Miss golden week operation meet baroque fashion

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miss golden week operation meet baroque fashion

MISS GOLDENWEEK'S OPERATION: MEET BAROQUE WORKS — “LET'S TAKE A VACATION!!” here's my contribution for. The meeting in Warsaw will come less than two weeks after by rebels in the neighbouring Donetsk region on Monday were still missing. A page for describing Recap: One Piece Miss Golden Weeks Operation Meet Baroque Works. Short SummaryA cover page mini-arc that focuses on the trio of.

Now wild again, the pterodactyl throws the agents off and they fall to Vacation Island. The three agents change their outfits in an attempt to blend in. Hina, with the help of sketches provided by the captured Unluckies, Mr.

Friday, recognizes them anyway.

miss golden week operation meet baroque fashion

Valentine ends up captured, and Hina announces that if Mr. And of course Mr. Before he can leave, however, he's attacked by a man who fights like a swan. At the beach where Ms. Valentine is being held, Mr. Goldenweek try to think of a plan. Just then, someone appears; it's a tied-up Mr.

miss golden week operation meet baroque fashion

After knocking out nearby Marine personnel, Bon Clay and Hina fight. In the middle of the chaos Mr. Valentine, and steal Hina's ship with more Color Traps.

One piece mini-series: Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works"

Infiltrating the Marine garrison where the B. W officer agents are being held, a jailbreak is initiated. While most of the Baroque Works agents escape, Crocodile and Mr. Before sailing off, Ms.

Goldenweek creates her ultimate Color Trap, Rainbow: Color of Dream, to make everyone resemble the things they always dreamed of becoming.

miss golden week operation meet baroque fashion

The escaped agents go into a desert. There, they find an abandoned building which they convert into a second Spider's Cafe. Back at the garrison, Misters 2 and 3 are tossed into the same cell as Misters 0 and 1.

baroque works on Tumblr

The four agents of Baroque Works are shipped off to Impel Down. Dorry and Brogy don't particularly seem to care that three of the people who'd previously disrupted their sacred duel are still living on Little Garden, and even give the trio a fond farewell as they fly off to rescue their fellow agents. An on the fly one, but one nonetheless. The escaped agents all decide to settle down and help run Ms. Just looking at Mr. He prefers to do things in elaborate and conniving ways, which may work for him at times but not against the Straw Hats, and ended up costing him his position in Baroque Works and nearly his life.

He is capable of using his Wax Wax devil fruit to make huge daggers, large enough to stab into a giants hand, and form an armor around himself to physically fight, but only uses it as a last resort or as an act of cruelty.

If the guy would focus on using his powers for combat and get a hair cut he could easily rank higher on this list. Better known as Igaram, the captain of Alabastas Royal Guard, we are introduced to him as the Mayor of Whiskey Peak, the first town in the Grand Line, that just happens to love partying with pirates.

Of course once the partying is over the citizens of Whiskey Peak kill the pirates and collect their bountys. As the mayor of this place Mr.

His crappy wig and saxophone however serve as disguises to conceal his guns, that reveal themselves and fire when he pulls on his bow tie.

Baroque Works | One Piece - Top 10

I wonder if his saxophone is meant to be a nod to a different manga character known as the Horn Freak.

What can be said about Mr. Not much, because we hardly see him at all. Due to their failure there was no way that he was going to be promoted but thanks to some fan inquiry Eichiro Oda shared a picture of what Mr. Would you look at this guy? These are some of the crappiest characters I have ever seen.

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Ironically when they are paired up together they can actually make a pretty good team. He is incredibly sloooooow when talking or even reacting to something like Usopps 5 tonne hammer attack, yet he can figure out the extremely precise timing, angle and strength to hit a timed explosive device to hit his intended target with amazing accuracy.

Furthermore, despite his scrawny arms he is able to swing a baseball bat that genuinely weighs 4 tonnes.

miss golden week operation meet baroque fashion

This ridiculous duo is lucky to be together, because on their own, neither would make it onto the Top 10 as a team they are just crazy enough to beat out the next guy.