Meet your meat criticism of buddhism

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meet your meat criticism of buddhism

A scholar traces the history of beef-eating in ancient India. Just this past June, at a national meeting of various Hindu throughout India among Buddhists, Jains and Hindus, many Hindus continued to eat beef. saying that, nevertheless, he eats the meat of both cow and bull, “as long as it's tender.”. The early Buddhist monastic code banned monks from eating meat if the animal had been killed specifically to feed them, but otherwise. Whether or not Buddha made the decision to accept meat he was .. into critiques of conventional plant farming – including what some critics (like an animal liberation protest,watched a video called Meet Your Meat, then.

Now there is free range chicken, or sort of.

Buddhist vegetarianism

When I saw a picture of pigs, forced to live in a metal wrack that kept them pressed together and unable to move for their entire lives, I could no longer eat bacon. Over 9 billion animals are killed in the US alone for human consumption.

meet your meat criticism of buddhism

There has been a lot of discussion about this in regard to a few podcasts and articles here on SBA. However, I do look to the practice itself and Buddhist teachings and practice in general. Buddhism IS focused on lessening suffering.

Hinduism and its complicated history with cows (and people who eat them)

Buddhism is based on compassion and ethics. Whether or not Buddha made the decision to accept meat he was offered only goes so far. His teachings emphasized non-harm, not killing, and ending suffering. Buddhism is the religion of compassion and no harm. My own practice has been one of non-harm and ethics because I agree with that, because I see how it lessens suffering. I can not excuse eating meat at the cost of animal suffering and loss in myself at all any more. As my children were growing, they understood that if they saw a spider in the house, they were to come get me and not to kill it.

We are all happier with the spider outside. The meat diet will continue to be a source of controversy. The vegetarian and vegan diet and the outcry for animal welfare is fairly new. After walking through the first of two security checks, visitors walk through a large courtyard with closed-circuit cameras, pillars painted a mellow yellow, and a large metal signboard calling for the release of the Panchen Lama, the second-ranking lama in Tibetan Buddhism behind the Dalai Lama.

A second security check is more thorough, and then guards with walkie-talkies usher visitors past a courtyard where monks chip away making miniature Buddha statues. Visitors are asked to have cameras and equipment ready before the Dalai Lama comes in.

meet your meat criticism of buddhism

Flash photography is a no-no. So now let them build. Okay, spend more yuan.

meet your meat criticism of buddhism

And build good roads, good aerodrome, train, okay. Tibetan affairs should be decided by Tibetans themselves. Chinese can act like advisers. The Earth assumed the form of a cow and begged him to spare her life; she then allowed him to milk her for all that the people needed.

It visualizes the cow as the paradigmatic animal that yields food without being killed.

meet your meat criticism of buddhism

Beef-eating and caste Some dharma texts composed in this same period insist that cows should not be eaten. Some Hindus who did eat meat made a special exception and did not eat the meat of cow. But he did not call for a beef ban. By the 19th century, the cow-protection movement had arisen. One of the implicit objects of this movement was the oppression of Muslims. Famously, Gandhi attempted to make vegetarianism, particularly the taboo against eating beef, a central tenet of Hinduism.

He used the image of the Earth cow the one that King Prithu milked as a kind of Mother Earth, to symbolize his imagined Indian nation. His insistence on cow protection was a major factor in his failure to attract large-scale Muslim support.

meet your meat criticism of buddhism