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meet your brain singapore

Professor Hood's BBC series 'Meet your brain' proved such a success that the British him to repeat his lectures in Japan, China, South Korea and Singapore. Singapore has made its mark once again by clinching the champion spot at the biggest eSports tournament for FIFA online. For those who are not familiar in the . We know that those who have been affected by a brain tumour are often the best Every second saturday of the month 10 am to 12 pm; We are open to meet.

BTSS Support Group – Brain Tumour Society (Singapore)

He added that no such case has ever been reported in medical journals. At TTSH, doctors have to undergo a half-day intensive training session, which runs twice a year, to become a qualified brain death certifier.

There are about 50 such brain death certifiers in TTSH now. Though Prof Kwek and his department pioneered the training programme, he is no longer involved in running it. This does not take him away from his passion for teaching, something he "vicariously went into". I teach it as I understand it," said the doctor, who has not received any formal training in teaching.

Dr Kwek completed his specialist training and went on to do his sub-specialty training in critical care medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, from to I got myself involved and volunteered some teaching duties along the way. Subsequently, I found that people gave me good feedback and asked me for more teaching sessions over the years," he said.

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We have all, in our private moments, thought, 'What if the virus infected us? But mutual support among colleagues kept him going. As an ICU-trained doctor, he has seen patients succumb to their illnesses countless times. Each encounter with a patient's death reminds him of the "frailty of life".

LECTURE / PERFORMANCE: This Is Your Brain on Art: Synaesthesia and Poetry

Enjoy four fun minutes crammed full of interesting facts from the world of neuroscience! Brain cells neurons send messages along wires axonswhich carry electrical signals from one neuron to another. This way, all the different parts of the brain can speak to each other, to make sure they all work together.

meet your brain singapore

The aim of the game? Send secret coded commands written on eggs or - in this case - satsumas!

meet your brain singapore

The team that got the most actions out of their neurons, won! We considered in what ways our brains are like computers.

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It was amazing to see all the wonderful parallels children drew, between machines and the brain we grew ourselves! A day in the life Beading the brain bits that let you do, what you do. What parts of the brain do we need, in order to do our daily activities?