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meet your meat trailer atv

Moose Recipes · Moose Meat. Pictures Have you been looking for a ATV utility trailer plan for your ATV, Quad or Argo? Our plans will make building your ATV off-road trailer easy. .. We built our trailer with a removable hitch reach. Meet at the parking area at pm and ride will leave around pm. . Drop off your meat of choice Friday, September 28 and we'll cook it the Knights Inn. Quad Niagara will meet you at trailer park for a meet and greet. Family-owned Prestage Farms, 35 years in business, is the sixth largest pork producer in the U.S. with sows. All Around the Farm · ATV and UTV · Ageless Iron · Construction · Grain Handling . There is not a poultry plant in the country where the trailer is not SF: Where will you sell the meat?.

The walking beam arch keeps your load level even when traveling over extremely rough terrain. Each item is labeled on the drawings and again on the cut lists so you don't get confused.

With multiple views and solid drawing rendering the blueprints for the trailer are extremely easy to understand.

ATV Trailer Plans

Worried that you don't have any blueprint reading experience? The drawings are done in such a way that even a novice can understand them. The ATV utility trailer plan was designed using common to purchase steel angle iron and tubing and the trailer will carry all the loads you can throw at it. Our trailer shown above is shown sheeted with treated plywood and planking but you are free to use whatever type of material is at your disposal or fits your budget.

meet your meat trailer atv

Skip down to the bottom of the page for links to pages of ATV Trailers built by others using our plans or to submit your own. Save Time and Money Using our detailed plans you'll save hours of time trying to find out the information and details to build this style of ATV trailer. Details which include material dimensions and cut-to lengths including angles.

You'll save money too! Our detailed material list shows each piece required you'll only have to cut your pieces once. That equals less scrap material and in the end more money saved doing this type of project.

If price is not an object for you then aluminum sheeting or checker-plate would work really well too. If you have access to a fabrication shop you might also consider building only the lower portion of the frame and having a tub formed out of sheet steel or aluminum.

Although, that option is not really in the realm of the home do-it-yourself-er. Our tandem axle ATV trailer for Argos and Side by Sides too is designed with a goose neck so the tongue doesn't hang up when you pull the trailer over logs and we also designed the trailer with a tailgate for ease in rear loading.

I've seen receivers added to the front of the box to accommodate hand or electric winches too! Our latest trailer will have a manual winch mounted to the removable trailer tongue. We'll just cut a hole though the front of the box to run the winch strap through.

We are all very competitive, but in a good, fair way. In the s, several of us formed a company called Ag Provision to buy supplies together.

Meet the Gutsiest Guy in the Pig Business

The more we purchased, the better deals we could get. We also formed a company to keep the railroad lines open in North Carolina. At that time, the railroad was talking about taking out our rail lines, and we stopped that. If we had not joined together, transportation in North Carolina would have really suffered. If we have a grower that is unhappy, that grower has the right to talk to any other company he wants to, and the same goes for employees.

When did you get involved in the Midwest? Inwe bought a hog operation in Iowa. Iowa has cheaper grain and a good base of packing plants. We felt like that was the right place to expand. Tell me about the new packing plant being built near Eagle Grove, Iowa.

ATV Meat Trailer

We put some innovations in it like a vertical scald. About half of the daily kill will come from our Iowa farms, and all of our trucks will be washed before they leave the premises. We do that in the poultry business. There is not a poultry plant in the country where the trailer is not completely washed and disinfected when it leaves that plant.

meet your meat trailer atv

The rest of our kill will come from other producers in the area. Our offal plant will be completely enclosed, and the plant is environmentally controlled with air scrubbers that will not let odors escape. It is a good design. I know we will have a lot to learn, but we love a challenge. Why build a pork packing plant? Building the plant is the right thing to do. The turkey business and the chicken business are completely integrated.

Even the big cattle lots are owned by the packers. The hog industry is changing quickly to be like the poultry businesses, and we have to keep up to stay competitive. Our biggest challenge will be hiring and training the people to work in the plant. We built it in a rural part of Iowa. If we can get the right people, we can be successful. If we get the people, we can make this thing work. We will pay a fair wage, offer good benefits, and provide a good work place.

We will start slowly with just our own hogs first. Right now, we have a good relationship with the people of Eagle Grove. When we get done with this plant, I want the neighborhood to be better than before we got there.


We will do what we have to to make sure that happens. What about the pig supply to the plant? We are going to supply a little over half of the pigs to the plant. The rest of the pigs are going to be supplied by Iowa producers. We will get the hogs. Where will you sell the meat? We have had major grocery chains in the United States that are familiar with our turkey operation asking to buy pork from us.

We will not have a further processing operation initially. How did you survive that time? Hogs were losing money big time, but our turkey operations were doing pretty well. You put the two together, and we kept ourselves in business. We have one of the most efficient hog operations in the nation. Marsha and I have always chosen to leave the profits in the company, and you have to have a strong balance sheet to survive times like that.

Would you sell Prestage Farms? Today, we are not for sale. There is a lot more at stake here than just our family interests. However, no matter what happens to this company, our growers have a future in the industry.

They could sign another contract tomorrow if they wanted. Smithfield Foods is owned by a Chinese company. Does that concern you? If you do that, you cap what businesses are worth. What is the future for farmers? Farmers have a great future. There is always a future for farmers, because people need their goods.