Meet then in person santiago

Finding Love on the Camino de Santiago

meet then in person santiago

They walk the Camino de Santiago, the world's most famous hike. Back in internet access was very limited and every now and then you could find a When walking you keep meeting people along the trail, and the last steps before . Meet Neo, the first official canine pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago she says, recalling how the person in charge trotted out a number of excuses. “Then he said that dogs don't take the decision to do the Camino and I. Here are 20 interesting Camino de Santiago facts you should know before you 2 -Santiago de Compostela means St James of the field of stars. you will meet a lot of other pilgrims outside the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. (33 days); you would then have to continue on the Camino Frances.

That Christmas, my daughter was home from college and told me she wanted to walk the Camino with me the next spring. We made plans, got our supplies and off we went. I had never left my husband alone for so long but he was fine with it.

I did not know what to expect. We had lots of support and encouragement but I was 52 years old and in good shape but never had I attempted something so physically, and little did I know, spiritually and psychologically, demanding.

20 Camino de Santiago facts you need to know -

I just had to do it. I just had to. It took us 34 days. There were days where I cried, days I was frustrated, days that I was overjoyed. The gamut of emotions was unexpected and unexplicable. Returning home was so very difficult. My daughter and I cried, and I mean sobbed, when we left Santiago.

I wish that I had the time to go into this but those of you who have walked know what I mean. I heard someone say that there is the Camino you walk and the Camino you live. Living the Camino is more difficult than walking it.

I think that is why I want to go back. There are so many lessons that are learned on the Camino but the routine of everyday life dulls the memory of those lessons. I want to return but alone next time. It was nice being with my daughter because we have a memory that bonds us forever. But I think that walking the Camino alone will give me a different perspective, one that I really want to experience.

What called me to the Camino? Did it make any significant changes in my life? In some ways yes and other ways, no. I read once that the changes brought about by the Camino can take years to make themselves known. I think that if people want to change, it must be a conscious decision and the experience of the Camino helps those changes to come about. I think about the Camino every day. It is always with me.

The memory of my experiences on the Camino, the people I met, the emotions I felt will never leave. Maybe that is what is meant by the Camino we live. Rami Kattan The local parish priest organized the cammino for a group of 48 pelligrins to make the last km only, I wanted to make part of it at first for many reasons, and I was still reluctant when I went and started it. But later when I was in the cammino reflecting on the sense of doing it, and attending the everyday mass the priest made in the open I understood the real meaning of the cammino and my role in it and in the life, and now 4 days after coming back from the cammino I feel a real change in my life, hoping I remain in this situation forever, and if not I know the cure which is another cammino and surely for a longer distance.

Thanks for Don Daniele who organized the cammino and for the group who acted as a physical and moral support for all of us to continue. I decided to go to Santiago after much reading about Spain because I had got three Spanish-born grandchildren and I had started to learn Spanish.

I was by then just 70 and I had remembered seeing Walter Starkie walking about Dublin dressed, as they said, like an add. His accounts of life in Spain interested me greatly and I was inspired to explore the Camino for religious and cultural reasons, including the improvement of my Spanish.

The grandchildren were quite proud of Grandpa setting out with his rucksack at what they considered to be his old age. That was in and I had the most wonderful experiences along the way. It changed my life to realise that in many places the local people had nothing yet they shared it willingly in order to help me achieve me in my ambition.

It took me 32 days, some easy, but many very hard slogging but rewarding ones.

meet then in person santiago

He, as a Basque and understood what it must have meant to me. I even had an interview on Burgos radio and I wonder what they made of my fractured Spanish. However, the experience was so great that my dear wife, now unfortunately no longe with me urged mt to do it again in when I was And so I did and had two of the most uplifting experiences that a man could haveSo much so that I returned twixe to areas on the Camino that I felt the most at home in.

Time precludes any further reporting but if you have not done you must. I stillhave friends around the world with whom I communicate and we have a gret common bond — one that tells us all just how people of many backgrounds can bond together,where racial and social differences mattered not, even religious ones.

I walked for several days with an intriguing orthodox Jewess. Este fue el motivo inicial. Era mi promer experiencia en este sentido. Uno se encuentra con el silencio, con sus debilidades, con sus fortalezas, con sus amigos y con sus enemigos. Es un encuentro con la solidaridad, donde se borran todos los datos superfluos y queda en andar con el otro y estar cuando lo necesite. Arrived May ; 32 days.

3 Travel Stories from the famous Camino de Santiago

Why did I go? A year ago I walked across England Coast 2 Coast and enjoyed, besides the company of my friends, the countryside, the hosts with whom we stayed, the exercise and of course the pubs at the end of the day.

One of the C2C friends had previously walked the Camino and was very encouraging. None-the-less I resolved to be open to communication from St. James et al, should He want to talk to me. At the bus station in Santiago I mentioned this to a Dutchman who was dismayed that I had no faith.

Which is also a relief. Back in internet access was very limited and every now and then you could find a computer with slow access. Nowadays it can happen that someone walking next to you calls the office giving instructions. Also, now it is way more popular. This time I tried to sleep in smaller towns outside the bigger towns on the trail.

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This way I had more time for myself. Sure there were days I joined the groups in the bigger cities, as human contact is also part of the journey. Holger works with teenagers in the need of help due to family issues or general problems teenagers have nowadays.

meet then in person santiago

The most common problem: Instead of talking theory, Holger decided to take the next step. He started the initiative to walk the St. It is the perfect metaphor, and as it turns out a great way to teach teenagers valuable lessons in life. You have to take different steps, face several challenges, and walk towards one big goal: He and Holger started the Way of St. James together in Pamplona. They hiked side-by-side for 7 days until Holger had to take a flight back to Germany, so Joao continued his journey by himself.

Three weeks later Holger and two more of his teenagers took a flight back to Spain.

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They walked the last part of the Camino de Santiago, and met Joao on the path. The day before he had to walk up a mountain with a height of meters, he came down with a serious fever.

He was feeling weak and tired but kept on walking instead of resting. He climbed up the mountain and prayed. A fellow hiker passed by and as Joao did not look too well, he gave him some colorful pills. Joao took those pills, and feeling better he continued his hike — but not for long.

Luckily a german bus tour came his way and helped him. They would be happy to take Joao with them in exchange for a favour: So, what did he do? He took the microphone, stood up in front of a big group of strangers, and started talking about his biggest adventure of his very young life.