Meet rebecca kolls

meet rebecca kolls

Call to find Rebecca Kolls speaker fees and booking agent contact engagements, product endorsements, corporate events, or meet and greet. Rebecca Kolls with her dog, Cash, who hangs out at the store and has his own Rebecca Kolls became a household name in the Twin Cities more than two decades ago, . Staging Inspiration: Meet Designer Kelli Kaufer. Biography of Rebecca Kolls and Speakers Bureau with booking information for famous speakers like Rebecca Kolls. Do entertainers, celebrities and speakers.

Upon graduation Kolls returned to Salt Lake City and launched her career as a meteorologist: It was at this time that her passion for the outdoors blossomed, and she became certified as a Master Gardener at the University of Utah.

meet rebecca kolls

Using meteorology as an opportunity to educate a wider audience, Kolls' nightly forecasts began to include helpful gardening tips. Among satellite dishes and skyscrapers in downtown Minneapolis, Kolls cultivated a 4,square-foot garden on the roof of WCCO-TV, which became locally famous as the "roof-top garden.

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That appearance caught the attention of executives at Hearst-Argyle Productions, who were searching for someone to host a new nationally syndicated TV series on gardening. Impressed with her television savvy, weather-forecasting background, and down-to-earth nature, Hearst-Argyle executives selected Kolls to host the program and named it after her.

meet rebecca kolls

The series was nationally syndicated and carried on local TV stations throughout the country. Kolls currently resides in Wisconsin with her husband and their two children. They love camping, golfing, hockey and the Green Bay Packers!

meet rebecca kolls

Read More About Rebecca Kolls Let our team of booking agents help create a memorable experience with hiring Rebecca Kolls for your store grand opening, golf outing, trade show booth or corporate outing. And what I thought was very tired merchandise.

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So I was trying to help my friend figure out what to do, and he asked me to take over the business. There was no way I could with my job, but I thought if I come up with a vision and come up with key people who could help pull it off, we could make it work.

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And from there, you bought it? It was in November that I first went in, then we started talking back and forth. We were there from seven in the morning until 10 at night stripping it down, painting, getting rid of all the metal shelving and the stacks of boxes blocking the windows.

So you actually did start over? I try to keep the focus on products made in the U. But you still have feed—how does that fit now?

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The entire back of the store is devoted to feed—and that was and is a staple of the business. The same with birdseed. We mix probably one or two thousand pounds of birdseed a week in a massive hopper, then fill and pound bags or sell it in bulk.

And we have recipes specific to birds, too, like cardinals and songbirds. Along with that, we carry all kinds of feeders and birdhouses. My favorites are from Dick [Bellefeuille] of Beautiful Leaf in northern Minnesota, who takes birch bark and other natural materials and creates these birdhouses that are to die for. Every single house is different and they sell out right away.

And is that philosophy reflected in your personal style? Although we sell beautiful things, some with higher prices, I want to give people the opportunity to still stay grounded.