Meet players at anfield seating

Buying Premier League Tickets: Liverpool FC

meet players at anfield seating

Nov 30, Liverpool FC are one of the toughest tickets to buy in the Premier drinks, lounge or suite access, stadium tour, meeting former players, a hotel. Jul 17, Meeting your hero can be extremely difficult if your hero is a Premier League footballer. They're ushered from their team coach into the stadium before A video has gone viral on Twitter of Liverpool players getting onto. Feb 10, Apparently if you hang out in one of the two fan parks either behind Anfield Road or between the Kop and the new main stand, a select few.

meet players at anfield seating

Just not so much when they are in Liverpool. The club seem pretty strict with fans coming into any sort of contact with players, especially on match day.

Buying Premier League Tickets: Liverpool FC

Fair enough, you might say, they have a job to do. But surely there is a balance to be struck here. I mentioned this on Twitter last night and an American Red actually replied to me and said it crossed his mind when at the event how his children got more exposure to Liverpool players that day than their cousins ever had who live in the city. How is that right? I know Liverpool want to push themselves as a brand and get more fans worldwide, but what about the ones they already have?

Overpriced friendlies every two years, getting up at 4: Tickets are expensive and seats are limited.

meet players at anfield seating

Positive moves have been made by the owners to help both of those matters, but demand still outstrips supply, especially for families. For too many football at the top level is still a thing that happens only on the TV.

Would occasional sessions at Anfield, even with a small charge, be that hard to arrange? Even just in quieter times? But they can make fans feel included, valued and closer to their heroes. Not just the chosen few.

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So, if you think you want to see a Liverpool game in person, get a membership one for each of you! Most of the time, you have to be a season ticket holder to buy one of these, but sometimes these come up for members. A big club like Liverpool has many variations on these, and they sell them two ways: And prices vary widely based on which package you go for, and which game you want to see.

These readers bought, direct from me, the Liverpool hospitality package described here. And the packages all go up from there. You can also get these directly from Liverpool, but at some point it gets super confusing. Here is their website, if you want to dig in. Might be best to just get a membership and call them.

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I have several ways to help with tickets and planning. We scored these tickets, to an FA Cup game, on Craigslist. Now we are talking about StubHub and other shadier sites, and I have a standard disclaimer here: I have never bought English soccer tickets from any of them.

I also have a standard exception to my experience, and it involves Liverpool. It occurred to me to jump onto the Liverpool Craigslist and see what I could find.


She was offering to meet us outside, use her cards to get in, and then stand with her on The Kop.