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meet tim burton

A Golden Ticket to meet Tim Burton. The Australian Centre for the Moving Image ( ACMI) is hosting acclaimed filmmaker and artist Tim Burton for the opening of. Provides a mailing address for requesting autographs and sending fan mail to Tim Burton. From their very first meeting on the set of Edward Scissorhands in When asked about the actor, Tim Burton replied: “As soon as I saw him.

We decided on a video piece because we didn't want it to just be 'I want to meet Burton', it needed to be a video pitch because at the end of the day the applicant needs to be confident enough to take the tour. Throughout the exhibition there are public tours, which will be taken by the young Burton tour guides.

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The tours will start from July through to October on a series of weekends. Have you had a lot of applications? It has had a really good response, so far.

We are really looking forward to seeing who else is out there. So the application process is a three minute video that is then uploaded to YouTube?

Yes, that way they have the freedom to lodge the application themselves, it makes the process easy as everyone knows how to load up to YouTube and they're comfortable with that.

We then get sent the link and we can see the applications and go into a short listing process to determine the tour guides.

Danny Elfman Looks Back at Tim Burton’s Cinematic Adventures in Melody

Are there multiple tour guide opportunities? It's not just one tour guide, we are actually looking for up to eight. We are looking at a combination of anything between two to eight tour guides.

meet tim burton

Do all successful tour guides have the opportunity to meet with Tim Burton? Yes, we do that as a group.

meet tim burton

Can you apply if you are based in other states, other than Victoria? Yes, if that means someone comes from interstate and they are selected.

Tim Burton's Secret Formula

Again, these costs would be covered around the interview. How did you come up with the idea to have young people apply for the position of a tour guide? To be honest, on YouTube we found a girl, who was no older than 12, who created a tour of an exhibition in New Zealand and loaded it up on YouTube.

We found it and saw this hilarious girl who talked about her father forcing her to come to the exhibition.

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp - Festival de Cannes

She was fantastic, she interviewed other people and it showed there was talent out there. It tells you that a 10 to 12 year old can do it and maybe we will find ourselves with a very interesting age range.

meet tim burton

A whole generation has grown up with Burton and our goal is to show the exhibition from the generation who grew up with Burton's material. His friend Johnny Deppa teen idol at the end of the s due primarily to his work on the hit TV series 21 Jump Streetwas cast in the title role of Edward, who was the creation of an eccentric and old-fashioned inventor played by Vincent Price in one of his last screen appearances.

Edward looked human, but was left with scissors in the place of hands due to the untimely death of his creator.

Set in suburbia and shot in Lakeland, Floridathe film is largely seen as Burton's autobiography of his childhood in Burbank. Burton's idea [13] for the character of Edward Scissorhands came from a drawing he created in high school. Depp wrote a similar comment in the foreword to Mark Salisbury's book, Burton on Burton, regarding his first meeting with Burton over the casting of the film.

Edward Scissorhands is considered one of Burton's best movies by some critics. InMatthew Bourne came to Burton with the idea to turn the story of Edward into a ballet.

Inthe ballet first aired. It has toured the UK, the U. Batman Returns The day Warner Brothers declined to make the more personal Films, after the success of Batman, Burton agreed to direct the sequel for Warner Brothers on the condition that he would be granted total control.

The result was Batman Returns, which featured Michael Keaton returning as Batman, and a new triad of villains: Darker and considerably more personal than its predecessor, concerns were raised that the film was too scary for children. Audiences were more uncomfortable at the film's overt sexuality, personified by the sleek, fetish-inspired styling of Catwoman's costume. One critic remarked, "too many villains spoiled the Batman", highlighting Burton's decision to focus the storyline more on the villains instead of Batman.

The film also polarized the fanbase, with some loving the darkness and quirkiness, while others felt it was not true to the core aspects of the source material.

Burton made many changes to the Penguin which would subsequently be applied to the character in both comics and television. While in the comics, he was an ordinary man, Burton created a freak of nature resembling a penguin with webbed, flipper-like fingers, a hooked, beak-like nose, and a penguin-like body resulting in a rotund, obese man.

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