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Those qualities allow the driver to achieve higher swing speeds with equal or Nike STR8-Fit adjustment chart for SQ Machspeed Black Driver. I have a nike machspeed black driver and I have the tool to adjust the shaft, but I do not know how to adjust it or what it is set to now. Need help adjusting Nike Machspeed Black driver the moment but I did find the settings chart which will help and Thainer21 is right it should.

Machspeed Black is easily adjusted with included tool - click for larger version Along with the speed of this driver comes the adjustability.

An eight position hosel allows adjustments for draw and fade, as well as flattening or steepening the lie. But sometimes it is fun to change it around.

Machspeed Black face - Click for larger image Looks White drivers are pretty popular right now.

Golf Club Review - Nike MachSpeed Driver

Many players are matching their white belts with their drivers. As the name implies, this baby is black and it does rock. Not only is this driver all black and very attractive looking, it has more of a classic shape and aesthetic to it. The Machspeed Black is very pretty. I prefer a more controlled and warmer sound.

Once again, Nike has achieved this with the MSB.

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The audio feedback tells you exactly how you hit the shot and combined with the feel translated to the hands it tells you where on the club face the ball struck, without letting the group seven holes in front of you know the same data.

The standard length of all models is The head weight is Flexes for this shaft are available in X, S, R, A. Stock Fubuki shaft for Machspeed Black Driver There are over 60 custom shafts which are also available for the Machspeed, and more additional custom shafts can be special ordered.

Lie and face angle can be simultaneously adjusted.

Need help adjusting Nike Machspeed Black driver

Lie adjustments range from neutral to two degrees flat or upright. Club face adjustments vary from neutral to two degrees closed, to two degrees open. The Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki shaft has some great black-on-black graphics that add to the overall aesthetic of the club and provides a great look-and-feel for the driver.

The face of the club has clear and subtle alignment aids that stand out while looking down on the club. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the face of the club because the top of club head lacks any dots or alignment marks. After unboxing the club, the first noticeable differentiator is the weight. The club weighs in at less than grams and it results in a totally different feel from most standard drivers.

My first few drives at the range were pretty inconsistent, but as I started to get used to the feel of the club they started flying consistently straight and a few yards longer than my normal driver a Cleveland Launcher. The black face of the club provides a nice feedback mechanism with the ability to clearly see where the ball is coming off of the face of the club.

During my first round, I noticed that I was consistently hitting the ball a little high on the face and I was able to achieve additional distance and improve sweet spot contact consistently by teeing my ball lower than I normally do.

After the experience on the range and a few minor adjustments, I felt like I had a decent feel for what I needed to do to get the driver flying well.

Nike SQ MACHSPEED Black Driver

I ended up hitting a few more fairways than normal in that first round with the driver. The Machspeed STR8-FIT adjustments give you eight different configurations to allow for promotion of the various flight paths and face angles. The neutral position seems to work the best for me most of the time.