Meet stoners near me restaurants

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meet stoners near me restaurants

Need a liquor-heavy pick-me-up? Restaurants, Coffeeshops As its menu centres around prized strains, the weed at Barney's Coffeeshop is selection, the venue has plenty to offer both seasoned and novice stoners. to party or meet other cannabis aficionados, this is a really good place to start. Top Results. Near Me · Discover Bars & Restaurants. Subscribe The drug rugs and stoner vans are out, dispensaries are in, marijuana is HighThere! enables you to find other people in your area to smoke with, and, you Delivery options depend on where you live and which restaurants and stores. Let's face it, stoners (especially me) don't like to work, but we do it because we have to You get to sit around and talk about music all day. both agreed that we have yet to find a food establishment that wasn't full of tokers.

I watched the movie Supersize Me, and it changed my whole life. That was 12 years ago, and I have not eaten any McDonalds food since then, and eliminated fast food from my daily thought process.

meet stoners near me restaurants

I immediately lost 17 lbs, while doing a cleanse. What came out of my body after so much shitty food, was the most horrific, old fecal matter. Now I cook with my wife. We save money, and eat WAY healthier. Now I garden, and care about what goes into my guts. Give up the fast food.

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Use weed to get healthier — not fatter and more prone to heart disease. Pilgrim A bowl of lentil and rice soup homemade with vegetables and topped with a bit of nutritional yeast.


I drive by these fast food franchises and often wonder how they stay in business. If I were an example of typical eating habits, there would not be one of these toxic places anywhere on the earth. I make all my own soups and eat organically, without all the crap dumped into amerikan processed food.

Also, I do not eat mammals, since I am one myself. Cannabis is medicine, whether u use it as such or not. So why destroy its healing properties by consuming dead, diseased animals with deadly chemicals and other nasty elements thrown into the mix? I prefer to keep the healing going, especially when I get hungry.

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Homemade Lentil soup sounds real yummy to me. Rubi Ray Your a douche! Now shut up with your privileged self absorbed nonsense! As to privilege and self-absorption, it is much more economical to prepare food at home. Ask anyone on a budget.

meet stoners near me restaurants

If by privilege, you mean I have access to using a stove, then yes, it is a privilege to prepare nutritious meals. Eric Ensign Shiner like the fish?? You get to sit around and talk about music all day. You could go to work high as a kite, maintain it throughout your shift by smoking in the walk-in freezer or out by the garbage cans, and then eat as much fat as you could possibly handle throughout your shift.

Pizza Delivery — I had to single pizza out, because it has been a staple career in the stoner culture for so many decades.

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Every pizza place me and Ninja worked at, the entire staff burned it down, or at least was sympathetic toward the cause. From the manager to the pizza delivery drivers, they were always down with a session, and it was awesome. Being a pizza delivery driver is the perfect job for a stoner too. You get to listen to tunes all day, plus you get enough tips to purchase a sack after your shift almost automatically.

I know Ninjasmoker is particularly down with the pizza delivery job.

meet stoners near me restaurants

It seems that you really can drive around all day, smoking doobies, and get paid for it, all the while dressing up in various costumes…. Stage Hand — This was another one of my favorite jobs of all time. I worked at the Oregon State Fair as a stage hand for the music acts that came through.

meet stoners near me restaurants

Not every artist smokes marijuana of course, but I know a lot of marijuana consumers that paint and draw and do graphic design for sure. I used to watch it every Saturday in middle school, and get baked junior high style out of a metal pipe.

meet stoners near me restaurants

If you can rock it out on stage, the only thing that could possibly make your day better is some smoking back stage. Think of how many musicians in the last 50 years smoked marijuana.