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Status updates squander time that could be spent using your team as a team. At the bottom of that article I mentioned 11 things to do instead of. A decade ago in e-commerce, nobody really cared what a team, that make products to consume, actually looks like. However, with the rise of. Our volunteer and paid staff are committed to sharing nature and history with kids and families in a meaningful and inspiring way, teaching through discovery.

Best Practices: First Team Meeting

With a sweet, gentle personality, and a love of learning, she is a favorite with the kids. His father was born in a log cabin on the original family homestead near Alsea, Oregon.

Building on this heritage, Gary has continued to explore and travel geographically, educationally, professionally, recreationally, and personally. Gary is an experienced outdoorsman. Over the course of the last 30 years, he has retraced his great-grandparents Oregon Trail experience, traveling throughout the Western US and camping on the trail in many places.

In addition, he is an avid reader who devours historical biographies that have included Lewis and Clark, David Crockett, and US Grant who spent some time in Oregon before his presidency. He lives with his amazing wife of 17 years, and two awesome kids 10 and With an extensive background in the sciences and math and more than 10 years tutoring and teaching experience from grade school to college level, he tutors science, math, and German at the elementary through college level and also works as a medical interpreter in German and French.

He has been teaching them science and math along with children from other home-schooled families, and was potions master for Homeschool Hogwarts for four years, teaching chemistry as Professor Abraxas.

Kevin also teaches urban homesteading classes for adults through community centers in Eugene and Springfield, with workshops on gardening and foraging; fermenting sauerkraut, kimchi, and other vegetables; cheese and sausage making; soap making; and more Donate Via Paypal Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Donate Now Subscribe to our mailing list and stay in touch! We are looking forward to other events. Thank you again for a fun and educational Girl Scouting experience!

Have a testimonial to share? Email it to Karen! All three of my daughters have gone to Pioneer Camp over five summers.

11 Things Leaders Need to Talk About When They Meet With Their Staff | TLNT

They have loved their experiences and want to come back year after year. She liked making jam, sanding the spoon, going to the schoolhouse and being in the woods. I liked the homemade lemonade and the shadow puppet play! Status updates squander time that could be spent using your team as a team. At the bottom of that article I mentioned 11 things to do instead of reporting status. Now, I want to use this article to elaborate on these 11 things.

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Discussion to drive the business forward Getting your team together offers a precious opportunity to focus the team energy on great discussions that will drive the business forward.

Learn what people really think. As a leader you need these conversations to make you smarter and to inform which direction you should be taking the team and the business. Here are 11 ideas of great things you can do with staff meeting time. This list is by no means exhaustive. There are just some ideas to get you thinking about higher value conversations you can have with your team. What are the key outcomes we are on the hook for? How will we know if we are achieving them?

What are the risks we face? What should we do about them?

meet your staff

Everyone has a different risk profile. You will find that some people are afraid of everything and others are afraid of nothing. What data do we wish we knew about our business?

meet your staff

How will we find it? If it is not knowable, what scenarios should we plan for? I can tell you I made this mistake every which way for years, wishing I had data that actually was knowable, or guessing at answers that were not knowable. Make the list with your team.

Get the data you can get and make explicit plans for what you will all agree to do when there is no data. What stupid stuff are we doing?

I would have this as a staff topic at least twice a year.

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Grit always creeps into the gears, and old habits lose their usefulness. This one never ceases to pay off. All the annoying, time wasting stuff creeps into the environment and teams just accept that as the new reality. Once or twice a year, talking about this gives people the permission to raise issues, and then as a team you can decide which ones to fix.

Productivity always improves after this meeting. What does that mean for our plans? Here again, you will find that some people care deeply and know a lot, and others are happy to just keep their head down plowing away at their former job descriptions.