Msusag meet results for gymnastics

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msusag meet results for gymnastics

Start Lists and Results USA Gymnastics is a USA Gymnastics production. To learn more about USA Gymnastics, visit Results and start lists from the GK U.S. Classic. Click here for past results, sites and champions is a USA Gymnastics production. ConXion Gymnastics Booster Club North Mississippi Flying Angels Xtreme Invitational Meet results available online at: Who we are.

Automatic qualification to Classic — If an athlete achieved a Use form in newsletter for entry to clinic and competition. Please remember that athletes may only compete in ONE regional elite international qualifier per season. Athletes that are just trying to get to the Challenge may attend more than one competition. Congratulations to the following athletes and to their coaches who have made the cut to go to Houston in October.

Gary Warren tells me that over athletes tested this year, the highest number ever. We hope to set it for the first week-end inbut we are waiting for a bid. See bid form available in this newsletter. Keep working hard, demand excellence from yourself and from your athletes, and you will always sleep well! One Check per club.

msusag meet results for gymnastics

I have listed below all of our judges that are eligible to run for this position. Please check the list carefully and let me know if your name should be added to the list or if your name has been listed and you are not eligible.

To be eligible to run for RJD, you must meet the following criteria: Must be 21 years of age or older 2. Must be a Level 10 judge or above 3.

A current officer must be up-to-date with all required reports The dates for the election are as follows: January 1, Each eligible candidate will be sent a notice which includes a letter of eligibility and the duties of the office and a form letter to be completed if you are interested in running for the position. There is a February 1 deadline to return this form.

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Failure to respond by February 1 indicates that the candidate does not wish to run for the office. February 15, Ballots are mailed to all Level 10 and above rated judges in the region. Any NAWGJ voting member must meet the criteria for eligibility to vote 90 days prior to the date ballots are sent. Deadline to return your ballot is March It's says a lot when we have 30 people that have met the requirements for this position.

That's a lot of volunteer time over the years. Pete, FL Level 10 J. In order to be considered to judge Level 10, 9 or 8 Regionals you must have attended at least one of the following clinics. Please indicate which clinic s you have attended: Please list the date, site, instructors and what this experience afforded you.

In order to be considered to judge Level 10, 9 or 8 Regionals you must have at least 9 hours in-gym experience at the level of regional you are assigned to or higher. Each state must appoint one person for the JO Committee. The Level 8 Meet Director pays the entire awards expenses. Four copies should be made: Individual checks cannot be used.

A regional Entry Form will be published in the Winter Region 8 Newsletter and will include a place for petitioned gymnasts. Gate entry charges should be included in pre-meet information. These alternates will not be included during the designated Region 8 workout on the competition equipment.

The number of team members is 64 8 per state with 5 scores counting for team. There are no petitions accepted to Level 8 Regionals. The foreign athlete would receive duplicate awards at Regionals. Foreign athletes would be in addition to the percentage Level 8 numbers for each state.

Foreign athletes cannot qualify on a state team. The plaques will be presented prior to the team competition as the official state photograph is taken. The teams finishing first through third will receive additional tabs to attach to the plaques reflecting their respective finishing positions at the awards ceremony.

The Region will accept bids for a site for all training camps. Services will be donated to the region in order to use this as a fund-raiser for the Regional Apparel Fund. Hard copies of receipts are needed if reports are faxed in. Marian Dykes will set the starting point for the rotation with the judges who received assignments in placed at the bottom of the rotation. The situation will be presented to the board to determine if the effected judge takes the rotation slot of the replacement judge or is dropped to the bottom of the rotation.

Should the circumstances occur in which Region 8 received additional slots because a meet is hosted in our region, consideration will be given to assigning National rated officials who are not formally in the rotation but meet the criteria see below. In gym experience per existing regional guidelines every year.

Volunteer to teach or work actively with the athletes at least one Region 8 training camp each year. In the case of a valid conflict, a written request for a waiver may be submitted with the Availability Form to Marian Dykes.

Requests for waiver will then be submitted to the Regional Board. Must work one camp the year of assignment and at least one of the three years before. Actively judging at the Junior Olympic level as required by Rules and Policies. Judge Regional Championship in the current year and 1of the 2 prior years. If a judge does not satisfy the current elite activestatus requirements, they will drop to the bottom of the rotation for Level 10 Nationals and Level 9 Easterns and will therefore be ineligible for that year.

Every attempt will be made to assign different judges to Level 10 Nationals and Level 9 Eastern Nationals within each year.

The order is as follows: Program the same season will receive a full set of Regional apparel. This list will be presented to the gymnasts at Level 9, 10 and Elite Training Camp to vote on their selection. All athletes qualifying to an elite national meet or to JO Nationals receive a base set of apparel. Level 9 Eastern National qualifiers will receive apparel as designated. A club will receive no more than a combined total of three sets or pieces of coach's apparel.

