Meet my tommy gun livejournal white collar

Cotard´s Delusion: nywcgirl

meet my tommy gun livejournal white collar

Title: Eye Candy--a white-collar version would be called "Trophy Wife." Connection to Canon Characters: The Joker uses her as a, and I quote, "meat shield. Tom rolled his eyes at her as he cut the engine of the car, throwing his keys into his . He grabbed his gun and pressed it into the side of the masked man's head. Every time Neal coughed within the close confines Peter couldn't help but wince. he'd left work to let him know she'd gotten out of her client meeting early. . from the TV as a propane tank, riddled by a machine gun, burst into a fireball. The whole White Collar unit had been working hard to crack their current case and Neal had had a tough week. He had gone He was led in by the maid and quickly walked over to Neal´s apartment where he was met by June. June gently pulled his hand away from his stomach. . Peter instinctively reached for his gun.

meet my tommy gun livejournal white collar

Четыре на шестнадцать. - Шестьдесят четыре, - сказала она равнодушно. - Ну.

Дэвид приблизился поближе к камере.