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meet people from ireland

Interested in Irish Personals and Irish people? Irish penpals, your number 1 Irish penpal service! Meet other penpals who are looking to meet you! Cara Irish. Joining a local sports team is a great way to meet new people and create new friendships (as well as keeping fit of course). With people from all over the world. Irish Social Networking - Irish people network worldwide where users share photos, add profiles, join groups, write blogs, make friends and interact online.

How to make friends as an adult in Ireland

It takes countless coffee breaks at the same places, countless repetitive conversations, and countless moments of courage. It will require you to step outside of- live outside of- your own comfort zone. Attempting to integrate into a new community can be challenging even for the most well-travelled, interculturally-minded global citizen.

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There are always events happening around town, many of which are free or fairly inexpensive. While attending museums, dance performances, art galleries, films, or theatre events are terrific ways to learn about another culture and support the arts, they are not always the easiest options to get to know others within the community. Not that it is impossible, but the focus at many events are on the art itself, not necessarily on those in attendance.

To increase your chances of meeting others, try to attend the more social gatherings that generally occur before or after the actual event: Sport is very important to the Irish. With local, regional, and national teams, there is always a match on somewhere.

How to Meet People Abroad: Dublin, Ireland –

My next suggestion for meeting locals is to attend a match at your local Gaelic Athletic Association club. GAA was formed over a century ago to help preserve and promote the Irish language and culture, primarily through Gaelic games.

meet people from ireland

The most popular games to watch are Hurling and Gaelic football. As these games are unique to Ireland, most likely, expats will not know the rules immediately. This is a perfect opportunity to seek out some knowledgeable fans for a chat about the game.

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GAA clubs are social centers. Members, athletes, and spectators are part of this tight community. But luckily, most are eager to share this important part of Irish life and Irish history with you and will quickly welcome you with open arms.

meet people from ireland

Even if you are not in Ireland, but are still interested in learning more about GAA, check out http: Another way to meet locals in Dublin is to, dare I say it, go to a pub. Irish pubs are inviting, friendly, and chatty places, not to mention warm, comfortable spots to get out of the rain!

Get a hobby Most friendships in childhood often evolved out of having similar shared interests and being part of clubs or groups. When we grow up, we tend to lose a lot of our hobbies and interests as work and family life takes priority. But there is a lot to be said for having a hobby.

How to make friends as an adult in Ireland

Not only does it benefit your personal development but it can open you up to new communities and groups of people you may never have known about. Look up classe s and groups in your local area. That said, there are a variety of websites and online groups geared towards connecting people. Meetup — Meetup is an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in your area.

You simply list your location and your interests and you can find an array of offline groups that you can register to attend.

meet people from ireland

There are GirlCrew groups not only all over Ireland, but across the globe — each with their own social media accounts to follow and groups to join. Whether you want to grab a coffee or organise a night out, you can simply post in the Facebook group and find others who want to hang out too. Go to events In the larger cities throughout Ireland, such as Dublin, Limerick and Galway, there are events on every night of the week and while going alone might not seem entirely appealing, it can be a great way of meeting new people and uncovering new communities.