Multinationals youth meet 2013 nba

How the Spurs' Finals performance changed the NBA forever

multinationals youth meet 2013 nba

Meanwhile, the NBA management needs to continue seeking ways to work Originality/valueA thorough case study with the National Basketball . can meet the needs of local consumers effectively while still . () asserted that the NBA's extensive engagement with Chinese television broadcasters. Basketball, more than American sports like baseball and football, can be sold as October 7, recently travelled to China and Russia to meet with local executives. The N.B.A. broadcasts games around the world and organizes youth. Meet India's teenage sport climbing superheroes . will become the first Indian sport climber to represent the country at the Youth Olympics.

What are we doing? Are we moving on? None could say with certainty. So they agreed to meet again later in the summer, when the shock of what transpired had subsided. I just wanted to sit for a while and see if the competitive spirit was still there. Their sojourns varied from year to year; for this one their destination was the backroads of Montenegro. Zarko Paspalj, the chain-smoking former Spurs forward Popovich had persuaded Larry Brown to sign as a free agent 26 years earlier and who'd lasted all of 28 games in the NBA.

multinationals youth meet 2013 nba

Pop's players are nothing if not loyal. When he returned home to San Antonio, he sipped a glass of his favorite Rock and Hammer pinot noir, relived the horrors of Game 6 and determined he wasn't done.

I wanted to ask them, 'When you are kicked in the gut, how will you respond? Ginobili, the only free agent among the trio, craved another chance more than any of the others. The season had been the toughest of his career -- he was 35 years old and had battled nagging injuries all season. Ginobili felt his effectiveness was limited by his health. But what if it was something else?

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What if he was too old to continue to play with the same verve that had been his trademark? After the devastating Finals loss, he retreated to his native Argentina to begin working with a Spurs trainer on further toning and conditioning his body for the rigors of an NBA season.

Ginobili normally competed for his country each summer, but this time, when Argentina departed for Venezuela in August to compete in the FIBA Americas Championship, Ginobili stayed behind. Less than two months later, the Spurs held training camp at the Air Force Academy, Popovich's alma mater, where he traveled to Eastern Europe with his military basketball team, spawning his fascination -- and admiration -- for foreign-born players.

Spiderman who? Meet India's teenage sport climbing superheroes going to the Asian Games

The reasons for the venue change were multi-layered; Popovich liked the idea of training at a more isolated location with an elevation of 6, feet and wanted to expose his team to the military disciplines that had shaped his own career.

On their first day in Colorado Springs, Popovich ran them through a step obstacle course and had them sing the Air Force fight song. But in the days prior, the Spurs had reconvened in San Antonio, the team gathering at the practice facility, where Pop rolled video of the excruciating Game 6 loss. Parker groaned as he watched the images flicker on the screen. Popovich said nothing when Ray Allen's corner 3 went in -- again. He didn't have to. In addition to Kawhi Leonard's improved shooting ability, Popovich knew his length would spell trouble for LeBron.

Leonard, who joined San Antonio in a draft-day deal with Indiana, arrived with a suspect perimeter game but, like Green and Parker before him, had spent hours under the tutelage of Chip Engelland, the Spurs' shooting guru, and had emerged with a new release point and 3-point range to accompany his natural attributes.

As San Antonio prepared for the season, the ages of the team's Big Three read like the jersey numbers on an NFL running back depth chart: Critics had written the Spurs off as a team whose time had come and gone; the core was too old and the emerging replacements too inexperienced.

Still, Duncan believed the continuity fostered by their organization equipped them with a deep understanding of each others' personalities and tendencies.

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The focus was so strong with that group that we could have played anybody -- line 'em up, any historical team you want -- and they would have had their hands full. Before every playoff game, Popovich held off on his pregame speech until his power forward had walked up to the board and crossed the number off as the wins mounted, from 16 to 15 to 14, all the way down to the final four victories needed to defeat the Heat. And as for the crossing out of those final four? This time they had a plan.

It was Olympic hockey coach Herb Brooks using the overconfidence of the Soviets to defeat them in one of the greatest upsets in hockey history. It was Ronald Reagan, who, at age 73, was questioned in a presidential debate whether he was too old to govern, turning the tables on his opponent by declaring, "I will not exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience. Turning an opponent's strength against him, in truth, is as old as competition itself.

multinationals youth meet 2013 nba

And so when the Spurs won 62 games in the regular season and knocked off the Mavericks, Trail Blazers and Thunder in the playoffs, it was all, in a way, a preamble to a greater gambit. And, this time, Popovich was armed with a deeper roster that would enable him to set his strategy in motion.

Miami's defensive aggressiveness had long been viewed as one of its biggest strengths. The Heat's ability to jump passing lanes, implement precise rotations, close out shooters and clog passing lanes had enabled them to force turnovers on a league-high The effectiveness of that defense centered on James' ability to intimidate offenses with his superb athleticism, completely annihilating teams with thunderous transition dunks off their miscues.

Then he's like a freight train in transition. You can't stop him. The Spurs had an offensive rating of For James, that would mean extra movement, more rotations, more ground to cover -- more frustration, more fatigue. Those responsibilities indeed fell to James, in part, because his veteran-heavy Heat roster sported an average age of Wade was "only" 32, but that number increasingly felt like dog years.

Popovich knew the Heat had an aging nucleus that, because of its continuous postseason success, had played 15 more games than any other team from to including 23 more games than the Spurs in that time. They were ripe to be worn down.

multinationals youth meet 2013 nba

But if they were able to get the ball off against what were very precise defensive rotations, if we were off a little bit, if we were a step behind, it was going to cost us points. Making that powerful body rotate and switch and fly toward a bevy of 3-point shooters? By Pop's way of thinking, that was, by far, the best way to "contain" LeBron. You want to make him work on defense, but to do that you need a great one-on-one player to give the ball to.

And the only way to do that is to move the basketball and make the people guarding you move with it. The lineup of Duncan, Parker, Leonard, Green and Diaw had been used sparingly in the postseason -- only 22 total minutes -- but, even in that short time, it had a plus differential and shot 62 percent. Diaw, Popovich knew, was an exceptional facilitator with a high basketball IQ who could generate the ball movement the Spurs so desperately craved.

Popovich knew Diaw's guardlike vision and 3-point range would be a perfect fit in his "point-five" scheme. His belief that Diaw could be the catalyst for that style of play proved to be prophetic.

The ball's moving, and the game's flowing. It was England's glory after winning the U20 World Cup final. Freddie Woodman, 20 The goalkeeper is the godson of Gareth Southgate, having come through the ranks at Crystal Palace, just like the England manager. He joined Newcastle inwhere he is yet to make a senior appearance, and impressed on loan at Scottish club Kilmarnock last season. Saved a penalty in the final as England lifted the trophy. Jonjoe Kenny, 20 One of the stars of the tournament, Everton's rampaging right-back has made an appearance from the bench in each of the last two Premier League seasons.

Toffees boss Ronald Koeman has promised him more chances next year. Kikayo Tomori, 19 The Canadian-born teenager was part of Chelsea's triumphant FA Youth Cup squad in before spending last season on loan at Brighton, where he barely played.

He has been a rock at centre-half during the tournament. Kyle Walker-Peters, 20 Like his almost namesake at Tottenham, Walker-Peters is a right-back, but he has won plenty of plaudits for his tireless performances on the left during this tournament. He has yet to make a senior appearance at any level. Thanks for all the support along the way! Read Full Coverage Missing link While the government has recently started pumping in money for its skilling mission, experts fear it might do little good as the country faces an acute shortage of qualified trainers Kamran Alam has worked in Saudi Arabia for nearly six years as a quality officer at a company called Metal Service.

In these basic training centres, lectures are held in dingy classrooms lit by candles or battery-operated lamps in power-starved localities. There are no girl students, no toilets; water is provided in earthen pots. Posters of organisations and companies that will give certificate after the completion of the course are plastered on the walls.

I will then send riyals home to my parents like my uncle does. According to the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Bihar is the third largest state in the country with emigrant workforce of 50, persons working overseas.

Nearly, 70 per cent of this workforce is from Siwan and Gopalganj. RBI statistics show that Siwan and Gopalganj bring in foreign remittances of nearly Rs crore annually. Jugad technology for employment More than 60 technical institutes that run in two-or-three rooms are handled by professionals who are either retired or on a sabbatical.

Students get a description of the kind of machinery they would be expected to work on and told how to run them. In training and selection for employment, there is no involvement of government, except to provide passport. A visit to the Siwan ITI proves the point that students prefer ustaad-style training centres. Rajkumar Thakur, principal of the ITI, confesses that 20 per cent of the seats lie vacant in the institute.

