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meet your makers liquipedia league

MeetYourMakers is a European based multi-gaming eSports organization that was MeetYourMakers signed their first League of Legends team, picking up the .. parts ways with MYM: ”Would like to coach Team Liquid” . OpTic Academy · Team Liquid Academylogo SELFIE first entered the competitive scene as a sub for MeetYourMakers under the name Right before the start of the Spring Split, Kori left MYM, and Blizer filled in as his substitute. Information on Meet Your Makers rosters, squads, team results and player earnings. $ from MeetYourMakers - eSportspedia - League of Legends eSports Wiki Meet Your Makers - Liquipedia - The StarCraft II Encyclopedia.

It's the first major event for the Counter-Strike team and, to the surprise of many people, it places 5th. Seriously, for many people compLexity was simply "the team with the tie-wearing guy who always shouts like crazy" at first.

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Reaching for the stars January To exclude fake accounts from competitive online play, the Electronic Sports League introduces its user authentification system in Germany. Users who verify their data via postal mail and, as introduced later, a copy of their personal ID, become Trusted users and get a credit-card-sized ESL Playercard which offers benefits at ESL events. Inanother method of authentification was developed in cooperation with Deutsche Postthe German postal service, which is currently one of ESL's sponsors.

The World e-Sports Games are announced. All matches take place in a TV studio, so the participants are required to live in China respectively South Korea for the duration of the season, i.

meet your makers liquipedia league

Unsurprisingly, the WEG manage to attract many of the world's best teams and players. Furthermore, this is one of the first times that Western and Chinese participants compete with each other, many people are surprised by the quality of the Asians, in particular wNv Teamwork CS and Li 'Sky' Xiaofeng WC3.

To qualify, you have to gather points at the 9 regular events supposedly 10, the German stop is cancelled due to youth protection regulationsand the points also determine your final seeding. The result is that most of the ambitious players attend as many World Tour stops as they can, everywhere from Brazil to Singapore. Many of them do it full-time, they come together to practise on LAN for weeks.

This scandal further contributes to WC3's unpopularity in South Korea. However, WC3 still flourishes in the rest of the world. He joins the team Made in Brazil mibr from — you guessed it — Brazil. As the NoA players didn't permanently live together, this can be considered to be the first Counter-Strike-related relocation in esports history. However, he only stays for a few months because mibr's management is dissatisfied with his frequent absence due to trips back to Norway.

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Half a year later, elemeNt becomes a legionnaire again: He moves to Germany to become part of the mousesports team. There, his contract is terminated after half a year due to communication problems and the related lack of satisfying results. This is the highest level of salary ever achieved in SC: The EPS Alps is born. There are several EPS throughout Europe — they are organized with the help of national licence partners.

This is the first and, as of today, only time that Counter-Strike's successor, Counter-Strike: Source, is used at the WCG. Many CS fans, especially the professional players, dislike CS: Source and the game fails to establish itself in the competitive scene. There are some less important events that feature CS: Source, but the major competitions still stick to the original Counter-Strike even today, or they include both games.

Silver goes to the entirely unknown Kazakh team k23 whose players later stated that they sometimes couldn't even practise 5on5 but had to play team-internal 2on2 or 3on3 matches due to the lack of skilled opponents in Kazakhstan — this is possibly esports' prime Cinderella story. Its program is restructured to cover gaming and especially esports more frequently. There are esports-related TV show projects in other countries, too — in Sweden and in Russia, for example.

None of them make a serious impact though, despite having a few creative ideas. In the grand finalwhich is broadcasted live on MTV Overdrive, the two most important figures of the World Tour meet.

On one side, there's the most prominent fast-paced shooter player in the world, Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel, and on the other, we have Sander 'Vo0' Kaasjager. The Dutch fnatic player was a relative noname until Painkiller came out, but managed to win 5 of the 9 World Tour stops and is considered the favorite to win. In overall winnings, however, Vo0 outperforms Fatal1ty: His outstanding performance initiates the rise of fnatic — at that point, the founded organization is still young, but the popularity of Vo0 makes it possible to grow the business and attract many new sponsors.

