Meet your makers lol facebook moments

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meet your makers lol facebook moments

The most Memorable League of Legends Moments of . After suffering community scorn and outrage, MYM was forced to remove. Meet Your Makers Team. likes. CS:GO & CS ♥ Tag: mYm;. February 8, , UTC League of Legends / Kori / League Championship Series / League Of Legends / Meet Your Makers / Supa Hot Crew /.

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meet your makers lol facebook moments

However, the lineup became unstable going into Season 2, and the roster was dissolved in March With the new lineup, MYM became a bigger threat in the European scene, playing consistently against the continent's best in various tournaments. Season 2 MYM participated in multiple major tournaments, including a group-stage exit at the European Challenger Circuit: Poland in July Their next event was Campus Gaming Party: Berlinwhere the team made a strong showing throughout, coming in second after a loss to Fnatic.

They went on to compete in the major online tournament, Tales of the Lane Octoberbut once again were unable to make it past the group stage.

MeetYourMakers - League of Legends Wiki

MYM were able to compete for a slot at Season 3 Europe Offline Qualifiers but failed to win the last spot into the league, losing in a set against DragonBorns. The team failed to hold up against the Russian contender, losing and placing second in the tournament.

meet your makers lol facebook moments

The team was eventually relegated from the LCS and Kori has since moved on, but it was one of the most extreme example so far of abuse by an organization in the still nascent eSports scene. Mark Cuban and the Birth of "eGamers" IEM San Jose was a bit of a let down, but that doesn't mean that there weren't a few moments from the event that will live on in the League of Legends community.

At first it was the birth of a new meme, as one of the first words out of Fox Sports 1's Kristine Leahy's mouth was "eGamers. Note - profanity ahead. Not only did he trash talk like a seasoned pro, but he launched himself into god status within the eSports sorry, eGamers community. Fnatic's Rebuild and the Perfect Season When it was announced that all of Fnatic's members, save Bora "YellOwStaR" Kim, were either retiring or leaving the organization, fans mourned the loss of a legendary European powerhouse and feared for the future.

The speculation and doubt reached new heights when it was announced that Fnatic would be picking up two Korean players. Plus their four new additions were almost entirely untested in competitive play — though veteran Martin "Rekkles" Larsson would return for the Summer Split.

meet your makers lol facebook moments

Which made it all the more surprising when Fnatic's near-total rebuild was not only successful, but eventually became one of the most dominant European LCS teams in history, going on to complete a perfect regular season in Summer The fact that Fnatic rose to the top of Europe and reclaimed the hearts of fans with a group of relative unknowns will be remembered as one of the greatest feats of management and leadership in the League scene, as well as one of the best stories of Dyrus' Retirement Speech Even though it was known ahead of time, the retirement of Marcus "Dyrus" Hill was nonetheless an emotional and powerful moment.

Bidding farewell to all his fans in a teary-eyed interview just after Team SoloMid's final game at the World Championship, Dyrus' sendoff was met with an outpouring of support for the legendary top laner.

MYM threatened Kori with taking his mother's house | Dot Esports

It hits you right in the feels. It was wholly unexpected and completely awesome. Guy dressed like Pentakill Karthus? Norwegian metal singer Jorn Lande?


Full pyro and lights? What more could you possibly ask for? The games that came after were thrilling nail-biters, but it was the musical intro that stole the show. Becoming the only organization to repeat as World Champions, SK Telecom T1 put the capstone on one of the most dominant years in history: Not bad work for a year. The Tigers Take the Stage Well that's one way to forge your own identity.

meet your makers lol facebook moments

Created mostly from ex-NaJin players, the Tigers took Korea by storm, quickly becoming one of its best teams. However, while their play was impressive, it was their showmanship and dedication to spectacle that made them instant sensations with fans across the globe.

Missed payments, a dummy corporation, and a ‘big sorry’: The bizarre saga of MeetYourMakers

Partly a reflection of the team's goofy personalities, partly a branding PR move, the Tigers' antics have since become iconic. If you're ever feeling sad, just remember that the Tigers played an actual LCK match dressed in matching pink sweater vests and cat ears.

The Offseason It's not over yet, but especially in Europe and North America the offseason has been one of the most significant in terms of both money entering the scene and roster transfers.

meet your makers lol facebook moments