Mighty car mods meet usa

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mighty car mods meet usa

The world's most popular DIY automotive channel, Mighty Car Mods, to us with their stories – often related to how working on cars with their. Earlier this month Melbourne played host to a Mighty Car Mods meet and with a massive GSS – Hi Marty, thanks for catching up with us. Image may contain: car, tree, sky and outdoor. Image may contain: Videos. Mighty Car Mods - Since Mcm fan meets + exciting news. K. K.

Mighty Car Mods

This is normally the sort of thing you buy a different bracket for, but time was short, and uh, Roadkill. Eventually power steering was made manual, a radiator was tie-downed in, throttle and steering wheel were ziptied in place and it was all just in time, because with a blat and a whistle, Marty and Moog came Subaroooting into the parking lot of Westech Performance.

The buddies have been doing an online car show for almost ten years, nearly twice as long as Roadkill. Our audiences have been trying to get us together for years, and everyone was excited to finally meet. I wanted to see if it worked so we tried it out on the Vette Kart at Westech Performance. Right then and there I knew these were our kind of people.

mighty car mods meet usa

It had cut out guards, mismatched wheels, broken suspension and was pretty sad condition, but the engine and gearbox and driveline was pretty solid so it would suit our purposes. Yeah, ok, but is the throttle zip-tied together? Concerned about the noise levels in the Subie, Moog had brought two headsets for hearing protection.

When they heard the big block in the Impala fire up, they decided to hold onto those. GSS — How did you and Moog become friends? Moog had a clean SX and after we realised we had the same appreciation for boost we became friends! GSS — Mixing friends and business can be hard, have you guys had a smooth or bumpy road to get where you are today?

mighty car mods meet usa

Marty — We decided from the beginning that being mates comes before everything else. GSS — When did you realise what you guys were doing was getting serious? Marty — For me it was the first week of the Autosalon Tour in Moog and I realised that to get anywhere around the show we had to split up — and run!

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GSS — Did you ever have moment when you thought you were in too deep? Marty — A few month ago I got asked to commentate on a drift event. I have a new appreciation for the jabbering that you often ignore at events, the guys brains are going at a million miles an hour to be able to come up with things to say.

mighty car mods meet usa

GSS — While trying to stay under the radar have you ever had a crazed fan moment? Marty — Moog had a fan appear to hyperventilate and then burst into tears at one of the Autosalon shows. GSS — Traveling all around Australia to visit car meets and events, have you found any state follows any unique trend or particular make more than another state? Marty — Hard to say about particular makes and models, although its true each state does have slightly different trends as to the kind of mods.

Marty — Yes, the entire Honda Civic build. We copped a bit of heat over that, which we were expecting but had some great laughs along the way. It was our Season 1 Finale and our first proper tongue in cheek modding video. It repulsed us but still holds a place in our heart because of its beautiful flame paint job, and poorly installed bonnet scoop. GSS — What has been your favorite car to work on and why? We found it in a paddock in Coffs Harbour with a blown engine looking very sorry.

We documented the restoration and engine swap which turned it into a practical, good looking and fast daily driver.

mighty car mods meet usa