Obama invites gays to meet pope

obama invites gays to meet pope

Pope Francis says gay people in Catholic clergy 'worries' him · Europe Kim Jong-un invites Pope Francis to North Korea · Europe · Pope admits child abuse The theme of the meeting will be 'protection of minors', the Vatican says. Environment . Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are most admired people in US - poll. Invitations to transgender activists, first openly gay U.S. Episcopal . to set foot on American soil and the first to meet with President Obama. An openly gay man and supporter of same-sex marriage delivered the while referencing his upcoming visit to the anti-LGBT World Meeting of . Vatican ' furious' after Obama invites gay Episcopal Bishop to greet the Pope.

In a word, we need Jesus Christ. For however rich the reality we have ever seen or felt or thought or suspected, apart from Jesus Christ, God remains the Infinitely Beyond. Only once has this Beyond come personally into our midst, when the Eternal Word of God actually became a human being and lived among us.

GLAAD-handing: Obama invites gay rights activists to meet Pope Francis

Only then did human eyes behold true 'glory' in human form, the radiance of ultimate personal reality, 'the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father' Jn. Stott Dear Brothers and sisters www.

U.S President Barack Obama to meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby proposed a way forward for the Communion to effectively dissolve the fractious and bitterly divided worldwide Anglican Communion and replace it with a much looser grouping. Welby has summoned all of the 38 leaders of the national churches of the Anglican Communion to a meeting in Canterbury, next January, where he will propose that the communion be reorganized as a group of churches that are all linked to Canterbury, but not necessarily to each other.

He believes that the communion -- notionally the third largest Christian body in the world with 80 million members, after the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox - has become impossible to hold together due to arguments over power and sexuality and has, for the last 20 years, been completely dysfunctional.

obama invites gays to meet pope

A Lambeth Palace source said on Wednesday the Archbishop felt he could not leave his eventual successor in the same position of "spending vast amounts of time trying to keep people in the boat and never actually rowing it anywhere.

One of the most contentious aspects of the meeting is the decision to invite the Rt. Both will be able to call themselves "Anglican," but there will no longer be any pretense that this involves a common discipline or doctrine.

Asked whether this represented, if not a divorce, a legal separation, a Lambeth source replied, "It's more like sleeping in separate bedrooms. You can read several stories on this momentous announcement in today's digest. In a stunning show of political indecorum, Obama has invited a series of individuals who publicly flout Catholic teaching, including a pro-abortion religious sister, a transgender woman, and the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, along with at least two Catholic gay activists.

The White House was illuminated in gay pride colors on June 26,after the Supreme Court legalized gay same-sex marriage. One of the invitees, retired Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, made history by becoming the first openly gay episcopal bishop in and subsequently the first to divorce his gay partner inafter having previously separated from his wife of 14 years.

He has attended a number of religious events with the Obama administration, offering a prayer at President Obama's inauguration in and taking part in the National Prayer Breakfast. Williamson says that even though she now thinks of herself as a man, she continues to be attracted to males.

All this speaks volumes.

Pope to church: Be more accepting of divorced Catholics, gays and lesbians

The Primate worshiped at St. Augustine of Canterbury Church in Leesburg, Virginia, where he shared his powerful testimony of conversion to Christ.

Does Shannon Johnston have such a conversion to tell us? The primate also visited Glory of God Anglican Church, Cocoa, FL, where he met with members of the congregation and witnessed the weekly distribution of food to the community. While in Florida, Redeemer Anglican Church in Orlando hosted a reception for the Primate and his entourage where the Primate addressed the challenges faced by Christians in Nigeria and spoke about the current circumstances within the Anglican Communion.

Patrick Malone from Holy Cross, Wisconsin, and members of his team. All this says that we have a de facto split in the Communion even if it is not de jure. Archbishop Okoh's actions signify that he will have no truck with an heretical church that embraces gay marriage, and snubs its nose at Lambeth resolution 1: The crowds arrived early; the building buzzed as members took the opportunity to explore every inch of the new facility.

That energy soon filled the sanctuary where the voice of Rev. John Yates III boomed out over a powerful speaker system. At that point, the church fell silent for a few moments as heads bowed and hands clasped in prayer.

Then, suddenly and stunningly, the orchestra replaced the quiet with music and bid everyone to rise for the first hymn: In his sermon, Yates preached the Gospel and made clear what they had really come to celebrate. You can read the full story in today's digest. I kid you not. The congregation has an attendance that has averaged to over the last years.

