Obama advisers meet with leaders of business groups

Obama meeting with economic advisers, reporters - ABC News

obama advisers meet with leaders of business groups

President Barack Obama, who made few friends in corporate board rooms early crisis, heads into his final year in the White House having built – or rebuilt The president and his top advisers have kept an open door for CEOs . The logs show that Obama has most often met with CEOs in groups of 11 to. David Plouffe is an American political strategist best known as the campaign manager for Barack Obama's successful presidential campaign. A long- time Democratic Party campaign consultant, he was a partner at the Plouffe was an outside senior advisor to Obama since the president's first day in office and was. President Obama meets with senior advisers in the Oval Office, March 26, As a national political reporter, I'm not really in the business of they taught leadership skills and practices, such as the value of networking.

Future chief of staff Emanuel is giving up a House leadership post to return to the White House with Obama.

obama advisers meet with leaders of business groups

He served as a top aide to Clinton before running for Congress from Chicago. In his statement announcing Emanuel's appointment, Obama cited the lawmaker's experience in crafting "large and complicated financial transactions" during several years as an investment banker and his political savvy. Emanuel, known for bare-knuckled partisanship extended an olive branch to "my Republican colleagues, who serve with dignity, decency and a deep sense of patriotism.

Now is a time for unity," he said in a statement.

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Emanuel "can be a tough partisan but also understands the need to work together," Graham said. The minute briefing took place at FBI headquarters here.

obama advisers meet with leaders of business groups

Obama spent three hours Thursday afternoon in meetings. His staff did not announce his agenda, but just before heading to his home on Chicago's South Side, Obama lingered at the door of his SUV as he talked to Denis McDonough, one of his foreign policy advisers.

Obama opens White House doors to forge CEO alliances

Obama, who was sharply critical of Bush on the campaign trail, also thanked the president for promoting "a smooth, effective transition. Randy Lilleston in McLean, Va. Of the hundreds of appointments listed, Obama himself was present at about half, ranging from intimate Oval Office gatherings to lavish state dinners.

obama advisers meet with leaders of business groups

Obama is the first U. The president and his aides also regularly meet with representatives from the rest of the Fortuneas well as small- and medium-sized businesses, both in Washington and around the country, she said. The Reuters review included only the Fortune list of largest companies, and was limited to White House meetings.

obama advisers meet with leaders of business groups

Business leaders were alarmed that Congress seemed ready to blow through fiscal deadlines in spite of the effect on stock markets and the U. He said he thinks CEOs should not delegate their responsibility to help politicians understand business.

Obama meeting with economic advisers, reporters

For Obama and his advisers, spending time with CEOs means gaining valuable insights, while gaining support for various policies. For CEOs, White House encounters may produce tangible business benefits, not to mention providing an opportunity to hobnob with the most powerful man in the world.

President Obama Dunks Senior Advisors

Some noted their chiefs were involved with advisory councils on jobs, trade and manufacturing, while noting that CEOs often discuss the same issues with lawmakers from both parties in the U. Obama has bolstered his arguments for an international deal to curb climate change by securing promises from U.

The logs show CEOs from large manufacturing and industrial companies have commanded more White House meetings than other sectors. IBM declined comment for this article.