Standing on a good financial basis, fnatic then acquires a new Swedish CS team which eventually becomes the world's best. Fatal1ty The golden era of esports commences February This allows for further expansion: Furthermore, the top performers of the league get directly contracted to and sponsored by MLG; it starts to act as a governing body for console gaming in the US.

MYM, initially a Danish team, was one of the first organizations to bring Korean WarCraft 3 players to the international arena. Hanbit — and in the beginning ofit entirely takes over the players. Its regular events take place in cooperation with other event organisers, for instance one WSVG stop is part of the DreamHack Summer — and this is basically the first time DreamHack becomes really relevant in terms of esports and since then, its tournaments become bigger every year.

Instead of having multiple seasons like inthere is only one WEG event in Both are the highest payouts for winning a single tournament the history of these two games. Overall, MLG manages over 30 of its top players at this point. Thanks to MLG, console gaming actually plays a very relevant role for esports in North America while it's pretty underdeveloped in Europe and the rest of the world. Inthe Electronic Sports World Cup hosts its highlight event. The venue is the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy and several thousands of enthusiastic spectators come to watch the best teams and players of the world.

Meet Your Makers

The prize money is at its peak, too: Other than that, this is the event that marks the beginning of Alexey 'Cypher' Yanushevsky's career. The unknown year-old Belarussian Quake 4 player surprisingly wins silver at his first international event, defeating players such as mousesports' Russian Quake master Anton 'Cooller' Singov.

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The second new-generation Quake star, one year younger Maciej 'av3k' Krzykowski from Poland, celebrates his first major achievement at the next year's ESWC: He takes home gold. Electronic Sports World Cup July Team Alternate's star Javid 'Kapio' Navadi, who is presumably the best German Counter-Strike player at that time, signs a pre-contract with mousesports, thereby violating his contract with Alternate that forbids him to sign any other contracts until it expires in the end of the year.

As a result, he gets barred by Alternate and has to spend one full EPS season on the bench — for obvious reasons, the transfer negotiations between the two rivaling organizations don't yield any fruit. As initially planned, Kapio joins mouz in the beginning of and contributes to seven ESL Pro Series championships in a row.

In Germany, there is a new print magazine called eGames which focuses on esports. However, it can't establish itself and gets discontinued in There are other attempts at bringing esports to the print world, most notably the ProGam3r Magazine in the US. Another way traditional publishing houses get involved in esports is by buying esports news sites: The league exclusively signs its players to itself and bans them from participating in competing leagues such as the ESL Pro Series.

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The eSport-Bundesliga never gets accepted as part of "our" esports world and only survives for one season, then the company goes bankrupt. However, after the release of Quake Live which is basically a free-to-play online version of Quake 3he decides to quit professional gaming. If you sign one of CGS' lucrative contracts, you aren't allowed to participate in any other tournaments. The selected games are rather controversial: Most esports fans are uninterested in the CGS due to its disciplines, the mainstream-focused broadcasts and the cheesy, unauthentic presentation e.

And obviously "stealing" some of the best players and organizations didn't contribute to CGS' popularity either. There are several new events that take place there and attract players from everywhere around the world, and at a later point even the WC3L hosts its finals in China instead of in Germany.

These events, called Intel Friday Night Games, usually present one league match per discipline played on stage in front of live spectators. At that time, there are about 10 IFNGs every season until today, the amount was reduced by half. Yes, there are actual fans. The World Series of Video Games gives up after half of the announced stops. Its first season was alright, but for its second season, Counter-Strike and WarCraft 3 were removed.

After winning the WC3L four times, the WC3 team of the British organization Four Kings disbands due to financial problems, and since then, 4K couldn't live up to its previous achievements despite changing owners. The third top performer of 4K, Olav 'Creolophus' Undheim from Norway, already ended his rather short esports career some months earlier — at his last event, the WCGhe showed an amazing performance and took home gold, but nonetheless sticked to his quitting plans.

