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5 Step Meditation to Meet your Muse — Coffee, Cats, and Keyboards

meet your muse

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In those hours, I have often had the privilege to focus my attention on the person next to me.

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I have also been given the rare opportunity to unabashedly, intimately, and spontaneously reveal something of my life without expecting anything in return. There is something very unique about fleeting encounters where personal stories are exchanged.

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When those brief moments happen, I inevitably learn something applicable to what I am working on or a subject I am curious about. On the surface, these types of spontaneous interchanges may seem amusing, but given a bit more attention, the amusement of a candid conversation becomes valuable insight for life—from a muse in the seat next to us.

Magic of the Muse The secret of a magician is his skillful ability to perform the detailed steps of his act so quickly that the illusions are undetectable. When we are in the practice of being still enough to truly listen to another, we begin to pick up on the otherwise undetectable details of what their message is and how it can apply to our life.

Through giving our attention to another while they speak, allowing space for curiosity and human connection daily in our busy lives, we thrive and grow as individuals. It has been said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

meet your muse

Just as the person seated next to you might hold the magic of a muse in your life, you are also a potential inspirational muse for them. I wonder who will play the muse in your life this week.

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To go out of your comfort zone and intently, purposefully listen to another individual and connect with them personally. Rather than sitting in traffic in your car, why not use this experiment as an opportunity to interact with someone new, outside of your usual circle of friends, family, and work associates. Knowledge of how they would respond becomes reflexive and instinctual and can take over my creative process without my needing to will it. The exercise I am going to offer here will work with whatever your beliefs on muses are.

If you are not a writer who works with muses, and are interested in learning more about the process, this will work for you, too. This is a meditation exercise.

meet your muse

The first three steps are a very basic meditation technique that works for me, and are intended to help introduce people to the practice. If you have your own meditation technique that works for you, skip the first three steps.

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Find a comfortable position in a safe and comfortable place: This can be a bed, a favorite chair, or anywhere else you are free from interruptions. Focus on your breath: Count to five slowly while you inhale, hold your breath for another count of five, then exhale slowly on the same five count.

If your thoughts distract you, bring your mind back to your breath and the counting. Be aware of your body as well as your breathing.

Meet Your Muse - Lisa Tener

Relax any part that feels tense. You may want to start a progression, from your toes, to your feet, to your ankles, legs, etc. Or, you can pick a method that feels comfortable and natural to you.

Meditation can take years to learn, and a lifetime to master. Many people find the first three steps difficult to maintain. Do not worry if your mind is restless; that is common among creative people.

Once you feel ready, stop the counting of your breaths and visualize a place in which you would like to meet your muse. This could be any meeting place that has significance to you, your character, and your story. I would recommend it be a place where you and your muse can meet in private, though.

Other characters can be distracting.

meet your muse

Visualize the character you are wishing to "meet" coming into this space. Do not speak to them right away. Picture what they are wearing, how they enter, how they stand in front of you. When you are comfortable, greet them. Measure how they respond.