Meet other travelers online

Sites & Apps for Meeting People While Traveling

meet other travelers online

Buddy up and find a companion to share travel experiences. Search for a Basically, I want to cover everything traveling from one side of the island to the other. Always open I look forward 12h. — Zmellowyellowz. ONLINE. 11 hours I'm looking for someone to meet up with and travel 10h. TravBuddy is a community built on the concept meeting other travelers. . pointed by many other this truly is the best option to connect with solo travellers online. 9 best apps to meet people while traveling. Meet other fellow travelers and locals in a new country. Best application on your phone.

meet other travelers online

The app also works as a travel journal by creating and sharing photo essays, and text or voice stories to share with other users. As an alternative to Couchsurfing, which matches vagabond travelers with hosts willing to give up their couch for the night, BeWelcome takes the hospitality exchange network one step further. Their 50, members cook meals together, go on sightseeing tours, share stories, have language lessons, go out to dinner, and attend parties. The concept is simple: This site features an open comments section at the bottom of each member's profile to help you who might be a good fit.

Not only does the BeWelcome crew pride themselves on offering a reliable service, they offer plenty of testimonials so users can read about others' experiences. This app is an interesting choice for finding locals to grab lunch or a cocktail with if you're on a tight timetable.

meet other travelers online

It uses a smartphone's GPS system to pinpoint its members' exact locations, so you can see in real-time when members are physically nearby and want to meet up. Like other social apps, users can chat with other users, check out pictures, leave messages, and peruse profiles. Badoo is active in more than countries and offers its services in more than 20 languages.

SoloTraveller App

Note that Badoo can be used as a dating app, so keep this in mind as you weed through responses. With this app, members can virtually travel to other cities chat with people there. Though this app offers many of the same features as other social apps, Skout allows users to choose the ways they connect, and see which users have read their profiles -- a nice plus.

The community counts over 14 million people in more thatcities. This is all about culture, exchange and friendship.

meet other travelers online

Remember to chat a little bit with your future host before you arrive to be sure that this is the right person. There are no strangers here. Travel Pal Travel Pal connects over 1,5 million hosts and travelers in more than countries.

Meet Travelers Worldwide and Trip Together

It is based on the concept of Couchsurfing to help you find the right place to stay in a new city. In addition, you can learn about culture, local cuisine or custom from the best source — a local! Meetup Meetup connects adventure lovers and open-minded people to share, explore and learn things that make them feel alive.

meet other travelers online

The app helps to join local, authentic events and meet interesting people from all over the world. There is also a messaging feature that allows you to contact with other members of the group. FlipTheTrip This great app runs in over cities and connects 19 locals and travelers.

The main idea of this platform is to find fellow travelers or locals, who are currently at the same place as you. There is also an option to connect and chat with future travel partners before your holiday.

meet other travelers online

Join Facebook travel groups If you love traveling and meeting new people around the World, I recommend to join awesome travel groups on Facebook. There are thousands of members, who share the same interest, help each other and connect also in real-life.

It is a great opportunity to find a perfect companion to travel with or meet locals wherever you are. For example, you post a short message that you are currently in Barcelona and you want to meet with some like-minded people, have a drink or dinner.

Believe me, there are hundreds of travelers, like you. Nearify The platform helps you to discover all upcoming events in your city from more than 20 million events worldwide.