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Earning Revenue Using Your Aircraft with Desert Jet Management

meet your aircraft

In partnership with Jet Advisors, the Air Charter Service Aircraft Sales ACS Aircraft Sales can draw upon the company's global reach and its local contacts. Meet the guy who repossesses airplanes for a living. Popovich, the president of sage-popovich, is one of the kings of airline repossession. Popovich, who was the original host of The Discovery Channel’s Airplane Repo program, says he never planned on being a repo man. The Sport Pilot rule allows a pilot to fly light-sport aircraft without the need for an That person must also meet the requirements of 14 CFR (c)(2), which.

The lessee pays for costs such as fuel, pilot salaries and training, and aircraft cleaning.

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This simple arrangement is the ideal solution that earns revenue without incurring a lot of additional costs. Fleet Utilization Program Another optimal revenue program involves placing underutilized aircraft into a full-time lease arrangement.

meet your aircraft

The lessee pays for all operational costs of the aircraft, from maintenance, engine reserves, pilots, hangar, insurance, etc. This is a great way eliminate the costs incurred when an aircraft is placed for sale and not being utilized.

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This option also keeps the aircraft in an airworthy status with no expenditure required by the aircraft owner. Read our case studies about real aircraft owners and their actual experiences with Desert Jet. Facts Adding an aircraft to our operations normally takes an average of three days, while most other companies require a month lead time.

meet your aircraft

There are no outrageous costs in preparing your aircraft for charter operations, if it is already in an airworthy condition. Typical expenses average a few hundred dollars for the purchase of flotation devices and weighing the aircraft.

meet your aircraft

Leonard Sebulsky Our Project guy - Mr. Let's call Leonard In. We could call him Jack - you know the "do it all and anything" Jack!

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Every great shop needs great support people and Wyatt fills this role in a big way. And some of those rookie jobs are not the most fun but a smile always prevails. Preston is a quiet get her done kind of guy. Although he is quiet seems other team members have determined a nickname or two for him already. Also eager to learn and do what it takes around the hangar, our team is fortunate to have Preston's good attitude by their side. Kaci Halseth marketing yorktonaircraft.

She can even get Sean to smile for her camera. Full of ideas and a gentle spirit, Kaci brings a special sunshine to YAS. Cathy Inglis admin yorktonaircraft. Her extensive business and administration experience will bring some great depth to our front office. She often comments about her work ethic coming from growing up on a farm.

An avid golfer and curler too we will be relying on her to boost all of our games.


Christine Darker christine yorktonaircraft. Christine has been brought on to take over the many high level administrative functions Cheryl wants off her desk. Christine is very keen to learn our industry and guide us to new efficiency levels and new technologies.