About 70 percent of the church is over 55, while 30 percent are younger. Clearly the church needs more young people with emotional problems. Why are we still subsidizing it? As more Americans abandon organized religion, many of the newly secular are unsympathetic to subsidizing religion via the tax code. Recent polling shows that almost one in four Americans, and more than one-third of those aged 18 to 33, now claim no religious affiliation.

Back when virtually everyone subscribed to a religious faith the unaffiliated number has polled in the single digits for most of the 20th century an across-the-board tax break for all religions was arguably fair -- or at least inoffensive.

But times have changed, and so have attitudes about the extraordinary perks that churches enjoy. Perhaps the most egregious example of religious privilege under the tax code is the so-called parsonage exemption.

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Under current tax law, "ministers of the gospel" may deduct virtually all costs associated with housing from their income. At its worst, the exemption subsidizes the unseemly: But even in a more ordinary context, the allowance represents an indefensible benefit running to organized religion, subsidized by taxpayers.

Another gratuity to churches is the real estate tax exemption, which denies cash-strapped municipalities revenue that could be used for public safety, road repairs, and other services. Like everyone else in town, churches benefit from services provided by municipal governments, but in most areas are exempt from property taxation simply because they are churches.

Some will defend this extraordinary handout by arguing that churches do much good through charity work. Even if this were true -- and it certainly isn't the case for every church -- it hardly justifies tax exemption.

Many individuals and corporations "do good" as well but still pay their property taxes. Pretty soon, even locals in New Orleans will not know how to get around the city. With the prospects of any and all historical monuments related to the Confederacy being removed, the purge of history will not stop there.

obama invites gays to meet pope

If the monuments do come down, famous New Orleans street names will be the next to go. Here's a prominent one for Episcopalians: It is already being targeted for renaming by some city officials. It is believed that Rt. His car was found just outside Abuja. A source in the US has said no ransom had been paid. Ethan Schmidt, a parishioner at Calvary Church in Cleveland. Please keep Calvary's rector, The Rev.

Sylvia Czarnetzky, the congregation, the community, and Dr. Schmidt's family in your prayers. The suspected shooter, Shannon Lamb, also an instructor at Delta State, is dead after an apparent suicide.

It is believed he also shot and killed Amy Prentiss, with whom he had been living. The new rector is John Ohmer. You can read what he has to say here.

obama invites gays to meet pope

Supreme Court declined to hear the case. So, not only was the property tied up during that time, but when the split first happened, the financial resources of all those departing congregations were frozen as well. So that's been helping us get through these years where our size is not yet to the size it needs to be to pay for the facilities. Peter's Square in Vatican City on May Hide Caption 8 of 44 Photos: Pope Francis received an emotional welcome on the island during a visit showing solidarity with migrants fleeing war and poverty.

Hide Caption 9 of 44 Photos: Pope Francis Pope Francis confesses in St. Hide Caption 10 of 44 Photos: Pope Francis Pope Francis tries on a traditional sombrero he received as a gift from a Mexican journalist on Friday, February 12,aboard a flight from Rome to Havana, Cuba.

The voyage kicked off his weeklong trip to Mexico. With his penchant for crowd-pleasing and spontaneous acts of compassion, Pope Francis has earned high praise from fellow Catholics and others since he succeeded Pope Benedict XVI in March Hide Caption 11 of 44 Photos: The Pope emphasized the plight of the poor during his eight-day tour of South America, which also included stops in Ecuador and Paraguay.

Hide Caption 12 of 44 Photos: Pope Francis Bolivian President Evo Morales presents the Pope with a gift of a crucifix carved into a wooden hammer and sickle -- the Communist symbol uniting laborers and peasants -- in La Paz, Bolivia, on Wednesday, July 8, Hide Caption 13 of 44 Photos: Peter's Square on Saturday, June 13, Hide Caption 14 of 44 Photos: The Pope gave Putin a medallion depicting the angel of peace, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said.

The Vatican called it "an invitation to build a world of solidarity and peace founded on justice. Hide Caption 15 of 44 Photos: Castro thanked the Pope for his role in brokering the rapprochement between Havana and Washington.

Hide Caption 16 of 44 Photos: Pope Francis The Pope prays face down on the floor of St. Hide Caption 17 of 44 Photos: Hide Caption 18 of 44 Photos: Hide Caption 19 of 44 Photos: Peter's Basilica in Vatican City in December