Apparel will be provided to the current members of the Regional Committee. Choose either Connie Maloney or Kathy Kelly. All judges who worked at a regional training camp and are assigned to judge Level 10 JO Nationals or Level 9 Easterns will receive apparel. State Chairmen must submit an annual summary report.

msusag meet results for gymnastics

Office equipment purchases, the state chair is responsible for sending a copy of the annual equipment form to the RACC by July 10th of each year.

All coaches with qualified athletes may purchase a shirt to wear for competition. Apparel items will be offered for sale. Gymnasts qualified to Nationals who attended Training Camp or who coaches worked camp will receive a bonus pack.

A list of elected state committees should be sent to the RACC annually. Also a list of all other persons attending State Committee meetings. Ray Gnat agreed to be secretary.

Carolina Joanne Child S. Discussion was held about late, missing and submitted judges. The Region 8 Committee emphasized to Marian that she must mark all forms with the date received. Only forms received in a timely manner will be accepted for consideration. Motion for Region 8 to recommend for Level 10 Nationals: Sheila Ragle left the meeting. Rules and Regulations were distributed to the Committee.

Motion Paul Padron Second Jennie Adams Unanimous Motion that gymnasts who qualify to Level 10 Nationals who attended training camp or their coaches volunteered to work camp will receive a bonus pack of apparel. If alternates are needed for Level 8 Regionals, replacement will be made on a state-by-state basis as finances allow. Motion that coaches who qualify one gymnast to Level 10 Nationals and volunteered to work more than one camp will receive a second set of apparel.

Dates of each Optional State Competition were noted. Both competitions made a profit. Thank you notes and Address lists were passed around table. New Planners were distributed to Committee. State Newsletters were distributed. The Silver Quill Award vote was taken. Web Winner award Region 8 USAG members that are signed up for newsletters by e-mail and e-mail web page updates will be asked to view the 8 state web pages and vote.

It will be awarded annually. Address Books and Disks were distributed.

Courtney McCool

Regional Financial report were distributed and reviewed. Motion that if a tie for state team occurs at Level 8 Regionals Team competition the tie will not be broken.

msusag meet results for gymnastics

This newsletter was distributed to Regional Congress attendees and State Chairman for their state newsletter. This newsletter calls for nominations. Motion that Region 8 Level 10 National alternates work out in the work out gym.

Reports for each national committee were given.

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Please see National minutes for this information. Communications - - Office - - - - - - Promotional - - - - - 7, Region 8 Gymnastics, Debby Kornegay: The Ugly A horse at the banquet. Ray Tim Rand — Dolly Parton?? Information to be included with registration confirmation.

Lots of Southern Charm! As an addition to the existing gym at the Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville, Texas, the new state of the art facility offers a permanent site for the National Team to conduct training camps as they prepare for upcoming international competitions and the Olympic Games.

Team bonding and unity have been the primary focus for this quadrennium. For the first time in history, the women have founded and embraced a National Program. Gymnasts and coaches alike take pride in the ownership of the new training center; a testimonial to their unity and sense of purpose. We invite you all to partner with us to make this the state of the art facility that our athletes need and deserve. Ballet barres, stall bars, strength equipment, medical supplies, a training room and rehab technology are just some of the items still needed to elevate the Center to the next level.

You can help by buying a commemorative brick which will become a permanent part of the center. Clubs of current and past National Team Members will be recognized in a special section too. Be a part of our history! Make sure to let us know when purchasing your brick if your club has placed an athlete on the national team.

We need your help to complete the dream by a adding a brick to the beautifully landscaped Walk of Fame just outside the training center. You will be proud to be an American! February 14 - 16, Meet Site: Randy Sikora - send all entry forms with one club check phone: Petersburg, Florida Competition site: Pete Beach, Fl Petersburg, Florida Petersburg, Fl Now in full color. Cards are color coded by event and level. You have to see it to believe it! Now in full color by event. One card with Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and General deductions, special connection bonus, special requirements, range, compositional faults, specific apparatus deductions and composition requirements.

Also value part, start value and bonus requirements and restrictions for Level 8, 9 and These charts list value parts in ENGLISH and judges shorthand and each value part letter is printed in its own color for rapid identification. One side has word description and shorthand symbol and the other side gives code reference number with JO and FIG value.

Great study aid for testing judges and quick reference for coaches. Packaged in their own box for easy handling and color coded by event. Now you can use this planner for all your activities. Some of the features for each month are: Gymnasts qualified to Nationals who attended Training Camp or whose coaches worked camp will receive a bonus pack. Dates of publication may vary.

For further information, please contact: If you were hired by someone, you can be fired by someone. This is the brutal truth in today's economy.

Someone else can do your job. Protect yourself and your job with some or all of the following suggestions: USAG offers many continuing education courses at congresses or workshops.

KNOW the rules if you are a coach or teacher. Those rules are constantly updated and clarified. These clarifications and rule changes can also be found online. Go the extra mile to make your boss and your facility look GOOD. Wear what you are supposed to wear to work, and look good in it. Your staff shirt may be cool, but nothing is cool when it is wrinkled or unclean.

Be known for something, the go to person. Become the person people go to when they need something fixed or improved. Surround yourself with people who can mentor you. Run with the best, and become the best.