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meet our staffies for free

Battersea is here for every dog and cat, and has been since Meet the dogs currently looking for a home and start the search for a new addition to your. Missy is a friendly, happy, playful girl of about 2 years old who gets on great with all the dogs here at the kennels. She is a very strong dog though and she would. Meet Our Dogs. To show available dogs only, click here Some pets you see on our website may be adopted before you arrive, while new . Free eCards.

The puppies are all currently in a foster home close to… Tina This is little Tina, a female 8 week old puppy. The puppies are all currently in a foster home close… Autumn Meet Autumn, a 7 year old Staffie Cross who has come to us after being found abandoned. She is now looking for a new home, or a foster home where she can get some loving while she waits for her forever home. The dogs seem to be acclimatizing to be in the UK really well, however they are inseparable, so we are looking… Noel Meet Noel, a 5 year old male Staffie who was picked up as a stray and is now looking for a furever home.

Noel walks well on the lead, and seems to be interacting well with kennel staff, however sadly he is getting slightly stressed in the kennel environment.

meet our staffies for free

He can live with children over the age of 12… Mr Bean Meet Mr Bean, a sweet and affectionate Lurcher Cross, who would love a new owner to snuggle up with he loves a cuddle and will give you lots of kisses.

He is house trained and knows most basic commands. When he arrived at kennels, Mr Bean was… Juno Meet Juno, a lovely 1 -2 year old collie cross who has come to us after her owner had a change of circumstances.

We are looking to rehome Juno to someone who has a direct access to a garden, in a semi-rural location, and ideally she would love to do some agility.

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We are ideally looking for someone who has owned bull breeds before, or researched the breed. Tara is currently in a foster home, where she is getting on really well!

She would make a great companion dog. She bonds better with women and prefers being handled by them. Considering how many visitors we receive here on a regular basis, it's not an ideal life for her. She needs one or two people she can rely on and enjoy a calmer pace of life.

We do our best to ensure she has a lot of outdoor time and interactive toys to help her cope but we want so much more for her.

meet our staffies for free

She gets on well with other dogs but sometimes her behaviour with barking and spinning stresses some dogs out and they snap at her. Ideally Brenda would go to a home where there is a chilled out resident dog. Our whole team absolutely adore this girl. Honestly she is just so special. We bring her into our volunteer cabin, when it's quiet, on our lunch breaks to spend time with her.

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We call her our eccentric old lady She also got another one on Christmas Day! Sometimes it's only the very little things we can do to improve her quality of life. Since Alex got his happy-ever-after, we are hopeful that somewhere out there is someone for this one of a kind gal.

The progress she has made since she first arrived to us has been huge. She really needs to go somewhere where she can do her own thing and will be understood for the dog that she is. We really would love for her to experience the joys of a loving home.

meet our staffies for free

She really and truly deserves it. We really wish that could start with the news that someone understanding and committed, with suitable circumstances, is willing to welcome Brenda into their home for her golden years. After all she has lived through and overcome, we won't ever give up looking for a home for her Missy is a friendly, happy, playful girl of about 2 years old who gets on great with all the dogs here at the kennels.

She is a very strong dog though and she would have benefitted from some basic training when she was a puppy.

meet our staffies for free

It is never too late though and we are looking for an experienced owner with children over the age of 6 years as we think she may be too much dog for younger kids.

What that means is that he is sensitive to sounds and movement and needs to work his Collie brain on a daily basis by fulfilling his natural need to work and chase. Collies can live happily in an urban environment once their needs are met, but if they come from a very rural environment, it can take a while for them to adjust to the noises, traffic and people that make up a town.

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Radar is very sweet and shy once he knows you but he can be wary of new people at first. She was petrified when she arrived, not knowing quite what lay ahead, but within minutes I got the photo to show that she had found her feet. He is doing really well in foster care currently. He has been a family pet for just over ten years. He has a quiet temperament and just loves to be rubbed, and follows us all around the house!

He is great with kids and adults alike. He is loyal and a great guard dog for the house! He would be the perfect pet for a family or elderly who are looking for great companionship in a dog.

meet our staffies for free

He loves being out the country side, climbing mountains with us and equally loves to lie on the rug beside the fire. He would be a great addition to any home. Cocoa will play ball and bring it back to you. She is just a really sweet girl who just wants to please you. He came from the pound so we have no history on him and his fosterer says he is not terribly keen on children so we are looking for an adult only home. If you offer a home to one of our animals, we then book the animal to you while a homecheck is arranged.

Unfortunately, some people do this then change their minds. Time-wasters cost too much. This may cost the animal a chance of another home. It costs the time and resources of the Centre which costs us money. It costs the expense of keeping the animal at DBARC while we start the rehoming process all over again. It may cost the time and resources of our homecheckers, which they freely donate as volunteers.

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We are very disappointed when people are Time-wasters in this way, nearly as disappointed as we are when people take on animals then return them after a short time without having the compassion and understanding to work with them, perhaps with training classes or with our advice and help.

After all, any relationship, whether with animals or people, requires work and commitment! This is not a decision to be taken lightly, but it is essential that you have done all your thinking before you offer a home to an innocent little soul who has already faced rejection and trauma.

There will be many more animals, so do not rush your choice or compromise the chances for an individual animal.