At this point in time, WC3 is at its peak. Team NoA merges with, or rather becomes part of mTw. NoA's WC3 team left the organization some months earlier, then gets contracted by fnatic. Park 'Space' Sueng Hyun, who plays WC3 on the highest possible level despite having a rare inveterate muscle disorder which significantly lowers his life expectancy.

Brought back down to earth May The G7 Teams are an association of the most successful organizations of the world, created in the year consisting of SK, fnatic, mouz, MYM, wNv and a few others. They aim to improve the coordination between teams, event organisers and the community and to jointly impose sanctions on events that fail to pay out prize money — such as the CPL which is being boycotted. In Maythe G7 Teams publish a set of standard contracts for esports players.

They commit to supporting teams with contract-related issues if they use said contracts. At this point, contracts are already the industry standard. All professional teams make use of them and it is generally recognized that they are indeed legally binding.

It's reasonable to estimate that there are over players with professional contracts at this time only in Germany.

meet your makers liquipedia league

The Cyberathlete Professional League officially goes out of business after it already lost all its relevance more than one year ago — mainly because the CPL has had a history of not paying out prize money. The International eSport Federation is founded as a parent organization for all national esports associations.

This is the time when DotA becomes present in esports and successful organizations like SK Gaming, MeetYourMakers and mousesports field own teams, even though they are usually haunted by lineup instability and other problems.

Over the course of time, it becomes evident that the WC3 players' earnings were blown out of proportion — to a large extent, due to MeetYourMakers' high salaries. Since a while, organizations struggle at making their WC3 teams sustainable Four Kings was only one exampleand the problem gets out of hand when the effects of the financial crisis kick in.

Other teams also change their approach. This forces the WC3L to adjust its league system so that it only requires three players instead of five.

The legendary 4Kings team November So far, it's the biggest WCG event in terms of participants: There are 78 participating countries, gamers, 13 disciplines. Not only the prize money decreases significantly afterSamsung also shrinks down its sponsorship for national qualifier organisers which leads to less participating countries inthere are After two seasons, the Championship Gaming Series gets cancelled.

Many people agree that this could have been expected, but nonetheless the CGS had a strong influence especially on esports in North America.

Source nor paid much attention to the small-scale European CGS competition, the US championship managed to attract most of the American players — simply due to the lack of alternatives. The exclusive, draft-based system damaged non-CGS organizations. Some teams, however, used the new environment to their advantage, most notably Evil Geniuses who become the premier American organization outside of CGS. Jason '1' Lake decides to rebuild compLexity.

meet your makers liquipedia league

He intends to continue working with his CS players who switched back from CS: Source after CGS — after all, they partially played for coL since its beginnings in However, the team accepts an offer from Evil Geniuses instead of waiting until coL attracts new sponsors. Some months later, the Finnish player Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen moves to the USA in order to play for EG — and this gives a significant boost to the team's performance.

He stays with EG for almost two years, then returns to his home country. As for Jason Lake, he doesn't give up on his plans despite this heavy setback, contracts other teams and brings two other reputable esports personalities on board as managers and co-owners: Eventually, their approach backfires and the company is unable to survive.

MYM's WC3 stars move on: They were unable to follow up their win at Singapore the previous November, but still had strong showings at each, consistently placing between 3rd and 6th at the events. After first winning a series against Mousesportsthey went on to face DragonBorns once again, to fight for a chance to be an LCS team.

In a close best of 5 series, MeetYourMakers was able to overcome DBqualifying them as a new team in the professional league for summer. Sporting a close set, the team lost, taking home a respectable second place finish in the league. However, the team did not experience the same success throughout the rest of the season, and ended the summer split on an eight game losing streak in last place with a record of MeetYourMakers only dropped two games throughout the entire tournament, defeating Heroes Team to receive first place and a spot in the upcoming World Cyber Games tournament in November.

Kori rejoined the team prior to the start of the third week. In a ruling from Riot, MYM was found guilty of violating rule Additionally, Falli was banned indefinitely from competing within the LCS as a manager or any other team position. Despite a great improvement in performances for the team towards the end of the split, they finished in 10th place after a tiebreaker loss to Giants Gamingand were relegated.