is 'til you see him.

So we don't have our names. There's something about the American Black people still got slave names. I love truth, I don't care if you go to church or mosque or synagogue. I don't care if your Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, I don't care what you are. When I hear the name, I want the truth. People watching this interview now, got slave names if they're Black. So, Muhammad Ali, you go away, you go to Syria Indonesia, Africa, put it over on them, you won't know who you are until you tell them your name.

I challenge anybody watching the show, I'm embarrassing the nation. Prove I'm wrong, if you're Black and you have a European name, that's not your name.

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Now if you hear White people in the government, somebody tell me, "You ain't Muhammad Ali. These are the names of dark people.

meet muhammad ali

So, when we were made slaves in America and the names, we took their names. But our people are still slaves mentally. We can hear this, you can here what I'm saying, I don't know if you might or might not but you might keep your name when you leave here.

meet muhammad ali

This is a known fact. It's a White man's slave name. Hey now, you're free, why not buck Uncle Sam and pick you a pretty name to fit your Black people? Some people they don't admit it mentally 'til only dead men can hear. So why don't they wake up and we all want a beautiful name. One named Miya, Kaliah. Pretty names that fit our people. So, that's why I changed my name. As Gilmore puts it in his story: