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manufactures have developed systems that have their own unique functions and features, specifically designed to meet different operational demands. Results 1 - 25 of 36th International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO). MIPRO - 42nd International Convention MEET - Microelectronics, Electronics and Electronic Technology. Event registration · Abstract submission.

First to design AutoScan function for fast and easy receiver channel set-up. MA First to design the innovative MR wireless interlinking receiver to fit any one or more remote active speakers without the need for bulky connecting cables.

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First to design unique wireless remoted PA system. MA First to design built-in retractable handle and sturdy wheels for easy portability.

mipro meet

MA First to design 4 hot-swappable diversity receiver modules in a 1RU wireless receiver. First receiver equipped with a "Noise" LED indicator. Users can first identify whether the receiver is experiencing interference and can then make accurate adjustments in the receiver's sensitivity to eliminate the interference and establish optimal performance.

This combination ensures a stronger and tighter fit when integrating the metal grille with the plastic housing to prevent cracking the housing when stressed. New Grille Style for Better Identification The durable silver-grey metallic grille with its "anti-roll" color band allows easy on-stage identification.

The grille is made of high-carbon steel and has been hardened to ensure the condenser microphone capsule inside is free from any damage caused by an accidental drop. Reinforced Mounting for Capsule Module In previous capsule designs, unwanted noise could appear due to a loose connection if users did not tightly fix the capsule module to the PCB.

The new generation of MIPRO handheld microphones overcomes this issue by adding a grease seal component to ensure there are no loose connections and poor contacts.

Extremely Low Touch Noise The original capsule design possesses the characteristics of extremely low touch and pop noises because of its patented suspension design.

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Now, the new generation of MIPRO handheld microphones takes it one step further by improving the suspension design in its capsule module.

Improved Power Switch A newly designed recessed power switch is now located on the upper housing for easier access. Battery Compartment Improvement Batteries are securely installed in the compartment, assuring no power cut-off under any vibration or impact. The lower housing serves as a battery cover to protect the batteries from accidental dropping and, because the new design doesn't use the lower housing to hold the batteries tight, the result is no loose threads or cracked housings.

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In these structures, the PureB layer is deposited in rings that are contacted at the inner and outer perimeter with Al. Another set of samples includes devices where the PureB layer was deposited on p-type bulk Si. At room temperature, a close to linear change of current with voltage was seen irrespective of the PureB layer thickness and post-deposition processing. Lowering the operating temperature led to an increasingly non-linear I-V characteristics. Plausible explanations for the non-linear behavior are considered and discussed in the paper.

The varied physical parameters describe the carrier mobility, lifetime, energy bandgap and recombination models.

mipro meet

The electrical and optical performance of the device are simulated using TCAD software, as a function of varied physical parameters.

The simulations are calibrated to the device measurements. The analysis of the design showed that the carrier lifetime is the most influencing parameter that impacts both the spectral responsivity and the dark current. Mobility parameters and Auger recombination parameters impact the spectral responsivity, while the energy bandgap at K impacts the dark current.

Finally, the model parameters that fit the measured dark current are obtained by the thorough variation simulations. In plasmonic nanohole arrays in thin metallic films, the transmission spectra can exhibit characteristic, asymmetric peaks Fano resonances that are particularly sensitive to surface refractive index changes. We integrated Al nanohole arrays into the metallization of vertical Ge-PIN-photodiodes and observed Fano resonances in the photocurrent generated in the Ge-PIN-photodiode, thus fabricating a compact refractive index sensor that can be directly integrated with signal conditioning and wireless transmission circuits.

Here, we present simulation results for our devices using finite difference time domain FDTD method.