Morphy richards 27024 meet

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morphy richards 27024 meet

Nov 17, [Archive] Morphy Richards DRM Radio General Topics. simone. , Meanwhile the Morphy Richards Radio () is available in some other European countries too: .. Murphy meets Morphy! Murphy's. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Morphy Richards - DRM/DAB Radio - Schwarz at Read honest and unbiased product . Nov 29, The Morphy Richards is the first radio that can receive all of a further two orders for more to meet demand,” said CEO Robert Hein.

The spectrum above Hz is more or less the same, independent of the size of the electrolytic capacitor in series with the loudspeakers.

morphy richards 27024 meet

The response is practically linear between Hz and Hz. The size of the output capacitor in the speaker circuit doesn't really matter.

Only the output voltage differs. The output voltage over the loudspeaker was 0. I settled on uF in series with the speakers. I tuned the signal Generator to kHz.

morphy richards 27024 meet

In this configuration the frequency response was practically linear from 50 Hz to Hz. The Morphy was tuned to kHz. The output level from the signal generator was set to dBm 1 mV in 50 Ohm. I made two different measurements: On the speaker output jack 3.

The result was positive. The frequency response is perfectly linear. That means that the reception of DRM signals should be clear and crisp.

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At least the AC-DC power adapter that came with my Morphy generates a lot of HF energy way up the Shortwave bands, which impairs the reception considerably. And I'll just keep my fingers crossed that shortwave broadcasting will survive.

Christopher Lewis from the UK heard the broadcast two weeks ago as well, and had this to say on the topic: I was impressed, and so got a Morphy Richards DRM receiver the one illustrated in Radio Prague's program schedule a year ago or so.

This receiver is no longer made, but it is a good one. In my opinion Radio Prague should use a transmitter located in Germany or elsewhere, if they want to target English language audience, for example, in the UK and Ireland.

The signal from the UK transmitter is totally missing us and going to mainland Europe. The DRM relay transmission is also in German — on the same frequency in an adjacent time-slot, and the wanted target area is mainland Europe where English is the second language for many listeners.

An alternative transmitter location in Germany would miss a large area and a number of countries. So the current situation is a result of a certain compromise.

What is your experience with DRM broadcasts?

morphy richards 27024 meet

How and where do you listen to Radio Prague? Please let us know; there is a beautiful series of QSL cards waiting to be sent to you in exchange for your reception reports.

Morphy Richards 27024 FM reception fact

If anyone knows of a way to do the following please let me know: Another example in NW England is Century on How do I get the radio to store both analogue and digital labels of the same stations? BTW analogue audio is a bit distorted but the digital sound is great. How do I get the software upgraded in the radio to allow any of these functions if they have been added since it was packed - ie it may have been changed since it was sent out from Germany.

I only got the radio yesterday - if anyone can help with this please let me know.

morphy richards 27024 meet

BTW reception report - was audible on and off in Wirral on this receiver until at least this morning - not bad really. Just activate the menu, tune down to "settings" and push the button for a longer time hold itthen instead of the settings menu, there comes an engineering menu, where you can watch the "drm stack".