Must be so nice to meet me

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must be so nice to meet me

So I've dug this grave so my truth won't fade / I feel the war And it's so nice to meet me / A self once And courage is to he that sheds his skeletons as last. I hate to criticize, but if you use the phrase “nice to e-meet you” in an email to me, I will trash Mark Twain said writers should “eschew surplusage. You are saying the same thing as “nice to meet you” but adding an extra. Nice to Meet You! That would help me tremendously, because I'll know what I need to write about in the It's a nice problem to have so I'm not complaining.

must be so nice to meet me

ГЛАВА 14 Беккер впился глазами в труп. Даже через несколько часов после смерти лицо азиата отливало чуть розоватым загаром. Тело же его было бледно-желтого цвета - кроме крохотного красноватого кровоподтека прямо над сердцем.

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Скорее всего от искусственного дыхания и массажа сердца, - подумал Беккер.