Northern california ham swap meet

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northern california ham swap meet

4 days ago Pitt Meadows, BC. Electronics, Ham Radio and Experimenters Swap Meet, Kennewick, WA. The Electronics Flea Market “swap meet” is held on the second Saturday (pre Held in north Sunnyvale near where the “blue cube” (Onizuka AFB) used California law prohibits dumping of electronics and batteries into the trash . A hamfest is a meeting of people interested in Amateur Radio. Hamfests offer exhibits, forums, and fleamarkets for Amateur Radio operators or "hams." Locate .

Thought you might like to know in case you're acquainted with them: Submitted by Douglas Poppelreiter. This is a post from Facebook on November 20, Thanks to all who volunteered. Do you know of anyone interested in becoming a ham?

Encourage them to attend and then become their Elmer.

northern california ham swap meet

Help your hobby to grow. Classes will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6: They will run through Feb 27th.

northern california ham swap meet

The Red Cross building is located at E. Onstott Road, Yuba City. We will be meeting in Classroom 2. Pictures of ham shacks, antenna projects, antenna parties, etc. Attached is the announcement for this year's event. Please share it with your radio club and others who may be interested.

Flea Market & swap Meet in Fresno , California July 19th 2015.

The radar beam can be steered rapidly within microseconds by computers that electronically control the phase of the antenna elements. A status report is posted at http: The five frequency channels that US amateur radio operators share on a secondary basis with US federal government users on 60 meters 5 MHz pose unique requirements for CW and digital operators.

As explained on http: The same ARRL page explains that all digital emissions must also be centered in the channel center.

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This may appear unreasonable to radio amateurs because a 2. In addition, NTIA is concerned about the aggregate equivalent isotropically radiated power from multiple amateur stations transmitting within a single 2. In the photo, the kHz dial frequency is at 0 Hz on the left side of the waterfall and the Sellers must pack up and leave the property by 2: Locations are on a first-come first-serve basis and the fee is collected upon entry.

Flea Market closes at Rules The market closes at Sellers at the Electronics Flea Market must be registered before entering the flea market. See Seller information for details.

A limited amount of trash and recyclables may be accepted at the flea market. Please dispose of trash and recyclables appropriately. Please, put ordinary trash in the trash cans. Place plastic bottles and metal cans into the recycle cans. No electronic waste or cardboard in the trash.

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Don't leave trash or recyclables lying on the ground. Take your electronic recyclables to a recycling center. Cardboard may be deposited in a single designated area on site.

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Smaller cardboard boxes should be broken down and stacked inside the larger boxes. No Toxic Waste may be left at the flea market or in the trash. Batteries, Fluorescent lights, Electronics, Computer or Television Monitors, or electronics components.

See our recycling page for information on what to do with recycling and disposing of toxic waste. Dogs on Leash Only. Sunnyvale City ordinances require all dogs to be on a leash. Each owners is responsible their animal, maintaining control and cleaning up after it.