But on the plus side, it managed to get its first campus placements when Tata Motors hired 39 of its students this year. Girls, who have been missing in large numbers from the workforce in Bihar, are now taking to technical education, but in a trickle.

Desperately seeking skills & jobs

Coming from extremely poor families, Neha and Puja have their own compulsions for joining the instrumentation course. But job opportunities are opening up selectively. Sanna Praveen and Afsana Praveen, who graduated last month, say they already have four placement offers.

multinationals youth meet 2013 nba

India needs five million trainers to make its skilling mission a success. The state has about polytechnic institutes, in addition to the 1, ITIs and a host of smaller vocational training centres.

multinationals youth meet 2013 nba

But all this will make no difference because a crucial part of the scheme is missing: They are talking nonsense when they say million can be skilled by To date Gram Tarang has trained over 40, young men and women from the socially and economically challenged sections of society and has managed to place 80 per cent of them, he claims. Pratima, who was quickly picked up by a Chennai-based garment manufacturer, counts herself lucky although the wages are a pittance.

He also insists that skill development should be institutionalised and not corporatised. Mishra says small vocational training centres such as his are being bullied by big corporate partners who are laying down rules that suit them, and NSDC, inadvertently, is allowing them a free run. The bigger problem, though, is awareness. In villages, NGOs that run skilling centres have to undertake systematic mobilisation campaigns to bring in the students. It requires leg work and strenuous effort to convince parents and opinion leaders in villages to allow their children to acquire a skill and migrate to the cities.

Quite often young people, specially girls, throw up their jobs and return to homes, unable to take the loneliness of life in a different setting. Besides, the wages are a pittance. Acquiring skills appears to be a small part of the struggle for the young.

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Getting decent work with decent pay is the hardest bit. Read Full Coverage Where are the jobs? It says that although overall unemployment is low, at a ridiculous 3 per cent, the problem of youth unemployment, particularly that of educated youth, has become a major concern. About 30 per cent of the total unemployed in were graduates and above, up from 21 per cent in It computed the rate of unemployment among graduates, and surprisingly among the technically trained at around 18 per cent.

But this is not an India phenomenon alone. The world over joblessness is growing and more young people are becoming idle than ever before. According to estimates by the OECD, around 26 million youths in the age group in developed countries are NEET, that is, not in employment, education or training.

It says the rate of youth unemployment has shot up by 30 per cent since But estimates of worldwide unemployment among the young by other organisations are more dismaying. The ILO puts the figure of the idle young at 75 million while World Bank surveys show that close to million young people in emerging economies are hunting for jobs. Increasing joblessness among the educated in India is a serious worry. In a decade or so, 40 per cent of all girls will be matriculates, adding to a cohort of educated youths who are being denied job opportunities.

Since school enrolment has become universal, the larger numbers of the educated youth will pose a multitude of problems. The youth bulge has to be factored in carefully into all development plans, says the lead author of the IHD report.

And there is an alarming forecast from credit rating agency Crisil. It says due to insufficient employment creation in industry and services sectors, more workers will become locked in low-wage agricultural jobs. Even those who believe they are skilled, such as Arun Kumar. The year-old from Warangal in Andhra Pradesh is a commerce graduate with a diploma in marketing from a management institute. After the company he was working for folded up, Kumar has taken up a variety of jobs, from cold calling to peddling products at petrol stations.

But for him, the bad news is that jobs in India grew by just 2. A generation at risk, highlights the major challenges regarding the quality of available work for young people in countries such as India. The key issue is whether there will be decent jobs for the young of India. Job data culled from the NSSO report for released in February shows that since s employment in trade, hotels and restaurants rose from 36 million to 53 million.

But these were low paying jobs even during a period of high economic growth. Between and when GDP growth peaked to 8. When Chinese economic policies drew a chunk of labour away from agriculture they were placed in manufacturing jobs. In India, 37 million have left agriculture but have failed to find a cushion in industrial jobs.

Besides, the service sector, which contributes the bulk of the GDP 58 per centprovides only 26 per cent of the employment. While China and the tiger economies of East Asia were focused on expanding their manufacturing sector, India concentrated on the service sector. DMIC is envisaged as the backbone for creating a global manufacturing and investment destination.