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meet our team icon brammo

AFM has pre-approved the Brammo Empulse R, TTX and RR An important rule is that racers must meet a minimum laptime threshold in order to compete. The and it is only Team ICON Brammo who will race with that bike. “As title sponsor, of Team Icon Brammo, we have the ability to design a great Additionally, you won't meet a better representative for the. Check out the La Crosse Area Harley-Davidson® online store! Learn to Ride · Contact La Crosse Area Harley-Davidson®! About Us · Meet Our Team · Map &.

Both guys can get into trouble when on Federal Land see Trinity Site blog. So about a mile past that last sign I drive by a Ranger going the other way. And I see the near instant U-Turn of impending doom. When the authorities pass you and immediately make a U-Turn it is never a good thing. Ask my wife that is another story though—short version—a child had been taken in a red car. My wife has a red car.

Cop jumps a medium doing a U turn behind her and pulls her over. She starts to roll down her window when she notices the cop is now in the middle of the road with his gun drawn and pointed straight at her. He yells at her to put both hands out the window.

Our daughters are in the back seat. My wife freaks out. She does everything she is asked, but is in tears from fright. I know he has a job to do…a hard job…still, though this happened 15 years ago, I would like to politely punch him in the face. Especially as I have a police officer friend who tells me that anytime a cop pulls a gun he is prepared to use it. And if they fire they are not shooting to wound, but to kill. Pull over is a bit of a misnomer as there is no place to pull off the road.

Did you stop at the Booth and get clearance? Do Rangers even carry guns? Nobody was at the booth. But I really wanted to ride it up here at Mesa Verde as it seems the perfect way to see the park without being loud and invasive.

meet our team icon brammo

He walked away and radioed somebody my license plate and name and came back a totally different man. And then he left without another word. On a side note: I had no issues with the trailer, even in the near pitch black.

GVM Motor Gives Traction to Brammo's Winning Motorcycles

B I saw that same Ranger 3 more times over those two days. Well apparently you can watch it live, streamed on the web here. Sonoma is actually a really important race in my book. Why do I feel that way.

meet our team icon brammo

It seems to me having listened to the racers that it is a very technical and challenging track. It truly strikes me as a handling track. AMA times have been pretty consistent there over the past 3 years too.

Brammo Electric Motorcycles Can Now Race Against AFM Gas Bikes - RSS FEED

Also, we have all heard the rave reviews the Empulse R street bike got for its handling. The TTX is apparently much faster, and not because of horsepower either. I tfeel this track will be the one to prove if Brammo truly has these bikes turning on dimes. Brian has been very mature and humble about the bikes and what Brammo is trying to do with the AFM. I think we are going to see some seriously embarrassed gas bikes.

And hopefully some protests afterwards, just for a little added drama hehe.

Parker Motor Powers Brammo’s New Electric Race Bike

Here are some pics Brammo let me put up a bit ahead of schedule after the press release: Parker is again a contributing sponsor for Brammo on the prototype-class bikes of the FIM eRoadRacing race season.

With Parker motors in these machines, Brammo has won the national championship in and and won the world championship in This marks the first time in history that the AFM will have electric motorcycles racing against gasoline-powered motorcycles.

The first round of races will be at Sonoma Raceway on May 5, The company employs more than 57, people in 43 countries around the world. About Brammo Brammo, Inc.