Nice to meet you too galaxy tablet

The Galaxy Tab S4 is built for work, but gets very little done

nice to meet you too galaxy tablet

If you own a Samsung phone or tablet you will have the S Voice app preinstalled, though you Galaxy, pleased to meet you. . I love you too. "Nice to meet you, too!" is a perfectly fine response to "Nice to meet you." However, you can't just add "very much" anywhere. "Nice to meet you. You might be wondering: Who even buys Android tablets anymore? The Tab S4 would be an excellent Android tablet if Samsung hadn't tried to do too much with Any Android app can be launched in this environment, which is nice . start seeing devices destroyed (and not covered by warranty) by the.

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I'd much rather a second Control button, which would make hitting shortcuts easier. It's also mind-boggling to me that Samsung has no All Apps button here. Instead, there's a search key which sort of serves as the Apps shortcut. The good news is, you don't have to get Samsung's keyboard. Save yourself some money and frustration and get something else. I connected an iMac keyboard, which offered much better spacing and therefore more-accurate typing.

But be warned that the shortcuts are still just as quirky. Samsung generously includes the S Penwhich has a more-rounded design this year. There's also the Live Message feature, which debuted on the Galaxy Note 8 -- it's cute but not very useful. I did enjoy the stylus, which was as responsive and fine-nibbed as I needed it to be as I uncovered my hidden artistic talent and specialty for still lifes of cleaning products.

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I also liked the Despite increasing the display size from last year's Tab S3Samsung managed to retain a relatively dainty footprint. The tablet features Intelligent Scan as well, which mixes facial recognition and iris detection for faster logins. This conveniently works in landscape mode, although not very consistently, and I almost always chose to enter my PIN instead.

Performance and battery life The tablet's Snapdragon CPU held up well -- I didn't have any major hiccups switching between apps or finishing a document with a video playing in the background, although the system has crashed once so far. I don't really know what caused it -- I was typing up a script and trying to switch apps with the Alt-Tab shortcut, which might have confused or overwhelmed the device. I was also surprised to see that despite packing in a larger 7,mAh battery, the Tab S4 didn't last much longer than the Tab S3.

On our video test, the S4 came in at almost the same hour mark as its predecessor.

nice to meet you too galaxy tablet

In the real world, though, the battery dropped 20 percent in less than two hours when I was working in DeX mode. The competition If you want a dainty inch tablet-ish device for actually getting work done, there is a variety of alternatives.

Consider the Surface Gofor instance. It has a gorgeous display, a built-in kickstand and runs full Windows if you install the free upgrade. Microsoft's companion keyboard cover for the Go is much better than Samsung's atrocious counterpart, too. And the best part: There's also the iPad Prowhich starts at the same price as the Tab S4.

While I'm not a fan of Apple's keyboard cover either, and iOS isn't as good for multitasking as a desktop, at least it's not unpredictable. Almost anyone else would be better served by one of the above alternatives, though.

Wrap-up The Tab S4 suffers from a problematic premise. If Samsung didn't insist that it was designed for getting serious work done, I'd be more forgiving. DeX mode is simply too unreliable for any regular use. Many of my problems had to do with the companion keyboard, but a lot of the fault here lies in the software as well.

What you can take advantage of right now are the quad speakers on the Tab S3. They reach a more powerful volume than what we've heard from the mono Tab S2 and so many other tablets. No one is getting rid of headphone jacks in tablets — yet.

The Galaxy Tab S4 is built for work, but gets very little done

S Pen Larger than the S Pen in Note phones, tablets and Chromebooks Stylus design is flat and has a clip — it won't roll away on you But there's nowhere to holster it without buying the keyboard The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 transforms in look and potential with the included S Pen and keyboard attachment. It still has a fine 0. There are also three newer functions that can be added to the fanned-out shortcut list: Translate, Magnify zoom in and Glance dock and quickly view an app.

Handwriting and drawing are naturally better on a tablet using a thicker S Pen, too.

nice to meet you too galaxy tablet

Samsung includes two apps — Notes and the coloring-book-like PEN. UP — and there are more in the Google Play Store. Instead, Samsung has added an pen holder loop for the keyboard — if you buy the keyboard.

Its cramped layout a necessity is still useable, with decent travel when you hit the plastic keys — and all the important keys are here. A good amount of travel on these plastic keys Everything folds up nicely, enveloping the tablet in a soft plastic cover on both sides.

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Samsung basically throws in a back cover for free. Samsung has its own version of the Smart Connector. We just wish its magnets were stronger. Picking the tablet up by the screen often detaches the bottom part of the keyboard luckily the back, where there are more magnets, stays secured.